Monday, July 25, 2011


WOD 1 Gymnastic Strength: 1-3 Challenging HSPU every minute x 10 min Attempt to stay at a challenging level (or make it tougher) the whole time. I’d rather you move from 3reps to 1 rep in the wod and stay at a challenging level then stay at 3 reps for all 10 rounds by making the level easier. Record level and total reps. 

Here I worked with 15# plate and tried one w/ a 10# plate. Continuing to make progress. Need to push it a little harder next time.

WOD 2. Mashup Tabata: Pullups and Dips :20 max reps Pullups, :10 Rest, :20 max reps ring Dips, :10 rest x 8 intervals each = 16 total = 8 minutes.  Score total reps in Pullups, score total reps in Dips
Rest 1 Minute
Total: 78 reps

WOD 3. Mashup Tabata: Squats and Situps :20 max reps Squats, :10 Rest, :20 max reps ring Situps, :10 rest x 8 intervals each = 16 total = 8 minutes. Score total reps in Squats, score total reps in Situps
Total: 219

Tabata Total: 297 reps.

I was incredibly consistent on this tabata.  I consistently got 17-18 squats and 13-14 situps.  On pullups/dips, I got 5 of each for all but 2 rounds! Great WOD.  Finished with a mile run. Triathlon looming in 3 weeks.

Time to start tracking again. I want to make some strong progress on overall fitness the next few months.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sumo, Front Squat and Death by Thrusters, Hero WOD

Wednesday July 14th

WOD 1: 2 Sumo Deadlifts every minute x 10 min (load=70% of 1rm)
Used 175#

WOD 2: Once through for time 50 Overhead plate lunge, 400m run, 30 burpees, 20 toes-2-bar, 30 box jumps (24″), 400m run, 50 Wallball (or DB thruster 15w,20m).  17:38, subbed T2B.

Friday July 16th

WOD 1: Front Squat x 1 = 150lbs
WOD 2: Death by Thrusters.  9 rounds @ 85#.

Monday July 18th
7 Round “Bulger” or 30 Min AMRAP (Cut-off)
200m Run, 7 C-2-B Pullups, 7 Front Sq (95w, 135m), 7 Hand Stand Pushup
25: 36

Obviously the pullups were not C2B, but they were awfully close.  Most sets were split 4-3, but I did get six in a row.  I got 8 in a row not too long ago.  They are getting stronger!Subbed the HSPU w/ 20lb dumbbell push press.