Thursday, March 24, 2011


So the shoulder is still nagging me and its starting to get annoying.  Regardless I've still been hitting the box.  

TUESDAY: 20 minute AMRAP
5 HSPU, 10 Pullups, 15 Box Jump

When I saw this I just laughed.  What else could I do? I was totally going to have to sub. My WOD looked like this. 

10 Ring rows, 10 GHD, 15 box jump.  I got somewhere around 6 rounds, which just felt pretty darn slow.  Box jumps are coming along and feeling stronger, ring rows still aggravated the shoulder a bit.  I was worried about how much the GHDs were going to kill me, but I was hardly sore at all! :)  That's HUGE progress since a mere 20-30 usually hurts for days! 

WOD 1: EMOM for TEN minutes:  1 Clean and Jerk. Load should be heavy, form should be perfect.

I of course was not even going to try for the jerk so I did 2 cleans EMOM.  Used 95# to play it safe. If I was healthy, I think I could have done 100 or 105.

WOD2.) 12 minute amrap 5 Cleans X Dips (7W, 9M).

Needless to say WOD 2 was a DNS...did not start...I tried to work some double unders, got super frustrasted.  Thursday is a rest day...we'll see what Friday brings. 

Taking a break from CF next week.  I need to get my neck adjusted and let this shoulder heal!  Going to spend some time running and maybe hit a new bikram studio

Monday, March 21, 2011

Back Squats with Chains

I've been a horrible blogger....I think its because I've been subbing so many of the WODs because of my shoulder I've just gotten lazy.  Time to get the habits back on track. Even if no one reads this, I need this for me to stay on track and on target.  I was reading some old posts from November about my near term goals.  I accomplished many, but did not exactly hit my weight goal.  I definitely dropped inches with the strict paleo and felt great.   I've slide back into some old habits and boy am I feeling it.  The belly is bloated and angry. I'm tired all of the time. Paleo is hard, but I've decided the sacrafice is worth it.  I want to continue to be as strict as possible because once you plunge down the road of bad food, bad habits start to follow.  I need to make a long committed effort to create a lifestyle of new habits. Ok, enough on that. New goals to be posted soon.

This mornings WOD
5X Back Squats with Chains
Top load was 125#--plus add 30 to 40lbs of chains. 

I continue to struggle with the squats.  My right knee just wants to cave in badly and I spend all this energy fighting it.  Sometimes it just feels like a wet noodle shaking--not good.  Working the glute development to correct that.

Second WOD was:
20 burpees
200m run
Time: 12ish.  I totally lost track of my time, counting the damn burpees.  Heck I could have done six rounds and hardly noticed.  Anyways, always room for improvement on the metcons.b

Monday, March 14, 2011

Clean and Jerk

Wow, its been two weeks since I last blogged. Holy cow! Lots going on.  I had a pretty good two weeks, but some struggles as well. I injured myself doing heavy push jerks and am still dealing with the after effects.  A few things of note:

-Completed a J.T with HSPU's.  Modified of course, but did it. Used 45# plate and abmat.  (I have long arms so I am actually moving more than an inch or so. I swear) 21ish minutes
-Hit a 2X Max Back Squat @ 170#.  That was a 15# PR


WOD #1:
1 Clean and Jerk on the minute for 10 minutes.

WOD #2:
Grace @85#: DNF.  I started and got 8 reps before I hurt my shoulder again.  I quit...just not worth it. Did a quick 30 GHD situps and 1mile run.

Tomorrow is going to be rough too--pullups and pushups.  I might go lower volume on the pullups and just go strict....we'll see how we feel.

Thank goodness for daylight savings. Cannot wait to get out in the new neighborhood for a run after work!