Saturday, December 15, 2012

Celtic Solstice 2012

A  little race recap from the Celtic Solstic:  Bottom line: Kelley Fox is awesome and will make you fast, FAST! I've been trying to follow her program for about six weeks--shooting for 2 e.WODs a week.

Just finished a 5 mile race and while I finished strong with a time of 40:41--just over 8 min. miles. I've been sick all week, slept like crap last night, ate like crap yesterday and ran just shy of a PR time. This was my 4th time racing this course. I ran 1:30 faster than last year and had to go back FIVE YEARS to 2008 to find my PR time of 39:40 for this course. That was pre-CrossFit when I ran 3x a week. Not bad results for 4-6 weeks of training where i put in about a 70% effort! Pretty confident I could have PR'd if it wasn't for this hacking cough and sore throat! This program works!!

I followed Kelly's protocol of a mile warm up, stretch, rest (a little more than 5min due to race delay) before we started. Mile 1 felt great, but I knew what was in store. These hills had killed me before. Tried to not look at my watch and just kept a comfortable pace--i knew my pain points on the course, and I wanted to stay strong for those.  Ended up running faster each mile even though I kept telling myself to "back off", which my body apparently interprets as "run faster"! Sprinted the last 800 (because its just one 800!!) and left nothing on the line.

Super excited for Half Marathon Training--e.WODs and more backsquats, front squats, and chains=fast running!