Sunday, January 6, 2013


I am ready to get 2013 underway! Tomorrow starts the first full normal week of the year and after a month of being sick, traveling, holidays, crap eating and not training, I can't wait to get back on the horse.

I attended the Whole 9 seminar in Philly yesterday and I'm on Day 2 and doing ok. I took last week to do some detoxing and ween my way back to paleo. Super strict for the next 30 days, following the Whole 9 protocol. It's been a long time since I've followed any program to the letter of the law, and its time. I've slipped away from really clean eating and need to do this reset and stop kidding myself that diary and grains don't effect me "that bad".

Yesterday was a travel and seminar day so eating was pretty random. Eggs and blueberries for breakfast, banana/carrots to snack on, paleo lunch at seminar, big salad with eggs and avocado and olivesfor dinner.  Today I had scrambled eggs and avocado and blueberries, snacked on some olives, turkey chili with cauliflower rice (no beans) and a banana. I know I'm a little short on veggies for the first few days, but I didn't have any! Fridge is now fully stocked after a trip to costco.

I hope to slay the sugar demons and recreate some healthy habits and gain some willpower!
Going to hit the track this afternoon since it is so pretty outside and then will pick Chip up at the airport and fix a veggie filled paleo dinner.