Thursday, September 23, 2010

Laziness Overcome

This week has been a little crazy with all the moving and last minute chores, but I managed to squeeze in a WOD last night because I could not let a beautiful sunny day pass me by.

Earlier in the day I was mowing the lawn and doing other yardwork and I sat for awhile and started at that pullup bar hanging from my garage.  The thing whispers little taunts at me fairly often--I've ignored them for months.  I got this bar for my birthday back in April and after a few attempts at pullups decided that I hated it.  It's a rogue swinging bar and I could not hold on, it gave wicked calouses after 1-2 kips.  As I've written before, I've mostly given up on pullups.  Yesterday, I got on that bar and tried again. I got two in a row.

I finished the yard work and started devising a little WOD for the yard. Looked like this:

5 Rounds
5 pullups
10 kbswings
15 box jumps

I wasn't going to do this for time since I had no idea how the pullups were going to go. I just wanted to get the pullups going.  And I DID! I even got three in a row a few times.  Now that I have switched my grip to the wrapped thumb version, its much easier.  Plus, my bar is just a bit skinnier than than the rogue bars at the gym.  No more taunting---now I'll be out there more often.  Hopefully doing a few every day!

Pullup laziness is offically over.

On another note, you must all read this post from Blair Morrison's Anywherefit blog.
More on my quest to "Ring the Bell" coming soon.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Front Squats and Run

After 2 weeks of being under the weather, I'm back in the gym.  I'm feeling really weak and everything is really hard.

Front squat x3
75, 85, 95, 105, 105, 115(2)

This was a weak effort, but you got to start somewhere. I should have had 115 for 3 but the form fell  on rep #2 and I wasn't sure how to correct it so instead of screwing with my back, I called it a day.  Conditioning was row intervals:
300m-i forget
Rest 2-3 minutes between intervals.  Was chatting with Jason and we think the rowers are a bit off and not cleaned/maintained since both our rowing times of late have been quite slow.  I was fairly happy with the effort.

4.5mile trail run
Have to get back out there. I tried running on Sunday and nearly had an asthma attack. Not cool.  Trying to build up to another 7miler.  The legs are sluggish and my cardio since being sick is just not there. So this week is several attempts and shorter runs just to stay conditioned.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Small steps

After a little over a week of being sick you have to start back with small steps to see where you body is at. Are you going to hack up a lung? Will your sinuses hold on to the goo for 30 minutes? Will your heart keep a normal beat?

I still have the remanents of my cold/sinus infection, but am "feeling" better.  Yesterday, I tested myself on c_wiss's "10" workout.  I popped in a dvd for distraction and did it in my living room.  Not so much moto here, but got the work done.

10 pushups
10 abmat situps
10 squats
Time: 17min
After reading her pushup link I vowed to stay off my knees the entire time and I DID IT! They were not beautiful chest to deck, but I went to parallel or beyond each rep and no touching of the thighs on the ground. This cost me a few minutes for sure, but whatevs.  I did all the pushups off my knees and managed not to hack a lung. No more knees for me!

Today I had a little trouble finding some moto to do ANYTHING. We got our orders to report back to Washington DC this morning so my day was consumed with briefings about proper moving procedures. Oh what fun! My mind is elsewhere if you can't tell...counting the days, making appointments, worrying about where we will live next, money, and how I'm going to make all my work clothes fit in 8 short weeks. Well, they will only fit if i get my ass moving!

~4 mile train run-easy pace
3 rounds
20 kbhp (35#)
20 lunges
10 ring dips (red band)
I didn't time myself on any of this.  I didn't want any pressure given how sick I've been. I'll get back to the intensity when I'm 100%.  The intensity was pretty high though, sweating, heart racing, etc. It all felt good.  Going to hit a strength WOD in the am, then its back to moving chaos!

Monday, September 13, 2010


So, since Paris I've gotten in two workouts, then last Thursday woke up with the cold of all nasal drip, splitting headache, the chills.  W.T.F!!!  This turned into almost three days of my nose running like a faucet, and now a cough that sounds like I'm a total chain smoker.

I've been completely worthless aside from a bit of house cleaning and some yard work. Complete knock out. Hoping to get in a light workout the next few days until my head totally clears.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Paris, what else is there to say? We did a ton of walking and stair climbing.  We had a good time and I enjoyed practicing all my new photography skills and giving my new lens a workout. Luckily, the whole eating thing was curbed by a broken front tooth--that's why my smiles are so dumb looking! Oh well. Paris is not my favorite city--its like a New York or Chicago only the people are less friendly.  The museums were good, and the sparkly Eiffel Tower was nice. And, another visit with my favorite gargoyle was pretty sweet too.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long Run

Beautiful day for a run. Put in a 7 mile training run. The air was crisp and cool, the sun was shining, and nothing was getting in my way of a run today.  The course was a mix of forested trail and paved trail, hills and flat parts.  Total time was 1:05 with a 9:20 pace.  I had to walk a few times as I let myself get out of breath on some hills, but I stopped only long enough to not hyperventilate!  Pacing myself has always been tough when running alone. Staying on track for the Army 10 race.

I then proceeded to sabatoge my body with bad food all day.  I forgot how hungry running 7 miles makes you and how tired you are! I had to totally take a nap this afternoon and was worthless for a few hours.  Hopefully with a few more runs like this that feeling will go away. I've got a solid 7 more weeks to train so there is hope of running a PR yet.

I didn't get in my swim or a heavy lifting day this week, but with the long weekend of traveling, we'll try for it next week.  Next week is a new re-committment to food...a zone/primal attempt.  I need to control portions, eat more than 1 true meal a day, cut the caffine and sugar, and eliminate the bad carbs and re-learn to love salad and vegetables. September will be hard with Nikki coming for a week and all the beer that will be drunk at Oktoberfest, but if I can eat clean for 3 weeks, I can let loose a little while she's here! C wiss---keep me posted on your box's challenge.  I want to join virtually.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So for those of you regular readers, you know I've been on a bit of a pullup hiatus.  Pullup bars are not all that accessable here in our military gums (sad, huh?) and if there are any, you can pretty much only do a strict pull on them.  The ones outside are nice, but its so rainy here. Well, we asked for and have now received a Rogue pullup bar system. Yea! Right?

Well, as can be expected the first WOD was UGLY. UGLY.  I thought that some Cindy would be good for me. 5 pullups is managable, right? Um, no...sadly. I discovered today that I learned my kipping pullups on a skinny bar--i.e. the circumference of the bar was small.  Rogue bars are much thicker and require significantly more grip strength since I can't quite keep my hands all the way on their when I come down from the kip...I just slide right off! I could only get two in a row at most. The rest were singles.  I was quite sad. BUT--I'm not giving up.   I have my red band and it will just be my friend for a little while.  I'm also open to suggestions about pullup technique and building grip strength. I am strong enough to get up there--I just can't hold on!!  Finished a measly 6 rounds and finished with situps and planks.

In other news--I have a new challenge.  My BFF Nikki, (far left in photo) needed to set a crossfit goal. We have agreed to a pullup challenge.  She must have 1 pullup by the time I return to DC.  I must have 5 in a row.  GIRL...IT'S ON!!  This will take serious dedication from us both.

Army 10 miler training is going well. I got in a fast 3 mile trail run last night and am shooting for another 6 miler tomorrow--nice and easy 9min mile pace. I also signed up for a race in the Backyard Burn Series as a comeback race with my running buddies.  A five mile trail run! We're all signed up to run!
Fairfax 4-Miler, New Years Eve 2008   
Paris is on tap for the weekend I'll have a little travel blogging for you next week.