Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Its been a long couple of weeks, but it feels so good be "home".  Last night I stayed with my BFF Nikki so I could hit the 0515 class at CrossFit Old Town.  Yes that 5:15am. Requires an early bedtime and an out the door time of at least 0500.  This used to be my m.o. at least four days a week.  I was worried about how the old body would react to such intensity again at such an early hour. I walked through that door though and all those worries went away. No nerves, just sense of calm and normalcy. I was at my home box.  Lots of new faces, lots of old friends and coaches too.  Little time for chatting...just hit the warmup and fell into the groove--back extensions, walking sampson stretch, bootstrappers....

the WOD was:
10 deadlifts
50 double unders
not a named WOD but a classic on the competition circuit for sure.
RX'd weight for women is 185#--heavy! I settled on 125#, but I think I could have easily done 135 to make it harder.   I did the first round with DU's...hit sets of 3-4 right off the bat, then my rope got all freaky on me and started twisting and crap and I just finished the first 50, then did 30 box jumps for rounds 2-3. Total time was 11min.  DL's felt solid and did the first set unbroken, second set with one small break and third set 2 small breaks to regrip. The box jumps sucked, but just like burpees you must have the mentality of just one at a time, one at a time. No records, no stellar performances, but solid hard work, a great sweat, and adrenaline to power the day. Got to love the crossfit energy---oh how i missed you.

It will be a few weeks before I'm back in there regularly, but I can't wait to shed the bavarian bulge and get me some muscles back and just generally feel GOOD.

Nikki made these AMAZING munchy bars last night from a new blog we're following, Oh She Glows.  Totally primal and if you lay off the sugary toppings its not so bad.  Nik literally whipped these up in no time flat and I could have eaten the whole pan. yummo. She whipped up some blueberry topping and viola` dessert! Props to DH Chip too for grilling some yummy turkey breasts and veggies.

Stay tuned for more CF fun.

Oh, and for those wondering about the Army Ten-Miler. It was a DNS as in did not start.  Mental breakdown from exhaustion on Saturday night and needed Sunday to recover. Oh well..not the end of the world. Next up is the Backyard Burn 5 Mile trail race in about 10 days with ALL my girls. Can't wait!

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Angie said...

The whole tone of your blog is different - better - more positive! I'm SO HAPPY for you being back "home" and working out with friends. There is truly nothing that replaces CrossFitting with other people!

Yay for you! to check out the blog for that recipe.