Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Max Efforts at CF Will County



Max Pullups

Max Height Box Jump

Max Ring Dips

Max Handstand (for time)

Row 500m for time

I'm home this week visiting friends and family before taking off for Germany in mere days now. I already miss my CFOT family, but hitting an affilitate is not a terrible substitute. CFWC has a great coach and super cool athletes. Today's WOD was a little weird, creative, I would say, but fun nonetheless. We were in teams of three and each of these exercises had a point value, etc, but really I could care less about this. I was a big day in their new box for me.....

OHS-We had 10 minutes for 3 of us to do a max effort. My goal was 100 since I though my last OHS was about 80...wrong it was 100x3. Oh well. I threw 100# up there like it was nobody's business and I thing could easily do 110-115, but we ran out of time.

Max Pullups: 8! 8 solid reps. Previous was 6. I think the secret is getting on a bar that you just can't easily jump right up to. It totally forces you to push yourself harder! We'll try this next week at CFOT. Helps with kipping work to.

Max Dips: 16 on a skinny band. I so want that ua ring dip! I'm sooooooooo close.

Handstand: Chip just taught me how to get up there in the living room last week since he did tons of HSPU in Afghanistan and I would love to do 1 someday. Today we held it for time and I hit 40 seconds. I could so do more if I could figure out to to breathe while doing it.

Box Jumps: Not a stellar effort but hit 34". Chip got 40"---amazing.

Ran 3.5 miles yesterday and would hit it again today but the weather is awful....
Planning to this the box again tomorrow and a turkey trot on Thursday!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Strict Press 5X

strict press

It's no secret that this is not an easy lift for us ladies and there are no big numbers here.A month ago I hit 75 for 1x so I wasn't expecting much this morning. Warmed up the bar at 35, then hit 55,65. Then I put 70 on the bar, selling myself short again...only expecting to crank out 2-3. I hit 4 solid reps, and almost got the fifth. I lost core tension and dropped the elbows. Ooops. Had to try this again. Hit it 5 perfect reps the second time around. 70lbs for 5 reps.

I love seeing the SERIOUS overhead strength gains this month!

AMRAP in 15min
5 pullups
10 perfect pushups
15 DUs

Hit 5 rounds. I got the DU's back! I really worked these today and made sure I got 15 perfect ones each round. Not sure why I was struggling with these this summer, but some days things just click. And you learn you can't be perfect at every move every day--but some days you can! :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Snatch and Front Squat

Totally behind on posts. Life is seriously chaotic. I swear that having Chip home and Crossfit is the only thing keeping me sane.

Snatch 1x1x1x1
Top Load: 75 (tied PR)

No new PR. Sad. But, we had some progress on form. Jerry said I had an awesome pull from the floor, I just had a little trouble keeping stable getting it overhead and that whole dive under the bar thing still baffles me. I get it in my head, but my body won't follow direction. That's ok. The pull from the floor was where it was at. He took video and slowed it to me slow motion. Holy moly....can't wait to do a max clean! I will so get my 100#. Sad I had to miss Saturday's WOD. Dialing in on the form was great today. who cares about a snatch PR...

Sick with head cold. Metcon was not happening

Front Squat
Top Load: 125 (PR)

I guess this was a new PR/benchmark. Couldn't for the life of me figure out if I'd done a 1x max front squat. I always do back squats! Anyways, felt great today. Its always fun to find a new max effort. I took 2 attempts to get this and I barely got out of the second squat, but hey, I fought it hard. Solid effort. I was having more fun watching my uber strong husband lift next to me--I was kind of distracted... Mad squat effort today for him. 215# for 2x, 225# for 1x. And he made it look effortless.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ride, Baby, Ride

Today was absolutely gorgeous, sunny, 70, and not a cloud in the sky. How could one sit inside? Chip bought a new road bike on Friday and had to sit and watch it rain for two days before he could get the thing out on the open road. Today was the perfect day to break it in.

Chip and I woke up early and headed out for a long, long bike ride. Well, long for me and the longest ride ever for Chip! We hit the Mt. Vernon trail and headed towards Mt. Vernon itself...15 miles away. Round trip, the ride was 30.5 miles. Now, if you've never gone ALL THE WAY down the trail, it gets quite hilly, and the last 1.25 miles is all up hill. It's brutal. brutal...

Chip looked strong and let the way most of the way out--he's a natural on the bike. I was poking along behind, trying hard not to wipe out on all the wet leaves on the trail. And blowing my nose every 2 minutes. I have this sinus thing and the goo just runs like a faucet out of my nose. Eww. This makes it hard to breathe too. But, I made it up that last hill, barely. We rested for a bit, then turned around and I led the whole way home. We kept a good pace on the way back as I dug deep for all my energy reserves. Crossfit is great for its super short explosive workouts, but it has been a solid month since my last significant endurance event and I will pay for it tomorrow!

We ended the ride with coffee over at pentagon row, sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and each other. This was Chip's first ride ever on a road bike and he "f'ing loves this." "I thought about this day for almost a year...it was awesome!". Thank goodness--a Specialized carbon road bike and accessories is not cheap! :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thursday and HURT LOCKER

So in my last post you see that I hit HANSEN at 1715 on Wednesday. Thinking I was all that and and even more, I decided that it would be a good idea to hit 0515 on Thursday morning. Um, no. BAD idea.

Hero workout then 12 hours later,
Once through for time
450m row, 30 24" box jumps, 15 push jerks @ 65#
360m row, 24 24" box jumps, 12 push jerks @ 65#
270m row, 18 24" box jumps, 9 push jerks @ 65#

The women's rx'd weight was 85#. Considering my max push jerk is 95, I should have been able to do about 75# or 80 for this many reps. Um, after hansen with 150 burpees and the heaviest KB swings I've ever done, it just wasn't happening. I was shooting for 70#, but after 3 reps in, I stripped it to 65#. Not only that, I had no spring in my pull on the row, and I took an epic fall on round 2 of the box jumps. I don't mean "kind of" epic, I mean head first, land in a ball almost crying kind of of fall. Jerry sees me crumbled in a pile and goes, "want to go down to 20"? Heck no. I continue on, luckily no blood.

I almost DNF'd this I felt so awful. Dizzy, lightheaded, nausous. Not good. Is it the DHEA supplements? Is it lack of sleep? Stress? Dehydration? Too many COOKIES/CANDY and carbs? Likely the later.

What I did accomplish in this WOD is character-not quitting. The push jerks were ugly, the row was not fast, I crashed on the boxes...but I did not quit. Clearly I'm not ready to hit a Hero and another WOD in the matter of 12 hours routinely, but I did prove I can do it.

I badly wanted to hit Murph this a.m. Why? Basically to do 3 Hero/Girl WOD's in one week. But, when the alarm went off, I rolled over on my side and I wasn't' just sore, but in pain. It wasn't happening. Instead, I just thought "screw Murph" and decided to honor my own Hero by snuggling up to the amazing husband sleeping soundly next to me. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Veteran's Day 2009. First full day with Chip at home. I couldn't convince him to join me today. Hopefully tomorrow!

So, Jerry prescribed one of the newest Hero workouts, Hansen. Luckily, since CFOT is new to the whole glut/ham development machine, we scaled the GHD part to just 15 reps as opposed to 30 reps. Thank god.

Workout looks like this:
30 Kettle bell swings (45#)
30 burpees
15 GHDs

I hit this workout at 1715 instead of 0515...this always makes me uneasy. Did I eat to much? Hydrate too much/not enough? Makes me nervous. And you get to see the FB banter all day about how much this sucked. I went in anyways.

I wanted to do the 53#'s on the KBswings, but really, I'm not that strong yet. Maybe someday. Went with the 45#'s and it was HEAVY! The burpees went ok today--better than usual. I was able to keep up solid sets of 10 for quite awhile until my knee started really bugging me. Jumping into that squat position on your heels for 150 reps starts to really really hurt when there is no cartilage to pad the bone on bone action. I wish I could magically regrow cartilage. hrumph. The GHD's aren't so hard for me physically. They just make me DIZZY and lightheaded. I've got to figure out how to do more than 15 of these without feeling like blowing chunks.

Total Time: 38:30 I was really happy with this. I was just shooting for less than 40min.
This is definitely a workout I would do again! No pullups! :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


OHS 3x5
Top load: 100# PR

Snatch Balance
Top load: 40#

PR alert! I threw 100lbs overhead for the first time ever last week. I did it again today, 3 times, and squatted it! yipee! Overheads are becoming fun! :) Except when I go to put on my suit jackets...I'm starting to bust out of them in the shoulder/lat area. Oh well. :) The sacrafices we make to be strong.

The lifts felt awesome today--we worked up and it looked like this 55, 65, 85, 95, 100
Worked the snatch balance for sheer skill today.

A little extra were some mountain climbers, flutter kicks, GH situps, back extensions.

What a way to start a tuesday! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

First Friday #7

What better way to waste time at the airport and try to get rid of stupid flying anxiety than to blog? Did you know I hate flying? Me, the world traveler. My body goes into freak out mode and I have to use every earthly power and some good drugs to get myself to a point where I can get on that plane. Sigh. So let's reflect...First Friday.

I took Thursday as a rest day--3 on, 1 off schedule. I had no idea what I was going to do. Repeat one and measure improvements or try something new. I went for something new with CINDY.

AMRAP in 20 min
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

We all know pullups are my nemesis. Not today. Today it was the pushups. I cranked through the pullups, but the push ups were just god awful and ugly. squats were a piece of cake. I eeked out 11 rounds. I was shooting for 10, 1 round every two minutes to I was super satisfied with that! Book it!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


5 rounds
max strict press (55#)
max strict pullups

Strict presses felt pretty strong today and my max number of reps was in round 2- 11 reps. Pullups-oh my enemy. A few weeks ago I got my first strict. I was hoping to do one each round, but I couldn't even get halfway up. WEAK! It was uber frustrating. I just did a few attempts each round and didn't really bother to record anything today. I even skipped out on the Annie extra. Double unders need more work. Today I was just not in the mood to even deal with the weaknesses today. I guess sometimes that just happens.

On the bright side, I joined Nikki for a spin class at Golds' last night. The instructor is crazy entertaining and I got in a nice solid ride. I felt strong and pushed myself and I needed a good sweat. It was nice to know that in that room I could not only outride all the other women, but that I could out deadlift, squat, clean, jerk, all of them. Ha. I love being crossfit. :p

Back Squat

5 X 3 back squats.
Top Load: 150

Would love to see some big gains here, but progress is slow going. In looking back this is a PR, even though it doesn't necessarily feel like one. Last time I did this was in July with a top load of 145. I attempted 160, but only got 1.5. I get stuck in my deep squats and then can't get out!

I am really starting to see that I need to do a bit more cardio/running sometime during the week to keep the PR's coming and the waist trim.

Monday, November 2, 2009

More Snatch!

3 snatch (65#)
6 Lou Burpees (2 pushups per burpees)
9 24" box jumps
Time: 11:59

After a weekend of sitting, moping, and organizing my life, I was so ready to hit the box this morning. The rain kept me from my run and bike ride and I was really bummed about that.
Much to my surprise we had a crowd at 0515 this morning like I've never seen! Great energy for a great little WOD which, of course, looked easier than it was.

I finally put some weight on the bar-65 pounds for the snatch. It wasn't pretty. For some reason I kept having to press it out at the top. it made me so mad, but this move is something to just keep working on. Lou burpees just suck, but I didn't have to go to my knees on the pushups. Box jumps felt awesome this morning. At first glance they are intimidating, but I tried one before the WOD and it wasn't too hard. 9 reps for 5 rounds was a perfect amount to feel it during the WOD, I will feel it tomorrow, but it won't cripple me for the rest of the week! Christine and I then finished off with a mile run. I actually sprinted -- all out -- from Montgomery St. to the box. It felt really really good to actually sprint! Love that mile cool down too...the city's skyline is exquisite when the sky is showing the first glints of a new day.