Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3x Deadlifts

Deadlifts 3,3,3,3,3

My rounds looked like this:
85, 125, 175, 185, 195, 200

My previous 3x max was 185 so this was a 15# PR. Woot! There is clearly a big 1x max in there as my 1x max is 210. Form felt solid, back was a little tight, hamstring/hip is tight tonight, but nothing a little stretching shouldn't cure.

Time for steak and sweet potato...craving carbs (all due to stress-LUV U CHIP) and the potato is the best I can do for veggies tonight. Ice cream substitute will be some frozen berries.

Monday, September 28, 2009

FGB Recovery, a strict pullup, and vegetables

(1) 5 rounds
15 Weighted situps - 15#
15 pushups
30 double unders

(2) weighted chins 5x1

So it was FGB recovery day--time to flush the lactic acid build up. We were supposed to do the five rounds for time. I just plain did them. situps were a cinch, pushups are getting easier, and double unders....well, there was so snap so I mostly did singles. no need to kill the calves just days before the Army 10 miler.

The second WOD is always an 'impossible', sleep in kind of day. But, today, I tried the chin up. SUCCESS. SUCCESS! I did an strict chin up! I did not add weight, but I did it, chin totally over the bar. I will admit I started my pulls without locked out elbows, but I'm certain that I can work on that. Grace and Ellen said there is a trick to flexing your lats, pulling up straight to bar vs. away from the bar, etc... Amazing what two weeks off will do for you.

Speaking of two weeks off...
I completely fell off the zone/paleo wagon. Ok, not completely, but certainly far, from 70/30 or 80/20 I would like it be. And, I've noticed that certain clothes aren't fitting like they once did and the stomach certainly is not as svelte. I don't even want to step on the scale. Snacks at work--two skinny 20 yrs old, size 4 coworkers munching away on all the carbs and candy they want and me sitting there with my stomach growling. NOT a good combo. I'm stressed, bored, anxious...all of the above. I'm SO TIRED of thinking about food that nothing even tastes good anymore. But, I loaded up the fridge with veggies again and this week I will try cauliflower mash and zucchini spaghetti. I'll let you know how it goes. Can't give up yet...i have to look HOT for Chip in six weeks. :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fight Gone Bad IV

What more is there to say? One insane workout, one awesome day, one killer effort by the CFOT team.

I haven't had a workout like this probably since high school and boy did it feel good! Out of breath, legs shaking and burning, getting the pukie feelings, noodle arms. The fog...oh the fog...working so hard you can't even remember what you did!

I started the first round on box jumps, a strength of mine. A minute is an absolute eternity when at 30 seconds you already feel like you're done. I smoked the first round of this and felt good going into the second round--that is until about the second minute or so when the fog hit and then the stomach cramped. It was downhill from there, way downhill. All I remember is Christine, Sean, and Dan yelling one more...10 seconds...come on...you can do it...when you have two marines and a met-con ninja yelling at you it is hard not to get your ass in gear. Thank you all for your super motivation!

I was shooting, of course, for 300, but only hit 247 reps. Frankly, not too shabby considering:
(1) I've barely done anything the last two weeks
(2) I have a messed up arse and hip
(3) I've only been crossfitting for 6 months
(4) not too many women broke the 250 mark and those that did have been at this for a year or more.

The rounds looked like this:
Box Jump Push Press(55lbs) Row Wall Ball (14lb) High Pull (54lb)
27 24 14 22 16 =103
16 17 9 18 16 =76
14 16 12 14 12 =68 Total=247

I totally tanked that last round. I know it likely has to do with the sore right leg (especially on teh wall balls), not working out for 2 weeks, and nutrition. I just don't know what to eat before events like this. Eat? Not eat? Carbs? Protein? Either way, it is important to eat afterward or else you crash--you need sugar and carbs after an event like this. I learned that the hard way.

I loved this event and would love to do it again. Hopefully we will be able to organize something in Germany! :)

Ready to get back in the box and really get at it again...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back at it? Not quite yet...

WOD: "Roadhouse" Tribute to Patrick Swayze
400m run
15 power cleans, 15 l-sit pullups, 15 "lou" burpees
400 run
12 power cleans, pullups, burpees
400 run
9 power cleans, pullups, burpees
Time: 32:27

Jerry explained that you were supposed to feel like you'd been in a bar fight after this workout. I sure did! I subbed the run with a 500m row and l-sit pullups with some negative pulls. (jump up, negative, pullup) I did the cleans at 70lbs "pack" weight since my 1x max is only 90. The cleans felt great and I think I finally am starting to get the jump to land and dive under the bar. The pullups felt ok, and I'm stil striving for the strict pullup. I think i'm close! And, small gains on the burpees too...the pushups are feeling stronger and stronger!

The sad news is that on the last row, my hip cramped up...I took a rest, went at it again, then just stopped. The pain in my glut and hip is now constant and I think it has something to do with the fact I sit almost 10 hours a day. Now the question is how to I get this muscle spasm to relax? I've gotten adjustments, massage, I sit on a tennis ball at night...

I'm crawling the walls and just want to have a good sprint and a solid rx'd workout...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random Post

A week of rest on the body has me just itching for some sprints, box jumps, deadlifts, and just a good old sweat. But, this week will be much of the same. Rest.

I went to see Dr. Mary, my osteopath, on Friday to see if she could work some of her magic. She helped to heal my whiplash injury after 9 long months of physical therapy awhile back and I continue to see her for intermittent treatment on my back and neck. After my knee surgery about 18 months ago I had some spinal alignment issues that sometimes creep back up. Considering this hamstring and glut are attached to my hip, I though maybe it is my alignment. Oh was I right.

She had me lay down, face up, took one look at my feet and said..."Oh yea, you're way off." My pelvis was about an inch off of center. We did the manipulations then she flipped me on my front. Mid-back got a crack, and the neck got some work too. Flip again, cranial sacral therapy on the neck. My neck was mirroring my pelvis at C1. Literally, my head was crooked!

Then we talked about everything that is going on in life. Job change, Chip being gone for 13 months now, the MOVE, the lawsuit from my car accident, etc.... Next up was a full accupuncture session--front and back for pain and trauma. Yes, trauma. Apparently, what I'm going through with Chip is "traumatic" and reliving my car accident over these past few weeks is also "traumatic". 20 minutes later, 30+ needles or so, a nap while letting the needles to their thing, my 'chi' was baselined. I walked out feeling like a million bucks. :)

Today I went out for an hour and a half on my bike. The legs felt heavy and slow, but it was a beautiful morning so I just let my mind wander. The hamstring is a little aggravated today, but it is not painful so I think another week off is in order.

I did find a half marathon to run in Germany in the spring. Berlin at the end of March. So way cooler than a North Face trail run... I will meet that half marathon goal...just six months delayed. Hopefully Chip can run it with me! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hit the box this morning since it was an all upper body workout. No excuse not to go.

WOD: Perfect Push ups
Pick your poison
150 120 90 60 30

Push ups are not my favorite...and a pullup penalty for each miss is just hell. Now we're not talking about any old push up. These must be PERFECT. Chin, chest, hips to the floor, full extension at the top. My pushups are far from perfect, so I went for 60 with a penalty of 6 pullups for each miss. I totally surprised myself and my rounds looked like this: 27, 10, 13, 10. Time: 7:55.
I clearly underestimated my strength -- yea for getting stronger! I then did 30 more for good measure.

Yesterday I dropped in for a little workout to spot/coach Christine on 5x back squats. None for me. I subbed strict press for a few rounds. Worked 5 reps for 45, 45, 67, 72 (2x), 67. I've not done a max strict that I recall so this felt pretty good. I think a 1x max might be somewhere around 75-80. Sweet!

Doctor's appointment tomorrow....I'll update over the weekend.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sometimes Your Goals Change

Another weekend, another run, right? Yep, and after a light 40 minute jaunt, I ended up with a still very sore hamstring. Damn.

At breakfast with Katie and Adam (thank for ditching Sean!) we got talking about our goals coming into Crossfit and how they have changed. When you haven't a clue with what you are getting into with crossfit and all the sudden you realize you've drank the kool-aid, your goals start to change... My goals were originally to loose 15lbs, run a PR at the GW 10 miler (last April), and run a half-marathon, do a 1 pullup, etc. Oh, and get some defined arms...

Before Crossfit I was a really into running, lots of races, a great running group. After I started crossfit, my old running buddies ditched me because they didn't understand it...or something like that. I started running less, and crossfitting more. My new goals became getting that unassisted pullup, doing a chest to deck push up, lifting 100 lbs (in any lift), figuring out that double under, getting strong enough to do a handstand pushup (still have yet to even attempt). I started worrying less about weight and more about what I put in my mouth and why. I was still running, but decided a triathlon might be more fun that a road race. It was. But, I still had these two lingering end of the season races and those goals of completing a half marathon this year and going sub 1:30 in a 10-miler.

So today I sit one week away from meeting the half marathon goal. Can I run 13 miles? Sure I can. Should I run it? No. Will I? I'm pretty sure I won't. Why? Because it would just be plain stupid to injure myself worse just to meet some stupid goal I set in January.

Katie and I were chatting with Jerry after breakfast this morning and he just happened to ask about the hammie. His look and scolding tone of "It's never going to heal unless you take those two weeks off" and then something like, "if you do, expect to have to take 3 or more off when you're done with it." told me everything. I tried to talk my way out of it, but it has stuck with me all day. Without actually saying it, I think he meant that "I think you're stupid if you do it and don't come complain to me when you can't perform in the box--i saw you half ass the FGB workout yesterday." Well, he's right. I've been using this injury as an excuse for awhile and I'm just too stubborn to do what I know I need to do. I need to listen to the coach and my body and bench myself, before the body benches me for the season.

It's time to change those goals again. My new goal is to train smart. There wil be other races to run. I will continue reaching for met-con ninja status, a 100lbs clean, to get that unassisted ring dip, and handstand pushup, and 5 pullups in a row--but maybe not this month, or next. In the short term, it is to heal in time for a few rounds of FGB and have fun running or run/walking the 10miler with all my friends.

So a break I take...see you in a few weeks.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Long Way From Home

A short one minute video. On the eve of the anniversary of 9/11, let us never forget about those who fight to protect us in this far off lands. Looks like the Marines have brought a little bit of CF to Hemland province to make it feel more like home..

A long week of...

half ass WOD's, infections, angry stomach, and stress. Sigh. Hardly worth writing about when you have nothing good to say and you just want to pitch all this madness and return to burrowing on the couch eating pasta, pizza, and ice cream. It's not inspiring from here...just warning.

Wednesday=Tabata something with pullups and ring dips. Only positive was that I got 3 pullups in a row 3 or 4 times. Tried the unassisted ring dip, but a no go...will stick to floss.

Ended up in urgent care as my insect bite was growing, itchy, and blistering. Result was cellulitous, an infection of the skin that is apparently very, very nasty. Now am on 14 days of antibiotics.

Thursday: Hang Cleans 1 rep Max. PR'rd with 95#. For some reason this doesn't seem like much to celebrate. A 5lb improvement over last week and the form was slightly improved...still need to dial in on the jump to land, dive under the bar...the body just doesn't want to cooperate.

I was certainly not dialed in this morning. My stomach is a mess and I feel like i'm 4 months pregnant (luckily I know it is not possible! :) ) I almost didn't make it this morning b/c my pants were so tight and uncomfortable--the doctor said to not wear shorts and expose my infection. We're 90 days out from moving nach Deutschland. We don't have official orders and I have to basicaly single handedly mange this move. I've given up on my eating--bread, crackers, chips, and oatmeal have creeped back into the diet. I'm sick of eggs...I REALLY don't like vegetables. I eat too much dairy (organic yogurt, cottage cheese, and cheese) and probably too much fruit (hello sugar). So do I ditch the dairy and dial back the fruit? Then substitue with what? More chicken? Oh wait...my grocery store was out of chicken!!! Any suggestions for making cooking/eating more fun?

On a slightly positive note, I'm not going to eat pizza tonight despite a serious craving. I've not indulged in ice cream and will hit my 30 day challenge.

Oh, and Chip should be home in less than 60 days...and I still want to hit the 150lb mark on the scale -- My "fat skinny" weight when he left. Will i make it? Probably not, but I'm stating here that I am going to try.

If you've read this far, I apologize for the ramblings...getting it all out makes me feel better and a few self reminders as to why I keep climbing that mountain never hurts

Monday, September 7, 2009

Exhausted, with a frozen butt

Labor Day WOD:
Fountainhead Park
8.45 mile trail run
Time: 1:45

I've spent most of the afternoon on the couch, half awake. I am wiped out. A grande coffee didn't touch my exhaustion. Walking to the grocery store took some serious effort.

Now my butt is frozen for the second time today...icing the sore hamstring and butt.

Andrea, Nikki, Justin, Alyssa and myself from CF and my friend Stuart hit the trails at Fountainhead Regional Park today. It is a beautiful retreat from the hustle and bustle of DC/Arlington/Alexandria. Far, but not too far. I haven't written too much about trail running, but it is something I really enjoy. It is really challenging, a full body workout, and is just a great opportunity to connect with yourself and nature.

Alyssa, Stuart, and I needed to hit a long run--we decided 45 minutes out and back. The others were doing a combo of running/walking. Off we went diving into the woods. It was overcast and pretty dark back in the woods. The trail offered some steep hills, rolling hills, and some tricky footwork. After 5 miles or so, my hamstring started acting up again. crap. Another mile and the hills were impossible. Then the pain wrapped around into my hip and I felt like I could barely lift my right leg. Oh and I got stung by a bee. I shuffled the last few miles, but needless to say I finished and finally realized I have a fairly serious problem with the hamstring and piriformus.

Ouch. Today I realized that I need to serihously rest my legs. We'll do some upper body work this week and totally take it easy next week to rest for the half marathon.

All of that said, I was awesome to run with friends and people who won't leave you behind on the trail! (Thanks guys!)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

3 WODs and a Visit to Crossfit Will County

I've been away for a few days, what can I say. I promise you though, I did not give up on the CF workouts, even though the diet totally went by the wayside. So here's the summary:

Thursday WOD:
1 rep max power cleans
Top Load: 90 (from the hang)

My clean form still plaques me. I learned today that I can clearly clean 90 and probably 100 if I actually had some decent form. I really need to get the elbow whipping around and figuring out how to get under the bar. I kept getting the bar up, but hitting my chest, not my clavicale, which means I just wasn't getting under it. Melissa described my efforts as "muscle cleans". Go figure, at it again. always doing it the hard way. But.....I got to work cleans again very soon....

Friday WOD -- CROSSFIT WILL COUNTY in Plainfield, Il
On Thursday night I flew out to Chicago to visit family and friends for the weekend. I was super excited to have found that their was a box in my small hometown! I emailed the owner John earlier in the week to let him know I was coming and he was happy to have visitors (plainfield is not exactly a hot spot tourist destination).

I hit the box friday night for the following WOD:
squat cleans (55#)
Time: 11:30

We started out with a pullup warmup--I was dreading this. Luckily it was a small class and not many had their kipping pullups so I was ahead of the game there. John and Craig were giving individual pointers and I told them my sticking points. I got through one of them!!! My push off the bar at the top of the pullup and just allowing my body to swing through to the next rep have been holding me back. Tonight though, I just let go and I got 4 in a row. A new pullup PR. I know it sounds puny, but huge for me. I think it might have had something to do with their skinny bar.

I really got to clean up the squat cleans on this WOD. I haven't worked this in a LONG time, but the high number of reps really got me to focus on my form. John had a great tip that really helped me get under the bar---doing a "scooping" motion with my hips to get under the bar. The squat cleans were a total burner, especially paired with the burpees! But---good news on the burpees is that my cycle rate is WAY up. A lot fewer breaks, less standing around or resting at the bottom. Good progress here. I was extremely happy with this workout as an end a long week.

I had a great time chatting with the CFWC crew afterwards---super great bunch of people. Many quite new to CF 2-3 months, yet others who had been about a year. John and his wife Shannon own the affiliate which they started in their garage just about 18 months ago and recently moved to a space they share with a MMA studio. They will have much success there I am sure! They invited me back for the Saturday WOD.

Saturday WOD:
Team workout-2people must complete the following. Each person had to complete a minimum number of reps.

40 Overhead squats
60 wallballs
80 pullups
100 box jumps
120 double unders
800m run
time: 22 something

I used 45# on the OHS--I could have done more, but my legs and arms were SMOKED from the squat cleans and cleans from the last two days. Wallballs were a cinch.
I hit the wall again with the pullups, but honestly is was just sheer fatigue. I could barely hang up there. I grabbed a band and just got it done. Box jumps were easy and since my partner didn't have his double under we did 360 singles and ended with a great sprint down the street--the same street I took piano lessons on for 10 years as a kid. That brought back memories...

Visiting another affiliate is such an great opportunity. Different coaches give different tips that sometimes just click better when you hear it from someone else. And, just being out of your normal element makes you just want to perfect the exercises that much more to make sure you represent CFOT the best you can. Overall it was a fun weekend and I'm seriously looking forward to attacking the pullup bar after I give my arms a few more days rest!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dippity Dip

3 rounds for time

20 ring dips
20 wall balls
600m run
Time: 20:43

This looks so darn easy on paper! It wasn't, but after Monday and a rest day this felt good and I felt strong. As I type this my triceps are begging for some rest. I felt really strong on the dips today and used the 'floss' for all 3 rounds. I was able to do the first two rounds in sets that looked kinda like this 6-6-4-4. Not unbroken, but not horrible. The last round was more like 5-5-4-2-2-2...again not horrible. The wall balls were good , I was able to make that 10ft target 99% of the time. I would've liked more spring in my legs for both wallballs and the run, but I think my ole hamstring is still recovering. The massage I got on monday night totally helped. My hamstring, IT band, and Pereformus (butt muscle, literally) were so angry it was all I could do not to kick the therapist. But, we'll go again for a massage soon and with some rest I should be ready for that half marathon in a three weeks and Fight Gone Bad the weekend after that! I see an unassisted ring dip in the near future as well!

I have to add that there is some new competition at 0515---apparently Alyssa really meant it when she said she liked early mornings! She is fast, furious and strong. And, Katie is back now that school is back in action. Time to step it up so that in 6 months (my 1 yr CF anniversary) I can be half as strong as they are!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On Why.

Today was a rest day, but hardly. Lots of thinking.

I've come up with the following reasons for why I do what I do:
-It's fun. most of the time.
-I know I can and there is no one to stop me but myself.
-I have the freedom to choose to be healthy and fit.
-I always take the road less traveled...life would be boring any other way.
-I'm a Taurus and incredibly stubborn. If someone says do something, I will try until I get it right.
-Chip is away a lot. I need to be able to move couches, flip mattresses, carry lots of groceries across the parking lot and up 3 flights of stairs, and move heavy bookshelves all by myself.
-At work it is fun to just flip that new jug of water on the cooler or fetch boxes of paper instead of asking the men to do it, like all the other women do. Oh, and do it in a skirt and heels! :)
-So my clothes will always fit and I don't have to try on 10 pairs each morning to find the pair that will fit that day.
-Friends and community.
-For stress relief.
-To honor the strength within and the one body God gavve me.
-To let my inner "queen" shine.

Thanks to all who offered their support and Molly Barker's blog from today--what a heartwarming story!