Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Post Race Thoughts

So I've had some time to collect my stats, eat myself silly, rest my muscles, and do what I do best...mull things over a million times.

In my age group there were 34 women who competed, here were my stats:

Total--2:17:05 (21/34)
1k swim: 24:17 -21st
T1: 3:42
30k bike: 1:00:22 -14th
T2: 2:39
8k run: 46:07 - 26th

some thoughts
- I finished middle of the pack, 53%.
- I have never swam competitively or in open water, or had a lesson since I was about 13. With effort, and maybe some tips from my friend Katie, this time can easily improve.
-I didn't actually "try" on the swim. I just swam to survive and conserve my energy to finish.
-Looking back, I actually enjoyed the swim. It was kind of calm and relaxing. I remember sidestroking and thinking of Chip and his guys in Qula-e-Naw and how their life is so much harder than a 1k swim in a pretty lake at sunrise on a sunday with a couple hundred people. Then I imagined that this guy who caught me on the swim was Chip and tried to keep up with him the last 75-100m.
-T1:Don't walk to your bike. Don't fall down putting on your socks. perfect putting a tight shirt on a wet body...or buy a tri top.
-Biking is fun. Considering I had only done two 20 plus mile bike rides as training, finishing 14th in my age group was quite good.
-Maybe hydrate more. I only drank a half bottle of water or so. Might have been the cause of cramps on the run.
-T2: Think about peeing BEFORE you get off off the bike. Yes, this is a horrifying thought...pee on your bike? But, it sure beats running around looking for a spot in the trees. Or at least I could have stopped at the port-o-potty on the way to drop off my bike.
-Continue to aim for negative split on the run. Push it harder next time since running is a strength. Without stomach cramps I would've killed this course.
-This race was the most fun I've had in a long time.
-This was the biggest confidence boost I could have asked for. Makes you feel like anything is possible.
-It would have been way more awesome to have Chip there with me.
-I was hardly sore the next day..this tells me I could have worked A LOT harder.

Still trying to figure out another race to do this summer between my half marathon and the army 10miler...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Tri-ing Adventure

Today I crossed another thing off the "Things to Do in Life" list: Complete a triathlon. About 6 weeks ago I saw the Montclair Tri listed on my friend Tamara's race calendar---I decided to give it a Tri. It was now or never. I knew I was in great shape from Crossfit, so add a new racing bike, a few practice rides, and a mere 4-5 practice swims and I was as ready as I was ever going to be.

Pre-Race: I came home from a party on Saturday night (no alcohol!) and had a snack of scrambled eggs. A few hours later, my body rejected the eggs and I found myself hanging my head over the toilet. This was NOT how I wanted to feel just hours before the race. Off to bed...then awake again at 1am and 3am as my body decided to rid itself of everything and anything that was left inside. Luckily, I had a few hours for the Imodium and pepto to kick in. I sipped water and dozed until 4am and prayed hard that this would pass. Thank God it did!! Tamara and Stuart picked me up at 4:30 and we were off!

We arrived at the race parking lot, got our stuff together and we took off on a quick 1.5 mile ride to the race start. The sun was just coming up at that point and the place was buzzing with athletes decked in spandex hauling fancy bikes and backpacks full of gear. I got my number, lucky 190. With my body all marked up with my numbers it all finally felt real! I was going to do this--no turning back now!!!

Race: I was in the second wave with a ton of other women--all women racers under 39--a big heat. I donned my swim cap and goggles and waded into the water after the men took off. The water was warm and I was shockingly relaxed. The buoys looked like they were miles away. I chatted up the girls next to me and they advised to "chunk" it. Don't focus on the end buoy, just the first, and then the next, etc. We took off and immediately I got a face full of water and a kick in the head. Great start, girl! I doggie paddled while everyone else swam by and then I got down to business. The first buoy passed and I was already tired--sidestroke time! How was I going to finish? I fought the "I suck, why did I do this" thoughts and just focused on relaxing and the soft sound of all the other swimmers stroking by. I spotted the next buoy and just said "make it halfway, just halfway". Made it halfway, and headed back to the beach. I finally found my rhythm after the turnaround! I just held my core tight and kept kicking and tried to relax the arms. I kept thinking, "I've done crossfit workouts way harder than this--keep going!" Awhile later I poked my head up and I had veered a bit off course, go figure, but managed to get back with the pack. I could see some white swim caps behind me so I knew I wasn't last in my wave. Just don't be LAST! I peeked up again and the beach was visible. I just kicked harder and knew I was going to make it. I don't remember crawling out of the water, but I do remember Tamara cheering for me and saying I looked great as I stumbled towards transition. My legs were wobbly and I was kind of dizzy...

I found my bike, got my shirt, socks, shoes, and helmet on and took off -- climbed the hill at the start of the bike easily and soon I was in on course and sitting relaxed in the saddle. It was a three loop rolling hill course. The first half of the loop was FAST. I was flying, passing people, and feeling strong. Then I hit "THE HILL". Oh...My...God... I had it in the highest gears and I was going like 2 miles and hour. It was like hitting a brick wall in every sense of the word. It was like time just went into slow motion. Stuart passed me on the second lap and yelled out "That's one hot bike!". It made me laugh out loud as I struggled through "The Hill' the second time. I had so much fun on the bike I didn't even mind the pain of the hills or the fact my feet went numb. As soon as it started it was over, and it was on to the run.

2 laps for the run. Now I had to run up "THE HILL" twice on another looped course. I caught Billy (Tamara's cousin and another rookie triathlete) at the start of his second lap and we ran it together. I was great to have someone to share in the misery. Billy finished strong and Tamara cheered me on shouting "2.5 more miles!! You can do it". I realized I could and that I already had gone 23 miles and I still had juice left. I wanted to run a negative split on the run so the first half was slow and I was able to pick it up on the last half. On THE Hill I battled some stomach cramps, but focused instead on just picking off runners rather than how bad it hurt. One by one, I would catch up to them, run with them for a bit, drop them, and move to the next target. I got to the last 3/4 mile, found my stride, and sprinted to the finish! It was so awesome to see Tamara, Stuart, Nick the dog, Billy, and Joe and the rest of the crowd cheering me on.

It felt great to finish something so big, something so challenging. The adrenaline high you get in such a race is a truly awesome feeling. Today, I felt really strong, like the athlete I want to be and am slowly becoming. For the first time in a long time, my mental toughness matched my physical toughness. I didn't panic on the swim, I calmly worked through my cramps, I backed off when needed, and pushed it hard at every opportunity.

This race and my respectable time of 2:17:05 is a testament to the amazing things Crossfit will help you achieve. With minimal training in any of these sports over the last two months, I still completed this race strong, confident, and with a solid time! (Thanks, Jerry!!)

Who's ready to join me for the next one?!

PS-Stay Tuned for photos and split times for the swim, bike, and run!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Push AND Pull

WOD: Dan's Club
5 rounds, 90sec for each exercise, 60sec in between
5 rep strict press, 5 weighted pullups (flex arm hang for the PU challenged)
Go for total points!

Push Press: 55,55,65,65,65 = 1525
Pull Up (flex arm hang): 5,5,5,5,5 = 1896 (1/2 body weight per rep)
Total: 3421
Output: 3421/158lbs=21.65

This workout was just to keep loose and keep slowly building strength. I totally went easy on the strict press. I was able to easily clean the weight, then work all five reps with dropping the weight. Completed each round in about 30 secs, so I could have gone way heavier if I was actually working hard on this.

The flex arm hangs felt really strong. The core workout when you do them correctly is amazing. I recently read this post on the "Byers Gets Diesel" blog. http://www.byersgetsdiesel.com/2009/03/got-pull-up.html

I think the kips might have something to do with sore shoulder. I'm going to start working the strict and aim to get that in a few weeks. I was close today, but can't quite get over the bar. The kip is fun, frustrating, a good cardio workout, torture on your hands, but really where are the strength gains? Not sure, but hell, if it doesn't hurt and keeps my shoulder happy I'm game to go with the strict for awhile!

Nice easy 4 mile run tonight in the HEAT. HOT, HOT, HOT.
T-3 days until I dive in the lake!

Since my fellow CFOT bloggers are "zoning up" here for the rest of the summer, I'll put my goals here. They say it is always better to write them down, right?

Current Weight (CFOT scale): 158.5
7/31/09 Goal Weight: 155
Ultimate Goal Weight: 150

Todays Lunch-Light cosi cobb salad and BREAD. but only b/c I won't really have dinner tonight and I need some freakin carbs to get me through the run. 2 workouts in one days justifies a piece, right?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A leisurely ride...

I rode my bike to work today to avoid the metro mess. Yes, the accident was on the red line, but that doesn't exempt the blue from issues too!

On my ride home, about 830 tonight, I realized I only have less than 5 months left in this city. I also couldn't figure out why I've spent the last 8 years crammed on the metro like a damn lemming when I could have been biking! It is so beautiful in the morning along the Mt. Vernon trail, so quiet and still...the city just starting to awaken and hum like the machine that it is. Even better, is the ride home. Even though I took the short way home tonight, it was awesome to reflect on the day. The city is so striking at sunset...and riding by all the memorials reminded me how awesome it is to live and work in this city--the center of the free world, capitalism, the american dream. I will miss this city tons when I leave. But, I have little doubt that I will be back soon enough.

Today I was reminded that exercising can be relaxing too--a time to think, reflect, and just be.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sissy Fran and Rest Week

I can't believe I'm "tapering" for a little triathlon on Sunday, but the last few weeks have been brutal and I want to be strong on Sunday.

Of course, a rest week, isn't really resting for me, but rather backing off. My rest week will involve some swimming and biking, and CF for the "mind". Stay tuned for a race report on the tri, my first race with my little bro on the July 4th, and a sailing day on the Chesapeake!

WOD: "Sissy Fran"
AMRAP in 12 min
6 thrusters (35lbs)
6 pullups
Result: 7 rounds

Best part was cheering on my teammates... Christine and Linda (1st time RX), Mike (PR), Katie (5:50), Kaitlyn (first Fran)!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Badger= DNF

Hero Workout "Badger"
3x for time:
30 squat cleans--45lbs
30 pullups
800m run

I did not earn my "Badge" today. I stopped, I quit, I did not finish. I knew I would have to scale this workout going in, but not in a million years did I think I would not finish. In the first round of squats everything hurt--back, shoulder, hips, knees. On the pullup bar, my shoulder hurt even more. Second round of squats was more painful than the first. My low back was screaming and every rep was sheer pain, despite the fact I made the bar weightless on several reps. (it was all on where my elbows were!) I got a few reps on the second round of pullups, tore open a callous, tried a few more reps, stood there shaking. I walked outside, fighting the tears welling in my eyes---there's no crying in crossfit I said to myself. Deep breath. I took off running--2x 800m. I tried to convince myself I could do it but that ever pessimistic little devil in my head said "you're done. Quit." I didn't want to, but I knew I had to.

After the run I came back to the box and sat...watching. The room was just alive with energy, pulsating with the music and the power of every rep. Bars clattering on the floor, chalk and sweat flying, expletives be shouted--some cheering and some grunts. Everyone looked so strong and I felt so small and weak.

But am I weak? How do you know when to fight through the pain and when to push on? Since the fall of 2006, I've had a broken arm, back/neck injury that took 9months to heal, ACL replacement, spent 3 days in the hospital puking my guts out from a weird bug from Iraq, had a ski accident on the "good knee" (thank god a 4th surgery was not necessary) and all that is just the physical part. I think I know my body well, but do I? Or do I just FEAR injuring myself again and expect the worst? Or am I really stronger since I know when to NOT push it? Here I am--in the middle of month 4 of crossfit with a few nagging injuries. When do you say when?

Today I had to say when. Period. I'm not proud of it, but this is clearly how you get mentally fit--Getting a sheer beat down by a Saturday morning Hero workout. Then promising yourself you'll be back on Monday.

I'll hit the box this coming week to exercise the mind, not the body. I'm a week away from my first triathlon and to be strong there, I need to be strong enough to say enough.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Met-Con Madness

WOD #1:
5 rounds for time
400m run
30 Abmats
15 pullup
Time: 30:40

WOD #2:
4.5 mile run
Time: ~38 min

Despite sleeping straight through my alarm I managed to hurry and get organized for a double header Thursday. I rolled into the 0645 class just in time to join them for a great warmup with Jerry on the cleans. I cannot ever spend too much time on these.

WOD--there was a nice mist outside making for a fun run and miserable pullups with damp hands. The 0645 class has some slower runners, so I took the lead on the first two rounds, but then the pullups got the best of me and I finished dead last. The runs and the abs felt good and strong. My pullups don't seem to be getting stronger, but I'm not complaining. I'm rx'ing the workouts and doing everything I can not to resort back to a stupid band. I think if I put in a little more time on the kip and linking the reps, it will come. I need Keturah back to help me though! A shout out to my buddy Jason from work for pushing me right to the end.

After work I met up with the ladies group at =PRR= for our 4.5 mile run. Since I wasn't too burned from this morning I was going to hang with the lead pack. I tried running with one of my favorite pooches, Nick, a super fit chocolate lab, but he didn't want to leave his Mom so I handed him back at took off. I hung with the leaders at about a 8:30 pace up until the last mile when the heat and humidity hit us. Must hydrate better! I love these runs. New neighborhoods to explore, cool girls to run with, no egos or attitudes. After the triathlon next week, you'll hear more about running. North Face Challenge Half Marathon Trail run is only 3.5 months away...that is the next feat to conquer along with going sub 1:30 at the Army 10 Miler.

Little Victories Report:
Today I'm wearing a pair of pants that haven't fit into for two years!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Read the Directions...

21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3

Ring push ups
KB Swings
Jumping lunges

Result: 20:40

A nice core focused met-con to wake up to at 0515. I've never done ring pushups so my triceps were screaming at me after 2 reps, "What is *bleep* is going on! We don't like pushups!". I had to do them on my knees and boy did I work up a sweat.

I was the pretty much last to finish so a few people who were done sooner counted my last few reps and realized I was doing DOUBLE THE WORK on the jumping lunges. I was counting, right left=1, not singles. All told I did 168 lunges instead of 84...

There I go again, always making life more difficult for myself. I love being a Taurus.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A chilly June night...

Pool workout
Weather: 70 degrees, cloudy, windy

This was swim number 4 of the season. 11 days until the triathlon. My mind is racing...why on earth did i think this was a good idea?? The pool is empty. The lifegards are indoors! I'm wearing a jacket over my swimsuit for Christ's sake...the water better be warm. Luckily it was!

The goal tonight--a nice easy swim. 10 linked laps (20 lengths), no stopping. Did a nice warmup lap and got down to business. I was cruising along and feeling pretty good and I thought I would try some bilateral breathing. I have terrible childhood memories of attempting this and then choking....
I tried it and it worked! I have new found neck flexibility. I get a little off balance, but heck, if it keeps me from hyperventilating it might be worth it! I completed 10 laps, decided to do a few more. Next thing I knew I was at 20! I was nice and warm and in the zone. I took a minute to breathe, did one lap of the breast stroke, then convinced myself I could do 30 laps all in the crawl-no doggie paddling! 30 came and went and I still had some juice...on to 40. Yippe! Double the distance of the tri. Now, can I do this in open water, drinking dirty lake water as opposed to my chlorinated drink of choice, with feet flying in my face?? We will see...stay tuned!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Erin Meets Pukie

3 power cleans, 3 front squats
Work heavy for 5-7 rounds

Max Effort: 80lbs

I woke up late today and missed the 0515, but made the 0600. When I saw cleans on the board I wanted to turn right around and go back to bed! But, I didn't! Jerry worked a great instructional warm up and I got my pull from the floor down and improved my jump.

I worked up to 80 lbs pretty quickly and got some solid cleans. I attempted 85, but like last week, just couldn't get it above chest height. Front squats were shaky, but it was just a few so I survived. By the time I hit 80, everything just hurt. I was exhausted. I stripped some weight and did 4 rounds at 65, which was great until I almost passed out. I got super dizzy and lightheaded...and then I saw pukie. Didn't puke, but he tried to get me. I stripped my weights and hightailed it out of the box.
Managed to get to work only to feel sick again. I ended up coming home and sleeping for 2.5 hours! I'll be taking a few days off---my body is revolting. What next!?!? My tri is in 2 weeks and I can hardly doggie paddle across the pool. I guess all ll I can do is just keep my head in the game, not get down on myself, and know that my last 4 months of training (and a sweet new bike!) will get me to that finish line.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh baby, baby

Result: 48:08

Team Effort--Do 100 reps of each exercise for time. Partner holds 'the baby' (35lb kb) while the other does the exercise.

Liz and I chose to do it in this order.
Calorie row
Jumpin' Slamball
wall ball
air sqat
box jump
push up

Huge shout out to my partner Liz. She has been on a CF break since December and just started back up 2 weeks ago! She did AWESOME! We pretty much split the reps between us 50/50. Bubba, the baby, wasn't so heavy at first. I found her a nice "shelf" to lean on for a good part of the workout. :) I swear this is the only time in my life where a larger chest has benefited my workout!

But towards the end our arms were fried and just standing with an extra 35lbs was difficult (note to self--NEVER gain 35lbs!) Ending with pushups was just punishment...I mean funishment! Despite this, I actually felt stronger on pushups than I did the other day!

Time was not an issue for us. Liz and I just wanted to finish and that we did! I ended my workout with a nice leisurely 5 mile bike home.

Passing Bubba to Liz

Liz, Erin, Bubba. DONE.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Double Header

I planned two workouts today. CrossFit in the morning and an evening run with the women's group at Potomac River Running Company. =PRR= I've been slacking on my running lately and with two long races planned for the fall I cannot just blow off those workouts.

Today's WOD was a little nuts--killer Metcon. It was a competition among all CFOT classes--who can score the most points in 35minutes? Jerry had a long list of exercies and their worth in points posted on the boards.

My workout looked something like this:
1 mile run: 7:40: 10pts
Walking lunges (~200m): 6pts
Farmers Walk 25#: 3 pts
Row 25 calories: 2pts
Abmats 25: 1pt
Row 25 calories: 2pts
15 Jumping Slamball: 1pt
Row 25 calories: 2pts
15 KB swings: 1pt
25 Abmats: 1pt
15 jumping slamball: 1pt
Total: 30 points...there may have been more, who knows? I'm sure I lost count of something in there somewhere. I probably could have pushed it harder and done another farmers walk or ring dips for more points. I didn't realized ring dips were worth 2 points until afterward. Go figure.

A nugget on the Zone diet:
I asked around for new breakfast suggestions after class this morning. If I eat another bowl of cottage cheese with fruit or scrambled eggs, I might be sick. Sean offered up an idea for a yummy chicken salad. Chicken, grapes, apples. I'll add a some crushed almonds and a dab of mayo. Can't wait to try it this weekend.

Evening workout: 6:30 pm
I'm instituting "summer hours" at work on Thursday's until I move to my new job. I left a little early and headed down to Ballston to meet Tamara. Go figure the ONE DAY I need an orange train, there are of course two blue trains in a row! Then a full orange train....I hate metro.
I made to PRR just in time! This was to be a nice slow pace and just enjoy running with Tamara and a new running group. We did a great 4.5 mile loop with some nice hills at an easy pace. That's not to say it was easy! It was SO humid, my legs were exhausted from the a.m. workout, but all the same it felt awesome just to be outside doing something I love with some great peeps. Even better is that I have no idea how long it took us and I'm ok with that. It was a workout just to enjoy the sheer joy of running. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Max Cleans

1,1,1...work up to max clean.
Max: 85. Failed at 90, 3x.

I hate cleans. I don't know the movement well and even when I try to make my body move the way it should, it doesn't. I can't get the grip right either. Needless to say, any workout with a clean in it makes me cringe.

Despite my whining, there was progress today. I actually did a 80# squat clean, but was only able to do 85# at the high hang clean. New Goal: Clean 100# by August. This will force me to "work the weakness".

No extra work today. I am unusually sore from yesterday. Maybe I'll hit the pool for a few laps tonight if it doesn't rain...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


WOD: 24: oo
400 m run
15 pullups
30 pushups
600 m run
12 pullups
24 pushups
800 m run
9 pullups
18 pushups

Extra: 2 rounds completed
14 sledge strikes
30 Dead animal cruch
24 double unders

It was a hot, steamy morning. I was tired. We got right down to business with the WOD and the first round was slow and torturous. Second round was progress. I linked 4 pullups in a row! A new personal record. I pumped out the last 9 pullupa without much effort. Pushups are another story. Weak, weak, weak. Time to put in some extra work there.

The real progress was on the extra work. I've been in awe of anyone who can do a double under (two full rotations of the rope in one jump) and do more than one. I've had a few half hearted attempts, but usually just submit to doing 3 single jumps for every prescribed DU. Today, I grabbed the rope and started jumping. Jerry urged us to really work on the DU if we hadn't yet gotten one. So, I got the rope whipping around me and went for it. Viola'! Effortless...I tried another, and another. Soon, I was stringing them together! A new skill to add to the books!

Another magic day at CrossFit Old Town. With constant effort, a little heart, and a dash of determination, I've found myself doing things I could not have even imagined 3 months ago. A pullup, a double under, a clean and jerk, a deadlift, and the list goes on...

Monday, June 8, 2009


I had an epic weekend of biking the last 2 days. I'm competing in the Montclair triathlon in 3 short weeks so this weekend was all about the bike. My good friends Tamara and Stuart, veteran triathletes, met me on the Mt. Vernon trail for an afternoon ride. We were hoping for some sun, but as it turned out the overcast weather worked in my favor. I was riding Chip's mountain bike, not ideal for keep up with the speedy couple on road bikes. I was able to hang with them at a decent pace and we put in a solid 30+ miles in just around 2 hours.

I realized Saturday that I might just need to break down and buy a road bike. That's exactly what I did on Sunday!

It is a beautiful blue Cannondale Synapse. It rides like a dream. I got a new helmet too, so I no longer look like a mushroom head! After shopping Tamara and I headed to her house and hit the trail. It was amazing to keep up with her on her tribike without a ton of effort. We had a 25 mile ride planned down the WO&D trail towards Leesburg. We trucked along at a solid pace and despite my bum being super sore from Saturday I was feeling strong. At one stoplight Tamara took me aside and said, "OK, there are two more stop signs, then the trail opens up for a nice flat 3 mile stretch...you should just go for it...draft me, drop me, whatever." OK, this was it. We took off and I drafted for about a mile and then felt a rush of adrenaline...I dropped it one more gear and took off "passing on your left!", she replied, "You're pushing 24mph!". Shit. Now I'm pulling and she's drafting off of me. This is wicked fast, the rush was awesome. A few seconds later she pulls past me at 26-27mph. Wow. She is FLYING and looks so strong crouched on her tri bike...relaxed and in the zone, ponytail flying. Then, she drops me...the fatigue from Saturday caught up with me. I backed off--we still had to turn around and hit it 12+ miles home!

The rest of the ride was nice. We were tired, took and easy pace, and just enjoyed the sun on our backs, the headwind in our face, and the road flying beneath us. We topped off the day with a wonderful dinner and great conversation. I can't wait to get out on the trail again and start riding to work. I'm sooooo done with metro.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why blog?

Why not? I've spent the last several months reading lots of blogs, those of friends and strangers, and I figured why not write my own? I've wondered if anyone would read it, follow it, care, etc, but I have decided that should not be the deciding factor in why I would keep a blog. I would keep it for myself. I titled the blog "Erin's Adventures" because it seems like I'm always trying some new or crazy workout, jetting off somewhere, or just muddling through life (which can be an adventure in itself!). Plus, as many people know, Chip and I will be moving to Germany in a few short months and I thought this would be a great way for friends and family to keep up with our adventures when we move there!

So, I'm sure you're wondering what I'll write about. Many of my fellow crossfitter's blog about CF and I think that will likely be my main topic of conversation, but I will also log my adventure in competing in my first triathalon, my first half marathon trail run, other races, vacations, and life. We'll start there and see how this goes!


Adventure of the Day - 30 Mile Bike Ride to Mount Vernon
Today was training day 1 in prep for a a triathlon later this month. I met Tamara and Stuart on the Mt. Vernon trail and we headed south. We rode all the way to Mt. Vernon and took a fun detour on the way back through some neighborhoods near Ft. Hunt. It was a challenging ride as it has been over a year since I have ridden that far, but the legs felt strong and my energy was great. I was able to keep pace with Stuart and Tamara for most of the ride...i was riding a mountain bike, they were on road bikes so it wasn't exactly even steven in teams of work load.

Along the way, I was attacked by some kind of lotus/cicada! It attached itself to my leg and when I couldn't shake it off I started screaming! The thing was huge, but eventually flew away. Then we met a family of groundhogs near the end of the trail lunching on the lush green grass. There was a family of 4-5 little beasts...it was kinda cute! We took photos and fed the papa a luna moon.

The afternoon ended with a crisp cold beer on the patio at Sine' Irish Pub and burgers to fill our very hungry stomachs. What an awesome way to spend an afternoon!