Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Double PR Day

Just have to post to keep my lovely log going strong here. Today was an old school CFOT workout--all strength! My kind of WOD.  I went into today with no real expectations, just wanted to get some solid lifting in. It's those days that take you by surprise and you end up showing yourself what you're made of.

WOD looked like this:

WOD A: 15 min to establish 1RM Jerk
WOD B: 15 min to establish 5X Front Squat
Running clock....

Started warming up the jerk--I knew my last 1RM was somewhere around 110#-115# (Looking back it was 115# on 11/9/12)  and that it wasn't a great lift--knee was weak, form was off. I knew my old 1RM from pre-Germany, pre-ACL tear was 130#...but that was back in the day. I had no expectation of getting close to that today. Well, the lifts went of easy, 10# at a time. 105, 115, 125, 135!!! Holy smokes! A PR out of nowhere! It was a little shaky because my feet weren't quite in the right spot...that front leg needs to be a 1 o'clock position and it was closer to 12. We'd run out of time so I didn't push my luck. I was super happy with that PR which I realize now was +20 in 3 months time.

On to front squats. It was just a few weeks ago I established a new 1RM front squat PR of 160# (2/12/13) so shooting for a 5RM was going to be fun. I was lifting with Sarah, a newbie to cfot, but damn she's strong. Her PR was just behind mine. We pushed each other today to go for it. We started at 125, 135, 145, 150! Holy smokes! I know for sure this is a 5RM PR...I mean, that 5 reps at 93% of my 1RM. Sweet. My form broke a bit on the last set--always more to improve on.

Tonight I finished up my day with CFOT.e WOD at the Washington and Lee track. It was damp and cold and just the thought of running in circles for 30 minutes made me want to crawl in bed.  Luckily, Chip bought me a super cute Lululemon running hat for christmas and an adorable running shirt for Valentines Day...I had to sport my new gear, right? Even if I was slow, I was going to look good. Off to the track, stylin, and it was mostly empty. Started my warmup and my legs felt oddly strong for having just PR'd my squats this am. CFOT.e WOD looked like this:

1) 800m TT
2) 3x 800 @ 85% effort

Here were my splits:
1) 3:18 (1:36 400m split--smokin!)
2) 3:45
3) 3:38
4) 3:38

I felt solid the entire workout and managed a very consistent pace and 400m splits on the last 3 800s.  For once I didn't feel like I was going to die.

I swear this Paleo diet and endurance wod stuff really works! I'm pooped. Off to bed!