Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fran for Fun?

So, as many of you know, I'm attending the CF Level 1 Cert in Milan in just 5 short weeks. I have so much to work on, I'm bummed about not being where I want to be, I need to start studying up.  I've poked enough on the internet to know that Fran is the one benchmark WOD that is usually performed at the cert. When I signed up, I wanted to be able to hit this HARD as RX'd at the cert.  Not having bumper plates, a real pullup bar, chalk, or a box full of adrenaline is seriously playing on my motivation and confidence heading into the cert.  So what to do--time to hit the barbells hard, perfect the technique, and not worry so much about speed and load, right? Back to basics...

And back to Fran.  Ok, so I cannot even tell you the last time I did thrusters. I've done one RX'd Fran, recorded here:
Wow...I just reread this...I was bummed with a sub 12 Fran RX'd on the first attempt just six months after joining CFOT? What was wrong with me? Today looked like this..

45lb thrusters
pullups (on the bar below, using the wide grips)
Time: 12:20

The thrusters were rough due to being rusty and the old back being sore from DL's the other day. But, I think I got a few of the form kinks worked out which was good. Next week, I'll incorporate a WOD with some more thrusters and will do them at 55/65lbs...just not as many as required by Fran. Pullups are rough on this is fat and slippery. just sucky. And WHY DO I STILL NOT HAVE THE CONSECUTIVE KIPS DOWN? Sigh..enough, enough...the fact you're doing something is better than nothing...

Warmup was:
500m row
3 rounds
10 wall squats

3 rounds
25 DAC (dead animal crunches) w/ 20lb weight
10 perfect chest to deck pushups

Yesterday for the record:
4 mile run in the woods with Logan. YEA!!
5 rounds
10 pushups
20 situps
30 squats
Time: about 12 minutes...why so long? Chip's toes started to work AND HE DID A PLANK! :) (and I got distracted for a minute or two) He's had lots more progress this is amazing to watch.  His ankle just started randomly working last night too...weird!

Monday, March 29, 2010

3x Deadlifts

Today was another day of "To WOD or not to WOD".   We arrived at the gym and it was closed--at 4pm! It was opening in an hour....we decided to wait and then get a workout knocked out.
On tap was DL's.

3X Max deadlift
85, 105,135, 155, 185, 200

Then, core work
2 Rounds
Handstand: 30sec, 30sec rest, 45 sec, 45 sec rest, 30sec, rest
Plank: same time sequence

I'm so cranky these days, I'm just going to spare you all and just say "BOOK IT".

Saturday, March 27, 2010

To WOD or not to WOD....

I fully intended to do a WOD of some kind at some point today. Today I slept in late, had a volunteer commitment mid-day, dinner plans....and I wanted to squeeze in a WOD. 

Today I learned a few important lessons about me and my dedication to crossfit:
1) workout EARLY in the day. Motivation to really "kill it" wanes throughout the day.
2) plan out a week of WODs ahead of time. Don't do them on the fly--you won't be as committed.
3) my dedication to fitness, nutrition, and wellness right now is a figment of my imagination. I may workout almost daily, but I feel no urgency, no motivation, to really "kill it".  I try not to eat my sorrows away, but frankly the bavarian bulge has set it.  bakery goods, beer, brats, bread, brezen (pretzels), und Baeren (as is gummi bears).  My clothes are almost back to fitting like they did when I began this journey.  I still shy away from rice, pasta, pizza, and potatoes and try to buy limited carbs, but I'm beginning to think this is all hogwash. It's not like I lost any signifcant amount of weight over the past year by significantly reducing my intake processed food and carbs. I'm starting to wonder if I am fully dedicated to the results I want to see....
4) having a partner to push you is important. Throwing a 14lb ball at a wall and doing burpess in your yard by yourself is not what I call fun. I can't seem to find that inner drive when I do this alone.

Intended WOD:
20 burpees
20 wallball
20 ringdip

1 round of intended and 2 rounds of 20 burpess, 20 wallball, and 10 ringdips.  I think I stood around brooding and being mad at myself than I did actually doing this workout, which made me wonder why I do this at all. Did I have an off day? Maybe...they just seem to becoming more frequent...

So, I ask, is it better to do a WOD half assed and half hearted or to just not WOD at all?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Meet Killer

Meet Killer, my new medicine ball.  She is a lovely 14lb'r born out of a free basketball I scored from the "freecycle", and some rock/salt leftover from winter that we used to melt ice...oh and some "100 mile and hour" tape.

She is my new partner for wallball metcons and I'm sure I'll find some other uses for her.

She's an attractive one alright, and has already gotten stares from the locals! The other day an elderly German woman was headed for a walk in the park and stopped to watch me and killer gettin' it on...after 15 reps and I dropped her right on the ground, I took off in a full sprint and just waved!  The lady's jaw was almost to the ground. Totally had me laughing.

Otherwise was a rest day. My knee was really swollen this morning and it just felt like a good day to rest! Back at it tomorrow!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Run Cindy!

After a rest day yesterday and waking up with zero moto, I still got in some decent work today

WOD 1:
30 min trail run
It felt awful and slow and my knee hurt like hell afterwards. Arthritis maybe? I hope not, but glucosimine, here I come.

WOD 2:
400m run
Six rounds of Cindy
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats
400m run

Why six? Because it took me approximately 10 minutes at a moderate pace. Why not more? My shoulder still hurts like hell and I'm still building back my callouses on my hands.  I'm not competing, no one is pushing me and I want to crossfit daily so there is no use in tearing up my hands and bleeding all over. I'm hardcore, but not stupid.  I did this WOD outside at the track where they have real pullup bars.

WOD 3:
Almost 2 hours of ref'ing soccer.  It's a workout physically and mentally. Trust me. I completed a clinic this week to certify me as a ref for the unit, community level, and kids games here. I'll be back playing once community season starts! :)

Pullup bar update--Thanks for the suggestions for studbar and others. Need to get our and see what our garage is made of, where studs are etc.  Got to remember we're here on the metric system and German houses are built different...  I'll keep ya posted!

New goals? There were 5 women who competed in the Southern European Sectional this weekend. Granted their WODs were not killer, but I could have easily finished them all not being in great CF shape...maybe a stretch goal for next year to compete?!?!?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Mainsite WOD:
For time:
box jumps
Good Mornings (sub for GHD)
time? less than 15min
this looked doable today! Yea! Ok, so my pullups were not box jumps were not 30', and my GHD's were no GHDs, but this was still a nice solid workout.

The main gym I workout in is closed this week forcing me into a smaller gym at another part of post.  They actually have a bar I can kip on! So, this is only like the 3rd or 4th major pullup WOD I've done since I've been here so the fact that this seemed almost "easy" was nice. The place was SWAMPED with soldiers so I have to make this quick.  I had several interruptions to share the bar and have room for my good mornings, but hey, I got the work done.

I'm convinced that the german hardware stores will not be able to outfit my garage with a pullup bar...rogue swinging bar here I come!

Monday, March 22, 2010


saw this picture while eating breakfast today
 Just what I needed for a Monday.

WOD 1:
3xStrict Press
45, 55, 65, 70, 75, 80 

4 rounds:
5 perfect toes to bar (legs straight, minimal kip)
10 pushups

WOD 2:
400m run (downhill from the house--big hill on the way up!)
15 wallballs
time- 15:30

The runs were brutal but felt good. I used my new wallball that I made. It's name is killer. See her picture below.  I aimed as I as I could on my garage wall and it ended up about being 8ft. Isn't CF standard 10ft? That is way high!! I would like to use this as a nice benchmark metcon that I will eventually do with a weight vest.  Chip has an extra set of kevlar body armour...its 14lbs without the plates.  Grrrr.... 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Attempts and Failures

Today's WOD ended up being a new attempt at something and utter failure of another.
The mainsite called for this:
1000m row
50 DB snatch
750m row
35 DB snatch
500m row
20 DB snatch

I have never done a dumbbell hard could it be, right? I watched some video, had Chip watch them too so he could critique my form, and thought I'd be ok.  I wasn't going to do the RX'd 40lbs, but would scale.

The WOD went like this.  Did some warmups of arm circles, stretches, sampson lunges, air squats, supermans....then grabbed a 15lb DB and attempted a few practice snatches.  Boy, that did not feel good. And it was awkard. I did a few more. I grabbed a 10lb, I tried with my left hand. I grabbed a 20lb and tried again. Ugh. I could not get the form right. I couldn't get my arm locked out, I was all off balance, Chip said I kept dropping my chest, I was not "violent" enough. The pain in my right shoulder/lat is searing at the has been for weeks. Its stress...not injury. It's a firey pain though. I decided that snatch was not going to happen. I missed having a coach, I missed Jerry.  I missed my lifting partners, tears were welling up in my eyes. Not only that--there are mirrors everywhere in globo gym. I had on a shirt that had been tucked away for awhile---the rubber tire that was all the sudden in my face made me want to cry even hard.  I threw the dumbbells back in the corner and stalked off to the rower.

If I couldn't snatch, I was going to row. And I would row a most miserable distance--- a 5k. This distance on a rower seemed like ultimate torture to me so that's what I would do.  I strapped in and started pulling. The meters ticked by slower than the Jeoporday theme song.  I fell into a rhythm-pull, pull, pull.  I had college b-ball highlights on the TV in front of me and good 'ole AFN music to keep me charged. haha, right.

I kept a solid 2:10 pace for the first thousand meters or so--4000m more to go? Wow...what did I do to myself.  I just drowned out my thoughts and kept driving the legs and pulling hard. I was pulling so hard, I pulled the rower off the rubber part of the floor I was on and into the walkway. Ooopps.  I did this twice so I had to stop, move rower back and get back on.  I lost some time but I also go to wipe the sweat from my hands, which I swear saved me from massive blisters!
FINAL TIME: 23:36 (Damper on 5)

Not bad for a first attempt so I guess that makes it a PR! :)
2 Rounds
20 back extensions
50 full situps

Screw the snatch-I hate snatch.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cleans and Backyard WOD

WOD #1:
5x5x Power Cleans

Totally need to start working these so I don't embarass myself at the Cert in May.  Next step will be to get some video next week of some attempts. 

Sets looked like this
45, 65, 70, 75, 85, 90.

These actually felt better and better the more weight I put on the bar. I think I could have done more if I wanted to, but the no drop policy at the gym definitely deters me "going heavy".  I can't wait to see what my new 1x Max will be--with this WOD so strong I think I can defintely hit 100+.

WOD #2:
400m run
15 ring dips
Time: 14 and some change...

I did this WOD in my backyard. Finally got the rings set up on the garage! Picts to come soon.
Earlier in the day I was goofing around making Chip jealous and actually did an unassisted ring dip! Yea! It was my first one. I was pumped. This little WOD was fun despite my still screaming hamstrings.  My 400m run is all uphill for 200m and boy to those hamstrings let me know it. The ring dips were done on the "floss" band and done no less than 7-8 in a row and felt great. ABS were a breeze since I haven't worked the abs in about a week.  The rest was good for them! :)

The time would have been faster but after the run in the third round I had to also chase Mack 'Houdini" Gabriel around the little cat escaped the house this afternoon.  This seems to be a new hobby of his.

My new goal is to do at least one ring dip every single time I walk to the garage--time to get in some ring work!

Felt great today to get in 2 solid WODs. Off to the city of Rotenburg ob der Tauber tomorrow for some sightseeing!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 I forgot about you!

400m run
20 box jumps
15 pushups
Time: 26:00

Does this look slow? Yes, why yes it is. Did this at my house in my yard.  The run is straight uphill for 200m. After 75 OHS yesterday those hamstrings were angry! Then box jumps...oh...i forgot how much those are not fun since I haven't done them since December.  Nor have I run outside since then...what a change of pace.  Good news is that the pushups felt great today!

I am thinking about using this as a benchmark WOD for myself for the next few months.  I know the girls and all are good ones too, but given the lack of a box, and a normal pullup bar...well, enough excuses.

The double didn't happen today given I spent all morning at the hospital with Chip for his checkup appointments.  Given the mood I was in when we left, I'm lucky I got a WOD in at all! :)
That place just makes me very very cranky...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Overhead Work

After 3 nice rest days and spending quality time with Chip, including several long walks, it was time to hit the gym.
20 Min AMRAP
15 Back Extensions (Subbed Good Mornings w/ 12lb bar)
15 Knees to Elbows
15 OHS (45#)
Rounds: 5 1/2
I was pretty excited about this WOD since I could actually do all the moves! :)  The weight for OHS was RX'd heavy and I went as heavy as I could.  I've worked OHS several times in the last few weeks and I could tell it really is paying off.  I did all the rounds but one unbroken.  Knees to elbows were rough, I couldn't hold onto the bar to save my life...I miss chalk...

Today was also the start of the Gabriel's embarking on a healthy eating regiment.  I'm going for the zone again since it worked well last summer and it still allows some dairy. I can give up bread, but not my cheese! Chip just needs to stop stress eating and doesn't want to gain weight while rehabbing from his stroke.  He's put me in charge of that mission.

Today looked like this:
Breakfast on the run--1/4 cup cottage cheese and grapefruit (about a half)
Snack-Small slice of some kind of yummy wheat bread w/ teaspoon of sunbutter.
Lunch-3.5oz Chix breast cooked w/ lemon juice and pepper, homemade guacamole, a few tortilla chips, 1 small pear
Snack-ligh babybell cheese round, 5 strawberries
Dinner-Beef Broccoli Stir Fry and Fried Cauliflower Rice and .25l of beer

Yes, that's right folks, Erin cooked twice today! Amazing what you can do with time on your hands.  I used things I haven't used ever really--lemons, ginger, flax seed.  And you know what? It all tasted good and I wasn't ridiculously hungry.  Is there room for improvement here? You bet, but honestly, I live in Germany now--the land where beer and wine are still cheaper than water. And bakeries are everywhere--including the local home depot. I know each day will get better and easier and my choices will get better and better. Tomorrow is steel oats for b-fast and leftovers...I'm hoping for a double WOD tomorrow.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

10 Rounds

10 RFT
15 Deadlifts (85#)
15 Pushups
Time: 25:00

Wow. 10 RFT for anything is killer!!  The RX'd weight posted on the mainsite for this WOD was 135#, but the mainsite doesn't post women's weight.  A few other women posted that they did 85# so I figured I'd go for it.   I still don't think my form is correct in lowering the deadlifts, but the back isn't hurting so it can't be that bad, right? Still, I need to get some video of it and see what it looks like.

Pushups--the first 5 sets were solid. the 6th was questionable so I dropped to my knees to crank out the rest. They are improving, but not where I want them to be.

Yesterday, Logan and I hit the pool for a cardio WOD.  She used to swim and lifegard and is a freakishly strong swimmer for not having been in a pool in a year! She even cranked out a 25m butterfly that looked effortless. The pool was crowded so we didn't get the workout that we wanted to, but we had fun nonetheless and vowed to make it a once a week event very soon! Plus, just a nice easy swim helped to really loosen up some sore muscles!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Helen and More Metcon and a CF Mission

Last Friday was my one year Crossfit anniversary. Wow, one year.  I'm still marinating on how I feel about this.  I know that Crossfit changed my life, the way I eat, saved me from a very dark place, blessed me with an amazing team at 0515 and many new friends, and made the impossible possible (the ever elusive pullup!)  There will be a 1 year anniversary post to come.

In the meantime, it was time to get back to some metcons.
Monday A.M.
30 min ride on the trainer.  This is a good sweat!

Monday WOD:
400m run
21 KB swings (35#)
12 pullups
Time: 15-16 minutes

My last Helen this fall was just shy of 15 minutes and considering the conditions for this WOD, this wasn't so shabby.   We didn't really have anywhere to run, so we did wind sprints on the basketball court-it was slippery and my nike free's gave me no traction on the court so my sprints weren't so great.  Pullups are back on track, but I can't get much more than 4-5 on the bar at a time. The bar is fat and slick.  Goal on Helen will be 14:00 by end of May.

Tuesday WODL:
400m run
30ish m of overhead walking lunges
15 pushups
Time: 17:05

Run was done on the treadmill.  Each 400m was sub 2min and faster each round. Considering I haven't been running, these sprints felt pretty good. Better than the windsprints yesterday.  Walking lunges were done wtih 20# dumbbells.  These are exhausting.  Pushups were solid, but still looking for hte magic in these.

In addition to getting the house all settled, running back and forth to the rehab facility to visit Chip, cleaning, laundry, yard work, etc, I've decided that being a Haus Frau is not so fun.  Boy was I a spoiled city girl! Most of all, I miss my job. I really do.  I miss thinking, I miss the puzzles, challenges, having a purpose, producing things (even if it was excel spreadsheets!).  I'm not going to find a job as equally challenging here, nor do I really I want give up my federal status (I'm currently on Leave Without Pay) because hell, if the Army kicks Chip out, one of us is going to have to make some money!

Instead of working, I'm going to work on some volunteer opportunities.  There is an opening at the Gym/Fitness Center to work the desk, and other crap.  Easy and probably boring. But, it gives me an in with all the Sport and Rec program directors, etc. My hope is that I can get a volunteer spot and help convince them that we do not need more machines that no one uses, put more pullup bars, another rower, and overall make the place more crossfit friendly. And maybe figure out if there is a community soccer league and if not, at least get some pick up sessions started.

If that doesn't work out, I'll try the library. It's a hopping place on post since you just can't go to the local barnes and nobel to get your books, dvd's, etc.

Hopefully all of this will help with my mental fitness! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

OHS, Burpees, and CYCLING!

I decided that after hitting the cleans on Monday that another day of Oly lifts was in order.  I need to start working on that technique so I don't embarrass myself at the cert! I did a version of CFOT's monday WOD.  15, 12, 9 OHS and lateral burpees.

Last week I wrote about how my OHS's have gone to hell and that my overhead strength in general is diminishing faster than I can get it back! Last week I used the bar for Josh (21, 15, 9 OHS)--45# and it was HARD.  This week I bumped up to 50#.  I know, weak, right? Yea, but I nailed each set with unbroken reps and felt totally solid.  Got the core tighness back and found my breathing again which is half the battle. As for the lateral burpees....i forgot how much those hurt!!

35 MIN ON THE BIKE! Chip ordered a bike trainer a few weeks ago...for several reasons.
1-its too cold and snowy to ride in the winter here. 2-his docs won't let him out on the street with all the blood thinners he's on. 3-work on balance. 4-ride his new bike. 5-get my butt in gear too! I set up the contraption over the weekend and its been taunting me all week. "Ha,'re chicken....try me you out of shape cow!" (ok, that was a cruel cut on myself, but that's what it says...i swear!)  I checked out the training DVD that came with it.  It was nice to watch something while riding.  Ironman Hawaii would have been more motivating though...  So for not touching the bike in months I had a great ride, great sweat, and got the adrenilne pumping this much so my finisher was:
5 rounds
20 abmats
10 pushups (totally chest to deck!)
time-about 5 min.

WOD 2 with Logan tonight? We will see...stay tuned.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Not slackin', I promise!

I took a few rest days this weekend, but it was for a worthy cause---Chip was home!! This was the first time he'd actually seen our house with OUR stuff in it.  When he went into the hospital on Jan. 20th, we still had loaner furniture!  Now we have a beautiful home that is just waiting to be completed with his permanent arrival.  He did amazing here at home and barely used his cane all weekend and did phenomenal on our treacherous curving staircase to the second floor.  He has two more weeks of rehab, then he'll be home for good.  We set up the bike trainer this weekend--its been too cold and windy to ride outside, but now we can ride in the sunroom.  It will be great cardio training for me and great therapy for him too.  Today he reported that he took the stairs all day long by himself--I'm so proud of him for pushing himself every day!

So, to round out last week, I took Thursday as a rest day then did a quick WOD in the house of:
10 pushups
20 situps
30 squats

I forgot to time myself...oh well.  I'm sure it was less than 10 minutes, but I still worked up a sweat!  See?! Not slackin.

I started today wtih a fresh head and worked 3x max cleans.  The sets looked like this after a warmup:
100 (Failed)

I think 90# for 3x might be a new max effort, I'm not sure.  I cleaned 100lbs for the first time not too long after I got here.  I got 1x at 100 today.  The second attempt was completed, but I musceled it to my shoulders.  Failed on the third try.  Each round I tried to just constantly improve the form and whip the elbows, which were very slow today.  I was also struggling with transitioning from the hook grip to the fingertips.  I came home and watched Coach B's video's on the CF journal again on the clean and I can't wait to get back there and work it again.  And, I had to repeat 85#.  At this point I was struggling,  so I did another round before feeling aggressive enough to go after 90#.  I just got myself all pissed off and I whipped 90 like it was nothing.  100# was a different story.  I know that if I was back in the box I'd be going after 110 or 115, just cuz I could....Oh how I miss the box.

3 rounds
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 situps