Thursday, March 24, 2011


So the shoulder is still nagging me and its starting to get annoying.  Regardless I've still been hitting the box.  

TUESDAY: 20 minute AMRAP
5 HSPU, 10 Pullups, 15 Box Jump

When I saw this I just laughed.  What else could I do? I was totally going to have to sub. My WOD looked like this. 

10 Ring rows, 10 GHD, 15 box jump.  I got somewhere around 6 rounds, which just felt pretty darn slow.  Box jumps are coming along and feeling stronger, ring rows still aggravated the shoulder a bit.  I was worried about how much the GHDs were going to kill me, but I was hardly sore at all! :)  That's HUGE progress since a mere 20-30 usually hurts for days! 

WOD 1: EMOM for TEN minutes:  1 Clean and Jerk. Load should be heavy, form should be perfect.

I of course was not even going to try for the jerk so I did 2 cleans EMOM.  Used 95# to play it safe. If I was healthy, I think I could have done 100 or 105.

WOD2.) 12 minute amrap 5 Cleans X Dips (7W, 9M).

Needless to say WOD 2 was a DNS...did not start...I tried to work some double unders, got super frustrasted.  Thursday is a rest day...we'll see what Friday brings. 

Taking a break from CF next week.  I need to get my neck adjusted and let this shoulder heal!  Going to spend some time running and maybe hit a new bikram studio

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