Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Traveling and Eating -- Forget working out!

Tomorrow my parents will leave for home and end their 2.5 week trip here to Europe.  Their trip commenced with a quick trip to Bamberg, then off for a week in Italy.  We spent 3.5 days in Rome and 3 in Florence.  They were hard long days---up early for things like Vatican Museum tours, mass at the Vatican, and hours and hours of walking. We had a few 10-12 hour days of walking and sighseeing that left me toasted...and it was about 85 degrees the whole trip.  I kept setting my alarm to get out of bed to run or something, but my feet and legs were just too tired to do that with the thought of 10 more hours of walking.  Eating zone/paleo in Italy is nearly impossible.  Breakfast was tough, but I got some protein, but couldn't resist these little jelly filled croissants--coronados or something like that.  Lunch was often quick pizza, gelatto, or caprese salads.  Dinner---well, meat is really really expensive and the pasta is amazing and nearly impossible to resist. Homemade spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, and fresh pecorino cheese was the best.  Wine was flowing and I drank more than my fare share. :) When in Rome, right?
Other treats included lots of gelatto, salami's, croissants, lots of olive oil, canolis, and lots of cappucinnos.

I was home for a day and a half and got a quick backyard workout squeezed in there and got my mom to join me! Just 20 minutes of some sprints, box jumps, kettlebell swings, and pushups.

Then it was off to Salzburg for the weekend. More walking. More good food. Beer. I actually studied in Salzburg during college and this was my family's first visit.  We had to hit all the highlights including real Wiener Schnitzel, Augusteiner Brau beer, pretzels and brats from the market and "cake and coffe" at my favorite cafe.

Normally, I wouldn't eat like this. I don't on a normal day.  My excuse? It's vacation and I probably won't be in Europe that much longer. That and my parents have never been here to try all this amazing food--I had to at least eat some to prove to them it is amazing, right?

So, my blog subtitle promises blogs about traveling, and here ya have it. Here are my rules:
1) Everything in moderation, including gelatto and pasta.  It's vacation people. But, if it's not good, stop eating.
2) Drink Italian wine every day you are there. It is cheaper than water and you'll never taste red wine this good ever again. Be sure to order or a liter....or two.
3) Don't try to plan CF WOD's when your day's are already filled with exercise...even if it's walking. Refer to rule 1.
4) Share all your food. If you let everyone you're with have a bite, you don't feel like such a pig.
5) Do eat fresh pecorino cheese topped with organic honey if it is on the menu. It is amazing. Your stomach might hurt later, but your taste buds will love you!
6) Have fun! That includes eating AND exercising.

After you see these, you'll understand my posts about my "bavarian bulge"... I'm not worried...I have the rest of my life to eat healthy!

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Angie said...

Oh...you make me miss Bavaria. Some of the best food and beer I ever had was in Bavaria.

And I will make it to Italy some day. Promise I'll follow your rules and order lots of wine!

Glad you're back. Thanks for sharing your trip.