Monday, August 30, 2010

Back Squats and Diet

Made it to the gym this morning to lift:
Back Squats x3
3 rounds
5 dips (static bars, unassisted)
15 kb swings
15GHD situps

Had planned on a spin class tonight, but tweaked my back stretching or something...more stretch and rest tonight. 

On the diet front--c wiss of no crying in crossfit is proposing a blogging world paleo/primal re-invigoration.  The summer has been hard on many of us, with work, jobs, husbands deployed, and a myriad of other things.  The carbs are back in my life big time....pasta, bread, pizza, ice cream, crackers, cookies....all things that a year ago I would have never dreamed of touching. I want them gone. I want my belly to feel good again. I want to have energy and feel like I can conquer the world--I want all my clothes to fit when I have to start back to work.  I don't like it when the little devil tells me that another bag of cookies or chips while hiding under a blanket on my couch will "make me feel better." Bull shit. (well sorta). 

I'm in a place where I have no support system to help me with this. I'm living alone, not working, spending most of my time alone, and stuck traveling a lot.  Part of me tells me to enjoy the foods of europe within reason and stop worrying, but really? That's how I got here in the first place...saying its "ok" to cheat here and there. I still believe it is ok to have a cheat day, but only when they are deserved.  I look at myself in the gym these days and I'm often embarassed to say I'm a crossfitter...a certified one at that.  Clearly, I can't take my own coaching.  So, what do you say blogoland? Thoughts on a virtual challenge/accountability system? We'd love to hear your ideas/comments!  We could even start a little email chat list or something....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Slacking for Real

4 days off?! What the heck. I feel like a blob! Planned to do something this evening and the weather continues to crap on me and forces me further under the blankets burrowing into the couch cushions. Weather really plays a factor in my mood--I need sunshine more than once a week.

This weeks goals: 1xswim, 1x 3-4 mile run, 1x 6-7 mile run, back squats, 20+min metcon. I have 4 days to get my arse to complete this.  Headed to Paris for the Labor day weekend where there will be a lot of walking, but no exercising.

I've got to get back on an eating plan. Enough of the carbs, crap, ice cream and woe is me eating. I'm nice and "fluffy" and I don't like it. If I'm headed back to work in a few months, I'd better get crackin' so all my clothes will fit nicely.  Maybe I could catch a stomach bug too or something, or the I worry so much I can't eat bug...that would be nice. Being on the road so much, living without a kitchen 2-3 days a week,  and eating out every weekend makes any sort of "diet" in this country near impossible. It's not like you can just drop in somewhere and get a grilled chicken salad...

Ok, oh weak one-get back on the plan. NOW.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Training Run

Fantastice run today--face was the color of a raspberry and caked with salt when I was done.   Six miles in about 50 minutes.  The exact time is a little off because my last half mile was a an enormous hill that I had to walk a bit of.  I kept an 8:35min mile pace almost the entire 50 minutes!  I picked a nice flat out and back course on a long country road that skirts the forest. Was a peaceful run and a great test of how all my trail running is keeping me fairly in shape! With some serious training the next 6-7 weeks, I might be able to break the 90min goal for the 10miler.

Monday, August 23, 2010

20 MIN Metcon

WOD #1: 
1000 m swim
I wanted to swim 1800, but the pool got full with a bunch of old people just swimming aimlessly. Without lap lanes, it became dangerous to keep your head in the water.   Felt pretty strong today--will hit the pool again later in the week!

WOD #2
20 Min AMRAP 
10 DB shoulder Press, 10 Burpee, 10 Box Jump
Total: 9 rounds

So after the pool I came home and ate crap.  The weekends away from home and on the road just throw me off! The fridge is empty, I'm sad and bored and what do I do? Eat...crap.  Well, that means another WOD is in order. I did CFOT's alternate WOD for the day and boy was it a kicker. 
I think this little couplet should have had one more element to it, but regardless, it made you work on your mental game. I used 15lb dumbbells which turned out to be perfect. I was able to do most of the sets of 10 unbroken and some with just a slight rest in the middle. Burpees---oh how i hate thee. They are one of my most improved moves of the year though. As my friend Soni says--JUST KEEP MOVING--DON'T STOP. That's what I did on the burps and the box jumps. 
I had a solid sweat going on and people were totally staring at me--"what is that silly girl doing, flailing and jumping around in the corner?".  I think it helped that I had my ipod shuffle on me to keep me focused.  If it ever stops raining (yes, its STILL raining) I hope to get a long bike ride in one of these days.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Quick lift this AM:

5@55 (Hang)
5@65 (Hang)
3@75 (Hang)
1@85 (Power)
1@95 (Power)
1@100 (Too ugly to count!)
5@75 (Hang)

The last time I did max cleans was back in April.  It's been a LONG time. I hit 105 that day--a PR.  Nowhere near that today.  The form was great in the lower weights and I nailed 85 and felt great. 95 was a little sloppy and 100 was too ugly to count. Then I dropped and just did a few more to nail the form.  I will try to hit a clean WOD next week too.  Can't let the form and strength get too far from me.  I think if I had a coach and someone to push me on these I would be hanging in the 115-120.  In the next year I would love to nail a 120# clean.  Only with a little work, right? 

Oh and the reason i go from the hang and then power is because we don't have bumper plates! Going from the power position with just 65# on the bar will kill one's back--not cool. Once I can put the bigger wheels on, I can manage from the floor much easier.

Not so much CF this week...

So after the great Sunday WOD, Monday turned out to be a crap day--no WOD.  Tuesday I had a bunch of dental work done and was not feeling very well, but did a short WOD anyways--nice little burner

Quick WOD: 4RFT

20 pushups
20 GHD situps
20 Walking lunges-w 25# plate overhead
Time: 12:30

Wednesday I ended up in a spinning class at the gym with a friend.  I remember why I love crossfit---short, fast, varied.  An hour on the bike going nowhere is so not fun anymore. I just keep in mind its good to test the slow twitch muscles sometimes too.

Today was my ATM training run. My friend Mindi joined me on this beautiful evening. Sunny, 65 degrees, slight breeze. Just perfect! We did a great 5 mile loop that took us through the forest, on a path that skirted the forest, through park, and viola--back at my house!   It was 5.2 miles in 50:30.  According to my Garmin we averaged a 9:45min/mile pace.  A great training pace for the 10miler.  Our first few miles were just over 10:00min/miles, but we were clearly cruising at the end. Just how it should be!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Run and Air Squat WOD--Progress?

So, as bummed as I was about Chip leaving for Landstuhl early this afternoon I wasn't going to just mope and sit on the couch.  I do too much of that already! :)  I was about to change and again came the rain!!! jesus, it rains a ton here.  The landlord stopped by to chat for a minute and he said we've had 80 liters of rain in August so far--which is apparently a ton.  Germans use some kind of rain guage to measure volume instead of height.  Despite the rain, the park was filled with families--if the rain doesn't scare the Germans, then I won't let it scare me.  Off I went to start my WOD---an easy at home one!

1mile run (easy pace) and stretching

400m run
50 airsquats
Time: 10:29

As I did this WOD it seemed easier and faster than the last time I did this.  Apparently it was--the last time I did this was in May.  I had reversed the exercises and did the squats first though. Do you think that reall makes a difference--I mean a whole 5 minutes of difference? It's the same amount of work. Or, maybe my running has gotten that much better? I complained that in May I was running the first 200m uphill--ha, uphill, upschmill. It's not a hill compared to what's around the corner! I barely notice the slight rise now.  Is my instensity better? Pushing myself through the air squats faster maybe? I know for sure I didn't walk one bit on the run this time around, which I probably did last time. Was it the mile warmup instead of doing it too cold? Not sure, but hell--I'll take a 5 minute PR.  That's almost a metcon ninja time.

Trail Run, Deadlifts, Swimming

I promise I've not been slacking!

5 mile trail run-steady rolling hills, with a small mountain at the finish
Time: 48:30 

Maintained a 9:20-9:30 mile pace until the last 1/2mile which I had to walk part of since it was super steep and super long.  I felt pretty good about this, but worried that it takes me so darn long to really get "warm".  Also, this was supposed to be an "easy" training run and I felt like I wanted to die most of the time. I'm pretty sure there will be no PR's at the Army 10-miler this year.  Last year I ran a 1:30, which was a PR and this year wanted to go sub-1:30.   Considering all I want to do is stuff my face with french fries and sugar these days, and I have no training buddies, I'll be lucky to make it out alive.  Going to hit some sprints and a six miler this week.

3x5 Deadlifts
95, 135, 155, 185, 205, 205

So DL's used to be my favorite.  Since my last effort, I've not wanted to even attempt them and have to stare into the fact of how weak I've become. But, you can't avoid things forever. I took the camera and took some video to check my form each round.  Wasn't great, wasn't terrible.  I wasn't thrilled with 205, it felt as heavy as shit, and 205 used to be nothing for me. I realized in the horrible aftermath or soreness that it is not so much my leg strength or even my upper body strength--its my back/core strength that I've lost so much of.  Back in the days of CFOT, my core was a ROCK, my back was super strong, and somehow all that is gone.  I think part of it is not following a strict overall lifting program and the other part is that Jerry had all these little ways to sneak in core work when you didn't even realize it during warmups, afterparty's, etc.

After party was another mile swim. I should really start adding the mile run after lifting as well as the mile swim! Took me about 26 minutes with a nice rest at the halfway point.

Thursday and Friday
Rest Days. Friday was unplanned, but sometimes that where life takes ya.

More swimming.  Went with Chip and we just swam laps to get in some exercise. I know I did more than 1600m, but stopped counting after that! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Monday!

Ok, so I've had a few days off.  The rain last week nixed my planned 5 mile run on Thursday, then disorganization ruined my Friday morning.  I spent the weekend in Strasbourg, France, with my handsome husband--where the workout was walking and eating! Strasbourg is a small town on the German/French border that was fought over for many years between the Franks and Prussians.  It has lots of french and german influences in language, culture, and architechure, and food! The highlight was walking along the canals enjoying the pretty scenery and basking in a perfect summer day.  Since this blog is also a little about traveling, I've included some photos!

Photos: (1) Chip and I along the canal in Petite France (2) Notre Dame Cathedreal (3) La`Backoffe - traditional alsacian dish with Lamb, potatoes and veggies in a white wine sauce- baked all day (4) Quiche Lorraine-why we ARE in Alsace-Lorraine! It was translated in English as "bacon cake" yea..give me some BACON CAKE. It was buttery, bacon, egg goodness, 

Time to get back at it today for sure. Diet was pretty clean today and while I'm hungry tonight, I'll forgo the evening ice cream snack, since it feels so good to feel good!

The CF Old Town WOD was 5x5 push press today with an "after party" of a brutal couplet: 33pushups, 27 KB swings, 21 DB thrusters--scaled down from there for rounds 2/3.   The presses were off to a solid start. Round 3 at 65# felt strong and round 4 at 70# was solid.  I went for 75# for 5--my 1RM is 80#....I nailed all 5 reps.  Boy did that feel good!  I rested a little bit and was ready to dig into the after party madness.  By pushup 15 I was in rough shape...all 27 swings went unbroken...then to the thrusters. My arms quit on about rep 12...just quit.  I tried a few more reps where I really tried to work the hips, but the arms gave out. Finnito. I knew I was meeting a friend at the pool for a quick swim in a hour so I didn't feel so bad.

My real after party was a 1 mile swim! yes--a mile swim.  It felt amazing.  The first 500m flew by and I just kept going. I felt strong after 1200m so I did a few laps of breast stroke, then finished off with a solid 200m freestlye. I love that crossfit keeps me strong so that I can just do things like pop into the pool randomly and swim a mile and feel awesome afterwards. I didn't time myself, but I'm going to start getting some rough estimates of how long this takes me.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So my buddy Jason is back in town, recovering from nagging injuries, but willing to keep at the crossfit madness with me before he PCS's home. We hit the track for this:

10 x 100m sprint, rest 1 minute between rounds. 

It's been a long time since I've done any serious sprinting and this actually felt really good. First few rounds were at about 12seconds. I managed to keep between 12-14seconds each round. Now was this a strict 100m? No, but we were pretty close. I chased Jason each and every time, it was awesome to finally have someone to push me.

After party was four rounds of 1 min planks, then 30seconds on the pullup bar doing pullups, strict hang, l-sits, a combo or whatever. I found out that I can hold myself up up over the bar for just shy of 30 seconds. That may not sound like much, but when I started crossfit I couldn't: (1) get myself over the bar or (2) hold myself above the bar (after assistance getting up there) for even 3 seconds. I call that progess! It's humbling to think back to that first day on the bar, a little over a year ago, Jerry lifting me up, saying "HOLD IT", and my weak arms crumbling in mere seconds. I've not been practicing pullups much at all, so the fact I can still string 4 or so in a row and get up on that bar makes me happy.

Monday, August 2, 2010

OHS-Oh how I forgot you

Monday, Monday. OHS, OHS....why not right?

3 rounds
10 pushups
10 KB swings
20 lunges

Strength: 5XOHS
45, 55, 65, 75
one word: wrist was all out of whack and my core was weak, weak, weak. I would have gone for 85 but I was chicken about hurting myself. I think i'll do some more OHS next week.

Then I did this WOD from Angie's blog (Yes, I steal lots of her WODs!)

For time:
1000 Meter row
30 Overhead squats (Men 135 lbs, Women 85 lbs)
1200 Meter run

Row was slow at about 4:20, OHS's were scaled to 65#.  I did 10, then nearly dropped the bar on my head, did the last 10 at 55#. Run was on the treadmill and was dreadful.
Time: 15:31 scaled.

I did not slack last Friday either.  Got outside and enjoyed the 50 degree weather and did a workout down at these stairs in my neighborhood...wicked steep. Next time I would love to take this 10 rounds.

stair sprint
10 pushups
20 squats
time 12:13