Thursday, October 7, 2010

WODs what?!

This week is an absolute blur!!! Moving week here at the Gabriel house....movers are here now packing up our life and we'll see it again in about 3 months...joys of Army life.

I've gotten in a little work this week including a 40min training run and a Tuesday WOD at the gym.

Tuesday WOD
5 pullups
10 walking lunges with 25# overhead
15 airsquats
Time 12min

Slow. Slow. Slow...but those damn pullups are hampering my times. I can't get more than 2 at a time...mostly singles.  Then I tore a callous and started bleeding...good times. Trying not to do too much overhead since my old lat/shoulder injury has me in pain almost 24/7.  Warmup included pushups and burpees and cool down included some GHD's and back extensions. Scheduled a doctor's appointment for the end of the month so that should get me back on track after the spine is back in place.

Hoping to hit a WOD tonight and get in a training run in the am before heading back to the Alps for the weekend.

Counting the days until I can get back in the box and start dialing in the the days go by fewer and fewer pants are fitting....we're almost at freakout stage, but know that about 30% of it is stress and anxiety about the move.

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