Sunday, November 4, 2012

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I've taken a break from blogging this year, but find myself in a place where I fell I need to write things down to hold myself accountable.  I last left off start the CF Open and a paleo challenge.  The challenge went well and I spent all summer eating well and feeling great. As for the open, I tore my ACL right before it started.  I decided not to have surgery, and have worked my way back to the box 4-5 times a week, completed 3 triathlons this summer, and generally was just feeling good.  The focus to get strong and beat my PRs was gone due to the knee--it was just do what you can and have fun doing it.  Well, of late, I have set a new back squat PR and am sure I have a new clean PR in me too. Unbroken pull ups are coming along too!

Why am I blogging again? Well, I'm way off the paleo bandwagon and old habits are back. I can eat with reckless abandon and I feel no remorse--just tired and sluggish, and bloated. The scale keeps telling me I've gained at least 5lbs and going into the holidays I'd like to save that 5 for pumpkin pie and other goodies! Really, it's the "erin gains 5-8lbs over the winter" and I'd like for that not to happen this winter because that means that I'd be up10--right back where I started and I am NOT GOING THERE!!
I will use this page as my accountability to myself for the next month.  Obviously, thanksgiving will be a slight break from strict clean eating--I mean I'll be at my brothers and his wife makes homemade bread and cinnamon rolls, and pie from scratch! While it won't quite be a whole 30 with the holiday in there, I would like to make the next 30 days as whole as possible.

Today, this is what I ate-this was not a totally strict day...wasn't sure if I would start today/tomorrow.
3 paleo banana pancakes
4 slices of bacon
Handful of blackberries
1tsp apple butter (homemade by a friend)
2 starburst (oops)
4 olives
4oz flank steak
Few kale chips (homemade for hubby)
1/2 grilled plantain (before it rotted!)
Lots of water

Went on a long run--my first of the year!

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