Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Annie Attempt, Front Squat, Josh

Attempted Annie. ( Double unders and situps/ 50,40,30,20,10)  Dug Chip's jump rope out of a foot locker in the garage...tangled and cold. Dragged the abmat out there and a yoga mat and started warming up. This rope was not moving fast and it hurt when I wacked myself with it.  Double unders were not happening.  So, I modified and did 3/1 on the jumps and all the situps.  Then I used the jump rope like a sledge hammer on the enormous pile of boxes in my garage--boy did it feel good to just HIT something.
I timed myself, but I can't remember how long it took.  Forever I think.

I was so pissed I couldn't do DU's I came inside and went straight to the Rogue page and bought a speed rope.  I hope it comes soon!

1RM Front Squat (20 min limit)
Row sprints-40 row, 120 sec rest, repeated six times.

New PR on the front squat of 130lbs.  This is 5lbs more than my front squat back in late November and in January too.  I finally figured out the form and keeping the elbows raised.  Maybe it is because my shoulders aren't as tight as they were....regardless it felt good to nail this.  I think i could have easily done 10 more pounds, but having no safe place to bail with the bar or on my butt left me playing it safe.

Once for time:
42 Pullups
15 OHS
30 pullups
18 pullups
 17min and some change.

During my last days at CFOT I could have nailed this workout as RX'd.  I should've have done this for my last first Friday instead of Murph. Oh well, we'll get this soon enough.  I had to modify the pullups since my palm is still ripped open.  I know, not a good excuse, but public gyms are not keen on blood on their equipment.  I did pushups and dips instead.

The RX women's weight was 65lbs for the OHS.  I could so do this in the right environment, but I went with just the 45lb bar since I had no rack and had to do each set unbroken.  I have lost a ton of overhead strength, but this was just the WOD to start building that back up.  The squats felt solid, its not the squat that is hard, its holding it above your head!!

My time would have been a lot faster if I didn't keep getting kicked off my benches I was using for my dips and spending lots of time wandering around between exercies. I would love to kill this WOD someday--I now know why it is Katie's favorite!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's All About the Grip

1x Deadlifts

As the story goes of late, my oly lifts have been missing from the rountine.  Couldn't even tell ya the last time I deadlifted heavy. November maybe? All I know my max is 227#.  Was pumped for this until I put some weight on the bar. Having a quarter sized chunk of skin missing on your palm kinda messes with that underhand grip I use on my left hand for deadlifts.  I had it all taped up, but it hurt like you know what.

Warmed up with a few reps at 45# and 65# just to get the posterior chain all warm.  Pulled 135#, then 155#.  My hand was screaming at this point. 185# hurt even worse.  I wanted to pull 200# just to say I still could....I pulled it all right and even put it back down properly.  The hand was now oozing...time to call it quits.  We'll try this again after the hand heals.  I could tell I just need to work the form again to make sure my body remembers what it is doing!

I have to say that one thing I really miss about home is being able to throw weights around. Lift them violently then throw them down.  I could really use some of that these days with all that pent up anger, depression, and sadness I have going on...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Taking the Bad with the Good

After getting all pumped up for a Monday snatch workout then getting shot down when the gym was closed, I was all pumped up for a strong workout on Tuesday morning. I started with a solid 500m row, some stretches, inchworms, etc.  Worked the "pvc" pipe (ok its one of those cheesy weighted bars for the aerobics classes) for awhile on the form.  Finally I picked up the 45lb bar for the first round of 3x snatch.  um...yea.  I snatched it alright, but then I couldn't figure out what to do with it since it was kinda heavy and I couldn't drop it. Crap.  Got it down safely, put it on the floor and started at it.  Could I REALLY have lost all my overhead strength? Could it be? A max of 85lbs down to 45 in 2.5 months? I took a few more attempts, but getting it down safely from the overhead position was a challenge and it kinda hurt.  I gave up.  Instead I took the bar and did 2 sets of 10 OHS.  This was not easy.  My core stability is weak and my shoulders are so damn tight and sore getting it locked out is just plain painful.  A massage is necessary and soon.  I wanted to cry when I left the gym.  I miss the box so much.  I miss working out with Chip and it will likely be 8-12 months before he can even think of crossfitting again.  Self-moto for this kind of thing is a huge challenge.

I took yesterday off because I felt like I got hit by a mack truck after getting lost driving home from the frankfurt airport. damn GPS.

I regrouped and headed back to the gym this morning to hit the following:
6 Rounds
10 pullups
20 pushups
30 squats

This was going to be a tough one.  I haven't not done more than five pullups since the 4th of December, my last day in the box when I did Murph, but I was determined to do it.  I brought my tape for my hands and spend 5 minutes putting on my armour.  Did a nice solid warmup, set the clock, and got busy.  The first round of 10 was slow and awkward, but each round got easier and easier.  Soon I was consistently stringing 3-4 together.  Now if I was just on a real bar...and working at a box I just might be a pullup machine by now! This was a huge confidence boost that all the endless pushups and burpees I have been doing have not been for a loss.  The pushups were mostly regular, but that last 2 rounds I dropped to do 10 on my knees, which is dumb because I know I can do it, I just don't have the intensity/moto to do it.   I finished up in just under 30 minutes and escaped with only a quarter sized piece of skin missing from my palm.  :)  Photo of the bar I used....I used the lower grips.

Oh and in the middle of all of this, one of the gym workers came over to me and asked me to compete in the "Fittest Female" competition being held at the gym this week.  I said thanks, but no thanks....bench press and bicep curls just aren't my thing.

after seeing all the video footage of this weeks deadlift session at CFOT that is what I plan to hit tomorrow!  My little area to do any sort of oly lifts...and my squat rack. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Chief and Making Do at Home...Again

The Chief
AMRAP in 3 minutes
3 Power Cleans
6 Pushups
9 Squats
Rest 1 minute and Repeat for 5 Rounds

My rounds looked like this.
3 1/3
2 2/3
3 2/3
3 2/3
3 2/3
=17 rounds total

This is an improvement over my September "Cheif" WOD, but its all just so different.  My cleans were STRONG at 70lbs.  Remember no dropping at all here.  In the box I could have easily gone for 80lbs or more.  Pushups are still a menace and I did about half on my knees.  This is my new weakness to work. 

Weekend of rest to hang out with Chip.

All pumped to hit an early morning Snatch workout.  I arrive at the gym to find the parking lot empty and doors locked.  DAMN HOLIDAYS! Made me so mad.  Back home I hit an easy WOD
10 Rounds
10 pushups
10 Squats

I really worked the pushups this morning and tried to get my form back and work each one chest to deck.  I didn't time point.  Motivation was lacking and my goal was to just work the pushups and get a sweat in.  Goal accomplished.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 Reasons to do 100 Lou Burpees

I hate burpees. Absolutely hate them.  Lou burpees are even worse--2 pushups per burpee instead of one.  I did this WOD in Chip's room at the rehab center....not ideal, but I did 100 Lou burpees today and here is why:

1) I CAN actually do 100 Lou Burpees
2) Chip cannot do a burpee. 50 of them were for him.
3) Not having a box/gym is no excuse for not working out.
4) I need to stop feeling sorry for myself.
5) Sitting on your butt all day does not foster a healthy lifetyle or a crossfit body.
6) I am eating way to much chocolate, bread, carbs, etc.
7) This is perfect punishment for eating an entire bag of ruffles chedder and sour cream potato chips. (in two sittings)
8) My pushups suck and need work.
9) My arms are getting weaker from not doing pullups/oly lifts--burpees are a brutal substitute.
10) 100 Lou burpees is a painful reminder of how ALIVE your body is, what it is capable of, and how you should CHERISH what it can do.  There are so many people out there just dying to just wiggle a toe...a flex their muscles. People like Chip.  Having full use of your body, appreciating all it can do, pushing it to the limits is a GIFT. Treat it well and use it often.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

More swimming!

Saturday WOD

Swimming! Yea for the pool by my house.  30 minute workout and I am as useless as a wet noodle.

100m warmup-various strokes
100 freestyle
100 breast stroke
200 free
200 breast
300 free
300 breat
50 free
Total: 1250m in 30 minutes

Ok, not lightening speed, but it is the second swim of the season and probably the second longest I've ever done.  I only took 2 breaks to fix my goggles which were bruising my eye sockets...I figured I didn't need to make the bags under my eyes any worse. :)  

My arms were sore from the toes to bars/high pulls the day before and my inner thighs were absolutely fried doing the breast stroke after all those SDHP's.  SDHP's totally work your inner thighs/hamstrings....apparently so does the breast stroke.

I figured I was doing ok when I was joined in my lane by a 50ish year old man with a huge belly wearing a tiny black speedo and flippers and I was matching/exceeding him lap for lap.  I want flippers to make me faster....

The best part was trying to walk home---a serious uphill climb that is not fun when you already worn out.  But, I'm sure the body will get used to it.

Now for a few days off--Taking Chip to rehab and staying a few days.  I will pack some workout clothes...I've been known to get creative.  I will also pack a swimsuit so I can hit the thermal/mineral baths this town is known for and get some much needed rehab myself.  Wearing a swimsuit in the middle of winter used to be very very scary, but thanks to crossfit its not quite so bad! yea for relaxing!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Swimming and SDHP

Thursday WOD: Swimming
Incredibly hard to get motivated to do anything on a dark wintery thursday.  I made it to the pool though! Chip bought a month pass to the pool that is literally 400m from our house the day he went into the hospital.  I can't let it go to waste, so I finally got my butt overthere.

Mid-afternoon and the place was quiet except for some kids and some old retirees.  I was nervous since I haven't swam since July, but I hopped in and did a few warmup laps then went over to the lap lanes.  Now or never, right?  100m in, I  a felt pretty strong.  gotta love crossfit!!   overall the workout was 750m. I could have done more, but honestly for the first time back in the pool I didn't want to hurt for a week...its going to be a long spring.

Friday WOD:
Mainsite WOD of:
Sumo deadlift high pulls (64lb kettelbell)
Toes to bar
(not a timed WOD)

Had to mod this WOD  today.  It called for 135lb SDHP's, which meant probably 95lb for women.  Then the second part was inversions on the pullup bar/rings where you pull up then take your feet to the ceiling, head to the floor.  While this would have been fun to work on, there was no where to do this so we subbed toes to bar.

I was psyced about moving the 64lb KB 84 times and not killing myself or my teeth.  My back even feels strong today which tells me next time I need to add weight.  The toes to bar felt good except for the nice roll that has developed in my midsection. Sigh...eating is SOOO off track.  Living in a country that lives on bread and then having a M.I.L living with you who also loves bread at all meals and then some is killing me.  I actually miss my veggies but I'm never eating at home these days.  Hopefully once Chip is setteled in rehab I can get back to my carb free, low sugar ways and stop stress eating.

In other news, I've decided that I'm going to register for the Crossfit Level 1 Cert in MILAN, ITALY.
I'm telling Chip today that we're just going to put up the $ and I'm going to do it.  If going to a CF cert in a country full of beautiful skinny people doesn't motivate me not to embarrass myself into loosing my winter suit I don't know what will.  Thank god it isn't until May! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Finally getting back into a bit of a routine this week!

Monday WOD:
CF Mainsite
5 Thrusters (a weak 60#)
5 Muscle ups (Mod=20 pullups, 20 dips)
400m run
Time: 29: 30

This one was brutal.  Finding moto while all alone in a globo gym is so hard after the atmosphere of a box...but I am getting it done.

Thrusters....oh how I hate you.  These things snap my wrist and I end up with tingly feelings down my arm.  I could have done 70# but one injured family member is enough right now. This move is definitely something to work on this spring/summer.  I subbed muscle ups for pullups and dips on the nautilus machine.  Better than nothing.  400m sprints on the treadmill were solid--well under 2 minutes on every round.

Tuesday WOD:
5x3 Strict Press
55, 60, 65, 70, 75

Felt awesome about this lift today.  All 3 reps at 75# were absolutely solid.  And for some extra work, I had to clean the weight each round--the smith machine disappeared from the gym.  Grr.  Attempted 80, but only got halfway. If I hadn't had to clean the weight I probably would have gotten this.

20 KB Swings (44#)  This was the first time using this weight...serious soreness already!
25 air squats