Friday, October 30, 2009


Thursday WOD:

snatch grip strict press: 1,1,1
top load: 65#
snatch grip push press: 1,1,1,1,1
top load: 100#

100 pounds. 100 pounds overhead. This morning was HUGE for me. I've been chasing 100 pounds in any lift for months now. 90lbs here, 95lbs there, failed 100 here and there....frustrating! It was something I wanted to accomplish before I left CFOT---now I will chase that 100lb clean.

Today was my day. We warmed up with strict press from behind the neck---got to 65 which felt great and attempted 70 but couldn't hit it with that grip. On to the push...

Since this was a new move, we worked up slowly. Christine, Megan, Shanyn, and I worked in a good rotation and were only within 5-10bls of each other. Great energy with a great group of women. The rounds looked something like this: 70,75,85,90,100. We may have done one more set. We worked up slooowly. To slow, but a safe slow for for first attempts. I put 100 up strong and it felt awesome. I had a perfect dip in the hips, flew up, and viola`. I seriously could have put up more but I was smoked by this point. Jerry said we'd see this again soon....I can't wait! :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some things explained...

A trip to the doctor today definitely shed some light as to why I feel like I got hit by a mack truck today. I saw my osteopath, Dr. Mary, at the Kaplan Clinic, who I've been seeing for over 2 years now. I originally saw her to treat my whiplash injury from a car accident 3 years ago after 9 months of physical therapy failed me. She also kept my spine straight while recovering from my ACL surgery 2 years ago. So, many many spinal adjustments and acupuncture sessions later, I see her for occasional checkups. Since she treats you holistically with both eastern and western medical practices, she is aware of a multitude of my "issues". Last time I was in, she ordered my annual blood work to check things like Vitiamin D, hormones, proteins, iron, etc. More than your general doc. Today I got the results....

(1) Significantly low DHEA levels. DHEA is a chemical produced by your adrenal glands. My body is producing the same amount as what you would expect from a 70 yr old woman. Yes, its supplements are banned by the international cycling groups, and Congress wants it to be categorized as a controlled substance (steroid!) So, now I get to take DHEA supplements (steroids!) That said, there is no scientific link between DHEA supplements and performance in athletes. But, in my case, with broken adrendals right now, this explains a ton in terms of performance in the box for met-cons and in my recent races. No adrenaline--the last two races I ran I could not even sprint the final 100m. No juice. Now I know why. Oh, and what causes this you ask? Stress, depression... My response to her was - but I'm not stressed! She said, "Well, remember that job you used to have? You're still recovering." Big sigh.

(2) Increased C-Reactive Protein levels. What is this you ask? "C-reactive protein is produced by the liver. The level of CRP rises when there is inflammation throughout the body. " levels are double what they should be. This explains some of the pain I've been having, but also the extra five pounds and difficulty losing weight. Excess levels of the protein does cause you to retain water. I'm fighting my bodies natural reactions to be 'puffy'. This explains the couple of pound weight gain and why the waist of all my pants are tight!

(3) Hormones are slightly out of whack. Not terribly significant, but not great either. But again, not surprising. Adding the DHEA supplements should help get closer to the normal range.

I'm glad we discovered these few things--we will check them again in 6 weeks to see where we are at. I'm happy to know that my poor met-con performances are not due to me being weak, but rather fighting the odds. Believe it or not, neither of these is affected by your diet! All external stessors. I hope the DEHA supplements start working fast. I would love to feel the adrenaline again and KILL a met con before I move.

Imagine the fire-breather I would be if my body worked properly.

Falling Behind

I've been slacking on the blog writing. Writers block. Not much to say and I've been frustrated since Friday, so sometimes it is better to just write nothing....

Here is a quick log of the last few days:

Friday WOD
5x max back squats
Top load: 135, failed at 150

I had been dialed in on the oly lifts for a few days now and was ready to kill this...yea right. Working up to 135 was great. I was getting good depth and felt strong. My 3x max was 150 from this summer so I was shooting for a 5x of 150. I met a mental block. I racked 150 on my back and it felt HEAVY. I got 1 rep, went down for 2 and was high---everyone was watching---i asked if my second rep was high and they said yes...then, i lost it. LOST IT. Lost my confidence, lost my focus, lost my drive, and I quit. I racked that barbell back so fast and walked away. I was so mad at myself. I so badly wanted to try again, but by this time my hip and hamstring were killing me. A 5 mile run the night before left me in pain and I was just tring to ignore it. Next time, I can't ask questions or loose focus because people are watching...

Saturday WOD

Sunday WOD
Goblin Gallop 5k

My slowest race ever. Nearly had an asthma attack in the middle of it. It was a great run with friends though, Nikki, Tamara, Christine, Chris, Stuart! Everyone ran a great race and we enjoyed an beautiful sunday morning doing something that we love. Next race is hopefully the Berlin Half Marathon in the Spring!

Monday WOD
For time:
15 pull ups, 9 snatch @ 45#, 400m run
12 pull ups, 12 snatch @ 45#, 400m run
9 ups, 15 snatch @ 45#, 400m run
Time: 18:00

The pullups are getting easier! I went light on the snatch, the bar felt freakin' heavy this morning. I was hoping to put 55# on the bar, but the first two didn't feel good...and I stripped down the bar. But, per ususaly, by round two they were pretty easy after I got nice and warm. Jerry did an awesome warm up of muscle snatch, snatch balance, power snatch that was great but I didn't get warm enough. At least I got to dial in on the snatch form which I am now much more confident with!

Tuesday WOD
rounds for time
250m row
20 box jumps 20"
15 ring push ups
100 feet walking lunge with 15# DB in each hand
26-27 minutes...i gave up on time after round 3!

Evil. Evil workout. Row was good, we haven't rowed in forever. Ring pushups were torture. I did the first set rx'd, but did all but about 10 more on my knees. I collapsed in round 3 in a puddle of my own sweat! eww. Lunges are fine, but I need to just accept the fact I should not do weighted lunges...lunges w/o weights are fine, with weights is too much for the bone on bone action going on in my knees....I wish cartilage grew back.

Took the day off of work and all I can think about is napping....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Snatch-New Benchmark

1,1,1,1,1, Snatch
Load: 75# (1st true PR)

I cannot for the life of me find a 1x max snatch for myself. We did a strength-con back in July where I used a measly 35#. I'm quite sure I've never moved more than 50# because in my this is a move I "can't" do. Well, that is dumb...I CAN do just took seven months to get the body to move properly. I finally felt dialed in today and the move was looking good. I wish I could've had video of this so I could critique myself, but Jerry said everything looked good. Trust the coach. The more weight I added, the tighter my lower back got and I began to loose the flexibility in my lumbar curve. I then just stopped at 75#--I just couldn't get under the bar. I go back for a check up on the back next week...we'll see what she says. I know I really just need my person (CHIP!) to hurry up and get home to stretch me out and put me back into place every
night. Yea for new PRs!

Extra was 20 quick reps on the new glut/ham developer. I'm confident my glutes and hams are more than developed...I'm hoping it will help shred the abs...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday Tuesday WODS

Monday, October 19th
21, 15, 9
Overhead squats (55#)
lateral burpees

This is WOD was one Jerry brought back from the "Hopper" this weekend. The Hopper version added pushups to this but even Jerry said that was "too evil"! Evil it was. The RX version puts the squats at 65#, but I scaled because my 3x max was 70lbs and I wasn't sure what I was capable of. I was capable of 65#--I did all 3 sets and only dropped the bar once and rested the bar on my shoulders only once. I actually did all 21 squats unbroken. The lateral burpees which required you to jump over the bar were evil. After 5 or so my quads are shaking like mad and my shoulders were screaming, but I still had 2 rounds to go! I finished almost dead last of the 0515 team at 12:00 and some change, but I never dropped the bar on the OHS and I know I had perfect form on each rep. I wasn't about to hurt myself on that move.

Tuesday, October 20th
21 pullups, 9 Clean and Jerk, 400m run
15 pullups, 15 C&J, 400m run
9 pullups, 21 C&J, 400m run
Time: 18:40

Torture Tuesday. More overheads! Clearly I have not worked my overhead moves enough. 21 pullups cold was not fun, but I pounded them out. After 1 clean and jerk my shoulders and lats were tired and yelling at me-no more they said! There was no way 65# was going happen on the C&J, had to settle for 55#. The round of 15 pullups went well--I got 6 in a row!!! 9 was easy. I was still slow, but hey, whatever progress is still being made.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thursday and Friday WODs

Thursday WOD:
1,1,1,1,1 Deadlifts
Topload: 227 (PR)

What an amazing morning. I was ready to pull some weight this morning! And i did! we worked up to about 190 quickly, set into 215, my previous 1x max was 210. Hit 225 like a piece of cake. Perfect form. 227 was a little sloppy, but my pull wasn't even and my breath got screwup up. Shooting for 250 by my one year CF anniversary.

Friday WOD:
The Chief
5 rounds
AMRAP in 3 minutes, 1 minute rest in between rounds
3 power cleans (70#)
6 pushups
9 airsquats

I think I got 16 1/3 rounds. It took me three rounds to get warmed up on the cleans. Form is still suffering. But, I'm wondering it this isn't like the just have to put some weight on the bar to get your body to really do what it needs to do? Either way, I was 15lbs heavier on the cleans than the last time we did this in the spring. I think I got about the same amount of rounds. I know I'm stronger this time around--i think I did knee pushups last time too--not this time.

I have to say though, what a two week streak:
-PR in Army 10 miler 1:30:06
-PR on 1x max Jerk (+20#)
-PR in 10k 50:26
-Max pullups=5 in row
-PR 1x deadlift (227#, +!7#)

I have to thank Jerry, Keturah, Andrea, Chris, 0515, and the entire CFOT team for constantly inspiring me to make the impossible possible, push myself to new limits, nudging me to throw a few more pounds on the bar, kip that one last pullup, and have fun all the while. CFOT is the best!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rest Day

SO SUPER SAD I MISSED FRAN. I must have a visit with her, helen, and murph before i leave.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Strict Press

1 rep max Strict Press
Top Load: 75#

Nothing terribly notable or fantastic here kids. Got up to 75# with perfect form. Threw 80# on the bar for fun, but failed. Tried 78 and failed again. Worked to complete failure....

Monday, October 12, 2009

5 IN A ROW and zucchinisketti

9 dips
9 pullups
9 squat cleans (60#)
400 run
Time: 30:14

Wicked, wicked workout. Saw the little birdies while collapsed on the floor afterwards. New success today--on the second round of this workout I got 5 PULLUPS IN A ROW! OMG! 5! Then I got 4 in a row! What? Only one drop from the bar for the round? NO WAY! The pullup WOD was significantly faster pulling 5 pullups in a row for rounds 2-4. I don't know where this came from, but it felt amazing. I still struggled with fluid kip, but that will come someday. 5 is just huge for me. I didn't push it on the squat cleans--the hamstring is still 'nagging' and I don't need to push it. I just tried to focus on form for each rep. Struggled with keeping elbows up at the bottom, but otherwise held it together. When you get it right, core tight, whipped elbows, smooth squat it feels good.

Veggie Report:
Cauliflower: I tried the mash last week but it did not come out very good at all-I don't own a food processor so I think it was just the wrong consistency.

Zucchinisketti: 2 zucchini, 1 jar organic marinara sauce, 1/4 package sliced mushrooms, package of ground beef.

Make some meatballs out of the beef and cook til done.
I took the zucchini and used the mandolin slicer and julienned them. I boiled a pot of water.
While all this was going on I threw the mushrooms in the micro and steamed, then added them to a bowl of pasta sauce and zapped the mix for another minute. When the water was at a rolling boil, I threw in the zucchini and cooked for about 1.5 minutes...basically until the water was boiling again. Threw in the strainer, ran cold water over it. Added the zucchini to the sauce and mushrooms and added 3 little meatballs. Sprinkled some parmesan cheese.
THIS WAS AWESOME! YUMMO! The zucchini had a slight veggie taste, but totally had the consistency of pasta. This will be a new staple as long as I can find good zucchinis! Plus, i have leftovers for dinner tomorrow--I will add a salad to it, and some leftover meatballs for little protien bombs.

Cooked for the week too---baked chicken this afternoon and made chix salad. Used the grind and chop for chix, apples, onion, and almonds. Added salt and pepper and a touch of lemon juice! Tasty. Boiled some eggs and turkey sausage for breakfast! I should be on track for the week!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

10K fun and Confidence Boost

Boo! Run for Life 10k

About a month ago my dear friend Tamara asked if I was willing to run a 10k with her. She is currently 5 months pregnant and had trouble running through the summer heat, but she found her stride again and totally missed racing! I wholeheartedly supported this and found us a race in mere seconds.

After taking 3 weeks off of running and setting a PR last week in the Army I was approaching this race as a fun run--Tamara, her husband Stuart and our friend Michelle were all ready to just enjoy a beautiful fall run along West Potomac Park and Haines Point. We all set off at our own pace--Stuart was a bit quicker than me this morning, but I didn't mind running alone. It was peaceful and I got a lot of thinking done. Mile 4 and 5 where tough mentally--i could've used some tunes, but just kept my stride and pushed on. Mile 5.5-6.2 I tried to kick in the speedy rockets, but alas, the hamstring was stuck in one gear today. I finished, I thought, somewhere around 52:00 min and due to a lack of math skills thought this was a mediocre time.

Much to my surprise I looked to see if results were posted this afternoon. I set a PR (ok, i haven't run that many 10ks so not a shocker), but I ran it in 50:24. My average pace was 8:07 for six miles...I've only ever run this fast for a few 5k's. This is almost a minute faster than my average pace for the Army 10! And I thought I was just poking a long....nope. I finished 9/67 in my age group and 44/327 for women overall.

Michelle ran a PR as well. Yea! Tamara and Baby M struggled a bit, but they had quite the support group cheering them on! We circled back to finish with them and Baby M finished mere nanoseconds before Mom, and both felt good after the race! Baby M even had her own number #740! Too darn cute!

My last post I was clearly in my "girl box" (i'll save this for a later post) struggling with self esteem, confidence, and unrealistic expectations of myself. This was a confidence boost. I may not love what the scale says, or how my jeans fit, but I love surprising myself, running with amazingly supportive friends, feeling like jello afterward and knowing that you did more before 9am than most in the city! I've made a lifelong commitment to fitness, I'm working on that commitment for my relationship with food and that is something to be proud of. I have a strong and healthy body. It may not be ideal one I have in my head, but its the only one I got.
I love that it is fast, strong, and flexible and always ready for the next test. It may not be the model body for designer jeans or even athletic wear, but after years of hating it, I am learning to love it and what it is capable of.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stress or Hibernation?

400m run
40 air squat
Time: 16:15

Nice WOD today. I was so happy that my hamstring did not bother me a bit. Clearly, the rest has been good. Can't wait for jello legs in the am.

Stress and Hibernation
The last month has not been easy and I can feel it physically. It is month 14 without Chip, new job, prepping for Germany, lawsuit crap hanging out there, plus nagging injuries. Oh, and it is fall.

Fall has always meant weight gain for me. It is like putting on puffy winter coat. It starts in October, peaks in February, then when my clothes don't fit I get really mad, workout like crazy and eat 1200 calories a day until summer clothes fit. Sigh. It is repeating itself. Why is is happening again? Stress or Hibernation?

I know that stress can causing bloating and increased weight gain around your middle due to increased cortisol levels. Stress and depression can screw with your hormones. Stress makes me eat more. I swear thought I haven't eaten myself 5-7lbs heavier in 6 weeks. My stress levels are really lower than they have been in just different kinds of stress now. Do I feel like crap because of stress? Or am I a bear?

Bears eat a ton then hibernate through the winter. Being from the midwest and growing up with bitter cold winters until I moved here in 2001, I swear I might have hibernation tendencies. My body just wants to put on that puffy layer.

I know if you've read this far, you're thinking. "she's crazy". Yea, but you don't suck in your stomach all day so your clothes fit, that size 6 dress is still hanging in the closet, worn once, since it doesn't fit anymore, my jeans that I thought would be falling off me this winter are all kinds of tight in the waist...

Enough wining here now--this does not get easier. I'm moving to Germany and will be faced with yummy pasteries and bread, beer, and more beer. CARBS. No CFOT. No running buddies. Self-motivation and wise food choices are not strenghts of mine. So what's a girl to do?
Here is the plan:
Food diary
No dairy for 2 weeks (after I eat most of the perishable diary in the fridge)
Limit carbs to 100-120 grams per day
hit as many metcons as possible

Any other suggestions??

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


1 rep max Jerks
Top load; 95, failed at 110 twice
This was a 20#PR!!! See first attempt here:

I wanted to attack tonight's WOD with energy and really nail the form. Liz and Christy were stacking on the weights fast and in round one, I failed miserably. I went to a different bar to work the 45 bar for form. Added 20 lbs and Andrea saw I was really struggling with the whole get under the bar, hip action, etc. It was UGLY. I said, 'help me'. She asked if I want to know the secret about doing the Jerk. I said YES!

I won't give it away, but lets just say it involved a frenzy of strict press and push press, then viola`. There came the jerk! Super moto from Andrea and Chris. All it took was someone screaming at me! :) Once I got that I did it at 85#, then hit a super solid 95#. And I split it totally naturally without thinking about it. Elbows locked out, core tight. I made the bar weightless. What a feeling. Now to just figure out how to do it again.

I wanted to be ambitous so I threw on 15 more pounds...failed at 110# twice. Stripped to #95 and did one more good one. Oh well, I got my form down and went for it! I will put 100# overhead next time!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wicked WOD

10 rounds
3 cleans (70)
5 L-sit pullups (negatives)
7 ring dips (floss)
Time: 28:30

This was the marathon of all crossfit WOD's. 10 rounds?!? 10! What was Jerry thinking?
I was feeling pretty good after the 10 miler and a short metcon WOD yesterday so I was ready to attack this, until I saw 10 rounds.

I warmed up the clean, thought about doing the Pack weight for women of 85#, did 2 reps in warmup and knew that there was no way I could do 30 of these. By round 5, all warm, I probably could have done 85#. But given that my true 1 rep max was 95#... I guess it is good to just work on form which felt decent today. Form improvements=progress too.

The l-sit negative pull ups were brutal. bottom line. Nothing else to say but I don't like these.
I did every set of dips broken into 5, then 2 with the floss. Hopefully still on track for an unassisted by Christmas.

Looking forward to the Jerk workout tomorrow, but will have to do this tomorrow night...the day got away from me.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Army 10 Miler

Today was the Army 10 miler. The last big race of the season. Due to all my pulled muscles and lack of focused training beyond crossfit, I was not expecting greatness today. In January, one of the fitness goals I set was to run a 10miler sub 1:30. I ran the 2008 Annapolis 10 Miler in 1:30:36 just 9 months after my ACL reconstruction surgery so I knew this goal was attainable.

Today I finished officially 1:30:06 (my watch said 1:30:00). Either way, I beat my previous PR by 30 seconds or so. In terms of PR's in road racing, this isn't too shabby. Considering I've barely run in about three weeks, and my pulled hamstring/gluts, this was a HUGE success in my book.

My strategy today was to run a negative split...slower on the first half, faster on the back half. I totally succeeded in that. The first 5 miles blew by at a nice easy pace--the weather was absolutely gorgeous and I had Chris as a running buddy! At the turnaround on constitution aboutt mile 5.5 I decided to pick it up. . I haven't felt this strong in a race since last fall. It felt really good! Mile 8.5 is killer up the HOV lane of the 14th Street bridge, but I powered through. I trampled a few runners in the last 200m because they were taking their sweet time, but really, I didn't even care! You're supposed to sprint to the finish people!!

It was a great race and I have to give a shout out to Nikki, Michelle, and Brad who completed their first 10 milers!