Friday, October 15, 2010

When Life Gets in the Way

PCS Move. Living out of a suitcase at someone else's house. Crazy Army schedules and requirements.  That has been the life of late and workouts and diet have been all talk and no action.  As Toby Keith says, I need a "Little Less talk and a lot more action!" Ha.

Since my last post Chip and I headed to Berchtesgarden Land/Schoenau am Konigsee, the site of my last post, for some true R&R.  We did some nice "trail walks"--I won't call them hikes since they weren't very taxing, but they challenged Chip and got him out and trying new things again.  He was so strong on the trail--as a soldier, strapping on a pack and climbing was second nature and he looked so strong.  We spend most of the weekend outside, drinking beer, and basking in the Alpine sun.

I've managed one solid run this week--a fast 35minutes with some wicked hills and felt really strong.  Hit a Tabata WOD with Chip at the Bamberg gym (NOT CF friendly) of Row, situps, pusups, squats.  Nothing to write home about here--just did it. Planned runs the last two mornings but just cannot get motivated.

When your diet goes to shit, you're stressed, and off even the worst of routines, I'm doomed. I'm realizing that the lax diet of rich german food and double the necessary carbs is starting to take a toll.  When I slip up on carbs I don't feel that immediate sickness some get--mine takes awhile to sink in.  The sluggishness, lack of energy overall, constantly sleepy for no good reason is back.  My belly aches all the time, I'm bloated beyond belief (hoping a sauna visit tomorrow will help that) and I know it is all diet and stress.  I'm trying my best not to get down about it, but its hard not to.  I want to be the girl who can handle all this crap and still feel great and look great. Wonderwoman I am clearly not.  I know I can get back in shape quickly, just dying to get to the point where I can start living my life instead of the one the Army forces me to live.

Only 3 more days here and we'll be back in the land of crap food and bad beer and no bakeries (thank heavens!) My goal is to hit the box at Crossfit Old Town 1-2 times next week, then the Army Ten Miler is a week from Sunday.  After that, we hope to have some clue about what the heck is going on with life, which WILL include a CF box--my hope it to be back training full time at CF Old Town in a mere week and a half.  My new favorite photo:
Auf Wiederschauen Deutschland! (from the balcony at our hotel)


Angie said...

I'm so excited for you to be getting back where you have a CF box to work out at! Although, you've no doubt enjoyed Germany and getting to see lots of awesome stuff over there.

You will get your diet back on track and the rest will fall into place. It's funny you mention the "sickness" other people get when eating carbs. I dont' get that either, but rather the gradual sluggishness over time like you. But knowing you can feel so much better just by eating well is a great incentive!

Love the Alps pix - very lovely!

Tamara said...

Gorgeous photo, mia Amica! CALL ME -- Riley is just dying to meet you both.