Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Paleo Challenge and the Crossfit Open

It's an exciting month here in the Gabriel household.
I've been training hard and seeing some good gains. Could I train harder? Yes. Do I want to? Yes. What's my deal? Time and coaching. I need someone to actually show me/help me/tell me what to do. Most importantly, I've taken on spearheading CFOT's paleo challenge. 

My nutrition had really fallen by the wayside over the holidays.  I know, I know, everyone's does right? Well, mine really did and I couldn't stop with the little cheats.  I offered to help plan a six week paleo challenge at the gym.  We had 58 people sign up. Amazing participation. We had a great kick-off, great events planned, sponsors, prizes, etc...its going to be fun! I'll post more in the next few weeks.

Next week starts the Crossfit Open.  I signed myself up as I've been hanging out with the competition club on Saturdays and trying to better myself.  I've got no hope of anything, but hope to gain experience competing and meeting games standards in all the movements.  To compete for real I need to do the following:
Improve my clean and jerk ( I can do both fine, just not together)
Pullups (i just suck at them)
Heavy snatches
HSPU (get one)
MU (get one)
improve double unders
rowing more than 250m
These are my goats that I need to work on and are goals for the end of the year.

Not sure what this post is supposed to really be about. I just needed to put this out there and start recording progress. Day 3 of this challenge is MUCH easier than those of the past. That's progress!!

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Angie said...

Hey Erin...haven't been around in a while to visit your blog, but it's nice to see you're still here, posting and doing another challenge. I signed up for the Open too. Good luck to you. I'm sure you'll do well.