Thursday, December 30, 2010


400 m run
20 situps
20 sledge strikes
20 kb swings
Time: 26:15

Great little metcon this morning. Took a week off and boy was I paying for that! I had every intention of working out over Christmas, but failed miserably. I instead ate my little heart out and paid dearly for it.
This WOD is my favorite kind of workout and in the summer, would have blitzed through this.  It was a balmy 23 degrees for the run this morning and my lungs froze. Situps and KBS were strong.  Sledge is always fun, but on round three the darn thing bounced off the tire onto my shin!!! I have quite the goose egg now. It's quite painful...I don't recommend hitting yourself with a hammer.

More fun tomorrow including a NYE nightime run!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Capt. McGhee--A hero WOD as a pre-christmas gift from Jerry!
30 Min AMRAP
5 deadlifts
13 pushups
9 boxjumps
Results: 10 rounds, plus 3 DL at 155#

This is just a long slog of a WOD.  DL's were solid all the way through, pushups were just shy of chest to deck until the last 2 rounds when i dropped to my knees due to a really sore wrist (forgot to stretch it!) 
Not judging this one as good or bad, I just did it.

Have been suffering from being extremely tired, poor eating, dehydration, and overall lack of umph in my WODs.  I know its the long hours of work and work on the house, but mostly its a poor diet.  When I first got back we were on track with dinners, lunch was coming around, and then after the closing on the house, chaos broke loose.  Dinner out, makeshift lunches, cookies, snacks...all bad.  And now I'm feeling it.  I need to get off my arse and drink more water at work. No more excuses. 

January will bring many changes in the Gabriel house...a new house, two crossfitters, two employed and working adults in the same house, and maybe a little bit of routine. I cannot wait! 

Hubby and I are starting a 30 day Paleo challenge  on Jan. 16th. 2011 Race calendare is starting to form.
Stay tuned!

Merry Christmas to all my CF blog world friends--I seriously wouldn't have made it through this year still crossfitting without you all!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Celtic Soltice 5-Miler and Back Squat PR

Friday I was back in the box and the WOD was so bad for me I can't even write about it. It was a DNF where I literally walked out, sat in the car and cried for a minute and went home. Damn pullups. I chalked it up to a week of being sick and not being ready to come back yet.

Saturday I ran an annual race, the Celtic Solstice 5-miler up in Baltimore, MD.  It's a beautiful race through Druid Hills Park--hilly, around a lake, always the weekend before Chrismas, so nice and chilly. They do have the coolest race schwag and post race wood--hot wine and italian shortbread cookies! Yum.  Ran a great race for having been sick--46:30.  Not as fast as my turkey trot, and far from my PR of this course at around 40min...yes, I once ran an entire race posting sub 8 min miles...oh to be speedy again! It was an enjoyable run and it reminded me how much I actually LIKE running and how much I miss training for races.  Post new year plans will include a weekly running group for sure.  Just after we get moved into that house!

Monday morning WOD was Back squats x2.  155# for 2! Woot! We had a 20 minute time limit and I'm convinced I could have probably sank 165 if I had time. It felt great to fell strong again.

WOD 2: 30 pullups, 30 dips.  Not for time, I just did 'em. Done. I did try a few unassisted dips on the rings and I've got about two in me.  They are feeling strong as well!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Has had me down and out all week. Going to hit some intervals tomorrow!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Jerks, Sleep, and OHS

Behind on the blogging these days! I need to keep up with at least posting the results.  Life is still insane, we are without all of our household goods (furniture, kitchen stuff, the majority of my clothes/shoes/jackets, etc...pluse we bought a house at the end of November and the work required is all time consuming. Luckily all the work on the house burns lots of calories. Its 3 levels to tons of stairs, work on ladders, and on and on. We get so busy we forget to eat sometimes too, which is bad, because then we eat crap, but it's keeping the pounds off! Not able to CF and run as much as I'd like, but we're getting the WODs in for sure.

Last week we hit Jerks on Wednesday.

Max Jerkx1
I hit 105, and was a little disappointed.  I had hit a push press of 105 a few weeks prior so the Jerk should have been more.  I'm chalking it up to lack of sleep and poor eating.  That will dog you in any WOD.

I took Thursday as a rest day and my iphone alarm failed me on Friday morning.  The damn phone didn't charge despite being plugged into the charger. Blurg!  The weekend was packed with housework. Hours and hours of it.

Monday, December 13th
Top load: 100#

I was pretty happy with the 100#.  I failed at an attempt at 105#.  I lost it on the jerk up and just couldn't stabilitze. I nailed 100 today and it was easy so next time, watch out.  OHS is one of my favorite lifts.  I don't know why--especially when so many people struggle with it.  I matched my previous PR on this so I'm pretty stoked.  Jerry's six week strength series is just what I needed to get my arse strong again!

Second WOD was:
12 min AMRAP
7 ring dips
7 burpees

I completed 5 rounds using 55# on the bar.  I think i could have done more, but it was nice to be able to snatch the bar and just go for it and hit all 7 reps in a row. The rings felt unusally strong with the skinny red band.  I guess its a sign of progress.  OH, and I don't hate burpees anymore. They are officially off of my hate list. :)

I'm fighting the sniffles so we'll see how this week works out. I may just rest so I don't end up with the ebola virus that everyone else I know and work with has had lately!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Smokin' PR's

WOD 1: 20 min to establish Front Squat x1
Max Effort--145# PR!

WOD 2: 12 min AMRAP  of 10 pullups, 30 air squats, 10 box jumps.
3 rounds and 8 pullups.  I continue to suck at pullups and REALLY need to work on linking the kips in 2011.

Felt super strong this morning, even on the pullups at times too.  And we're fitting into one more pair of pants that I could not even button 4 weeks ago. yipee for more work outfits!

Monday, December 6, 2010

First Friday December and SNATCH

First Friday's at CFOT mean that you get to pick a Hero/Girl workout and crush it. Your choice.  I hate FF's because Hero and Girls are chalk full of lots of pullups. UGH. My hands were still shredded, so lots of pullups were not a smart option.  Nor was a long brutal metcon---the endurance isn't yet there.

I picked Jackie: 1000m row, 50 35# thursters, 30 pullups. Easy right? Ummm, no. The row was solid, just over 4minutes, thrusters were evil.  I was still so sore from Tuesday. TUESDAY PEOPLE!! Jeeez. Then pullups...I'd given up on time at this point. I was past 10 minutes and the body was shutting down.  I didn't quit, but some minutes later I finally finished. I shut off the clock mentally and just finished the pullups 2 at a time.

Wod 1: 12 min high hang squat snatch x 1
The point was to work the movement and mobility of the squat snatch.  My squat was miserable for the first few attempts with the bar, and I ditched the bar for the training bar. Blurg...the training bar.  I just had to dial in the form and soon enough I was up to 55#.  I nailed 60# a few times and then the squat got sloppy.  New PR on the squat snatch-60#!

Wod 2: 12, 9, 6, 3  Snatch and Push Press
Left the bar loaded at 55# and hit some snatches as a warmup and then a few push press.  Jerry wanted to bump me up to 65#, but I declined....we'll get there. Trying not to throw out my back as I'm still working the core strength. Snatch felt strong and all the push presses were unbroken.  I breezed through the WOD in 7:40.