Monday, January 31, 2011

Best Morning in a long time

WOD 1: 
OHS x 1 (18 min)

I hit 100# the last time we hit this WOD a little over a month ago. I wanted anything over 100#, however that's pretty tough when your max jerk is also 100#.  This morning though I hit a SOLID 105#.  The squat part was easy, its the jerk that gets me.  I felt great!

WOD 2: 
12 minute AMRAP
HSPU, toes to bar ladder.  1,1,2,2,3,3, etc.

Quandry HSPU to date.  NOT ANYMORE! Coach said we could just work the HSPU for the time if we wanted. Heck, why not go for practice right? I hit two solid 30 sec holds and decided to go get an abmat and a 45# plate. I had to start somewhere.  I kicked up for another handstand and just held it there and just let the elbows go. Down I wentand then right back up! It was THE COOLEST feeling ever.  Then I did another, and another.  Then I went and did 5 toes to bar, then came back and hit 2 in a row, then 3, then 4 and worked sets of 5 T2B after each HSPU set.  Got in several 4 HSPU and 5 T2B rounds.  I can't wait to do more! I think if I can get to the 25# plate and ABMAT very soon! 

I will say that the "fixing Kalipa's HSPU" video on the mainsite the other day was really helpful.

WOD 3:
3 rounds of L-sits off of dumbells

I wasn't sure how this would go, but luckily Jason made me do this fairly often back in good 'ole Schweinfurt.  I got 3 rounds of about 10 seconds. It felt awesome to do that (even if just for a few seconds) because only 3-4 of us girls could even do it! Learned that I must do more hip mobility since its not core strength issues, but pinching in my hips that keeps me from doing more work!

Found this awesome video on a link from Angie's blog today!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

“Anti-in, Double-up”
wod1.) Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes perform 3 picture perfect postural alignment Deadlifts (touch and go preferred). In the remaining minute record as many double-unders as you can. 

Used 155# and did a "few" double unders afterwards. I think my total for the 8 rounds was 50 or so.

wod2.) Run: 3 x ( 200m + 400m)
Rest the exact time it takes you to do each interval in each set. Example: 200m run in 40 sec. rest 40 sec then 400m run, rest 400m time, back to run 200m, rest 200m run time…

I was right on the money at 40sec for the 200m and 2min for the 400.  This was a great little afterparty wod.  your legs were fried from the DL and DUs! 

Wednesday ended up being a rest day due to my stupid stomach that is not liking the paleo so much.  Let's just say its slow to digest so I had to take some medicine to make things happen.  I ended up quite ill that morning. Ugh.   Then we had massive snow that afternoon and into the evening so classes were canceled on Thursday morning.  Friday looked like this: 

Breathing Back Squats

wod1.)  20 rep breathing squat. 2-3 warm up sets at 5 reps then 1 working set at 20!
Suggested load is 75% of 1RM

I should have gone to the full 75% of the 1RM which would have been 125#, but I scaled down to 115#.  I wasn't feeling it on the warmups and didn't want to kill my back. 20 reps is crazy.  This was a super cool WOD that is apparently a throwback to '70s powerlifting days.  You start out and get your 5-8 reps out of the way.  You take a few breaths and get to rep 10...then the work begins.  I cranked out a few more then, you have to start your "breathing".  Big deep breath, do a rep, gasp for breath, take another big breath, do a rep, then gasp for breath.  It's crazy and a huge challenge.

WOD 2.) 12 Minute AMRAP
100 double-under cash-in then…
12 Wallball and XX chest to deck ring pushups
HTFU=12, Infidel=9, Bulldog=6

I think I did 4 rounds of this or so. The wallballs are super easy these days and I'm hitting somewhere above the women's X and the men's line.  Shooting for hitting the higher target these days.  Ring pushups are insane...I went for the 6 reps and just decided I need to seriously start working the pushups. 

Totally had a cheat weekend on the diet.  Both husband and I were ornery, hungry, and at each others throats.  We were out with friends on Friday night, invited to lunch with family on Saturday (who totally do not understand the no carb deal) then Sunday we just cracked. We feel like absolute crap---stomachs are bloated, etc, but damn it we're happy. I hate that when life gets you down turning to food helps to soothe the pain a bit.  I am realizing it doesn't solve anything, usually creates more issues, but well, feeling better temporarily certainly helps. I haven't seen huge movement on the scale as I thought I would.  I was down a solid 5lbs one day, then the next it was right back up there. Pants are fitting much much better and last week wore some pants that hadn't fit in over a year. Why won't the damn scale move though? 

Hoping to make this a 4-5 WOD week with some strict eating again.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Fran

really? on a monday at 0515? Silliness, I tell you.

I was a little nervous about Fran--I hit it last at the Milan Cert in May and had a great time of 8:20ish. Great in my book.  Today as I warmed up 65# thrusters were heavy and I was STILL sore from last week.  The overhead part of the thruster was going to keep me down. My goal was a sub 10. I knew that at PR was not in the books today. Nowhere close. Finished in a solid 9 minutes.  I could totally smash 8min on a good day with some more practice on the pullups. Mine are more and more pathetic every day.

We will plan to meet Fran again on a first Friday in 3-4 months and see where we are at.  Had Fran lung all day...hoping for a 1RM day tomorrow.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


After a crappy Thursday workout I came ready to hit it hard on Friday.

AMRAP 20 Minutes:
3 Clean and Jerk, 6 Burpees, 9 Wallball

The C&J's were supposed to be heavy. about 80% of your 1RM.  That would have been about 80 for me. Given I was still sore from strict press on Wednesday I started with 75#.  I got 5 rounds in before I had to dial back to 65#.  Granted I was cruising and lowered the weight at about minute 10.  When you say that burpees were the easiest part of the WOD, you know you're in trouble.  Wall balls were a cinch too. 

Diet is still going pretty well.  Friday night was a total cheat night--1 beer and french fries out at the bar. Then Sunday I went out for breakfast and had an omelet, which made me incredibly nauseous a few hours later, plus a headache. I splurged with some plain crackers because when you want to vomit and can't nothing helps more than a few plain crackers. Then I had another beer during the Bears/Packers game...couldn't help myself. It was the game of the year! 

Fran on Monday...sigh...nervous already.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday Thursday WODs

Finally made it to the gym this week!

Wednesday WOD
12 strict press
12  pushups (paralette or otherwise below parallel)
Time: 27ish minutes

Yes, a long WOD.  It really doesn't look that bad on paper until you realize what the RX'd weights were! RX was 65# for women. 60 reps at ridiculous. I went with 55lbs and frankly, it was a bit ambitious, but I did finish all reps at that weight.  At times it was 1-2 reps at a time.  By round 4 I was fighting all out failure of each rep.  I heard Coach remind someone to take a deep breath.  I did that and it helped immensely and made each rep much easier.  The pushup portion was to just get below parallel--i ended up using wood planks and did a few rounds of 6 reps regular, 6 on my knees. i think i made it to round 4 on that and realized i overall need to work the pushups.

Thursday WOD
400m run
15 pullups
15 box jumps
15 kb swings
Time: a slow 21minutes

I chose the "bulldog" route this morning of just 3 rounds.  The pullups take the longest time, but I hammer them out 1-2 at a time. The arms were SMOKED from yesterday.  Box jumps were painful from when I hit myself with the sledge hammer a few weeks ago, but I go through them.  Tomorrow should be interesting.

Paleo is going well, but feel the need for a good darn cheat damn it.  Little cheats like salad dressing I'm allowing, but only because I'd otherwise go insane. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The hardest day...#4

An inch of ice on my car this morning kept me from getting to the box on time...I should have just gone upstairs and packed my bags for work and gone to the later class. I crawled back into bed instead. Good thing I did because my cat got sick shortly afterwards and I ended up taking him to the vet. Again.

Well, despite my lack of working out, my eating is on track. Day 3 looked like this:

B: hard boiled egg, 2 slices ham, pear, coffee
S: half of a lara bar
L: 3 thick slices of turkey, apple, 1 cup blackberries, blueberries.
S: a few almonds, chunk of jerky
S: half lara bar
D: Pork roast with cauliflower and zuchinni.  We tried a recipe from robb Wolfs book and it was ok--not great.  The pork was yummy, I just would have used a different sauce and veggies.

Super hungry today and I realize I probably need to just eat more veggies and I need more low sugar carbs.  The problem is I just want to feel full.  I am worried to think about what I'll fell like after a really hard WOD that will just set my metabolism running for the day. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 3

B:  2 hardboiled eggs, chopped for salad. add salt and pepper and touch of dijon mustard. 1 tsp mayo.
 Rasperries.  Coffee
L: small burger topped w/ mushrooms and onions. (leftovers) baby carrots, apple.
S: jerky, almonds, macadamia nuts, a few raisins (like 10-12) Coffee
D: Zucchini spaghetti with meat sauce. Salad.
S: frozen strawberries

I had the day off from work and had every intention of getting to the box.  The cats however decided to go crazy between the hours of 4-6 and I was just exhausted. I never made it. Day 3 of paleo was hard.  Extreme cravings for something that will make me feel FULL.  Drank lots of water, ate nuts mid-day...
Its 830pm and I'm hungry...its hours until breakfast.  I still get to have my berries yet, but that won't fill me up either. 

Does anybody have suggestions to make me feel more full? I probably could have done more protein at dinner, but really. I'm just darn hungry.   Thoughts?? Suggestions?? Ears (and mouth) are wide open!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 2 Paleo

A bit hungrier today, but feeling good. No headaches. Woke up with a ton of energy today to tackle a lot more unpacking and a daunting amount of stairs! That was the workout....unpack and organize for time.

B: 2 thick slices of turkey, bacon, pear, coffee
L: leftover talapia, blueberries, blackberries, .7 oz gouda (ok, not paleo, but I can't throw away expensive cheese and I figure an ounce every few days won't kill me, right?)
S: small apple w/ sunbutter
D: burger, broccoli, sauted onions and mushrooms w/butter
S: Clementine

Probably a bit too much fruit...I'll have to dial in the veggies into my lunch and snacks.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Front Squat and KB Madness

WOD 1: Front Squat x2
Top load: 130

WOD 2: Every other minute, for 10 minutes, do 30 kettlebell swings. For every missed rep, 200m spring penalty.

Yes, you read that right.  It was madness.  I used a 35# bell, RX was 45 for women, 70 for men.  I smoked through them though and finished each round just in the knick of time.  By round 4 your forearms don't even know whats going on.  It was one of those WODs where you had to get mean, find your happy place, and embrace the suck.

Saturday is a rest day, but hardly.  A million and one trips up and down the stairs of my new 3 level townhouse.  We got all of our household goods delivered on Monday so we were unpacking boxes all day and moving furniture around. Since nothing has a place or is in the right place you have to trek up and down, up and down...after a whole day its a serious workout!

My husband is a paleo GOD today. It's day 1 of our 30 day challenge. Here's how it looked today:
B-fast: Paleo pancakes (yummy!), all natural, nitrate free bacon, sliced apples on the cakes, and I cut it with a sprinkle of cinnimon.
L: Chicken Fajita Salad.  Chicken, onions, red peppers, on a bed of lettuce w/ tomatoes and Salsa.  Had to skip the avacado because it wasn't ripe! We both crashed a few hours later and realized we forgot the fat part...ooops!
S: A few almonds, small apple, chunk o' jerky. Black Tea.
D: Baked Talapia with rosemary and pecan crust, green beans.  Supposed to eat a salad too, but I can only do one a day, too much lettuce makes me want to vomit. He's having baked salmon (i don't like salmon) salad and green beans.

Watching the Packers vs. Falcons and NOT drinking beer will be tough for us both.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just stating the facts

Way behind on the blog. Lots and Lots and Lots on my mind. New year, new goals, new house (hence last week's hiatus), new diet (30 days of paleo starting Saturday), and probably a new box.  The house is consuming me, but I wanted to get the stats down.

15 wall balls
20 sledge strikes
25 GHDs
30 DU's
350m row

Had to sub 50 situps for 25 GHDs, 120 SU's for double unders.  Wallballs were actually pretty easy.
4 rounds of this was just lots of work--31:07

Rest Day

wod1.)TABATA mashup
20sec deadlifts, 10sec rest, 20sec burpees, 10sec rest x 8 rounds (8 each equals 16 intervals) 185w, 275m 

Used 155# for this.  Epic tabata...

wod2.) EVERY 3 Minutes run 400 meters x 5 rounds.   

Had to maintain pace for all 5 rounds within 5 seconds.  Ran an average of 2:00min per round. fastest was 1:58, slowest was 2:04. 
wod1.) 18min: OHSx1
wod2.) 12 min ladder up (amrap): OHS and Pullups 1,1 then 2,2 then 3,3… how high can you get?
HTFU: 65w-95m, Infidel: 50w,75m, bulldog: 35w, 55m 

I hit a solid 100# for the OHS and was pumped about that. Ladder up was 9 rounds even.  Killer WOD.

Week one of 2011 was a rest week due to remodeling the house.  Worked all day, worked all night too. Exhausting.  New year's eve was a 4 mile run and I posted a pretty decent time! Despite some foot pain and achillies issues, I felt really slow, but my pace was still about 8:30. I'll have to look up the offical time. :)