Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 2

Day 2 went pretty well. No real cheats as long as you don't count the 2 tsp of peanut butter this afternoon to polish off the jar in my desk.  Hey, it's better than diving into the chocolate bin, right?

Here's the run down:
2 HB eggs
3oz steak
1cup blackberries/raspberries
A few dry roasted almonds--yech, I just can't eat these anymore...
7 Klamata olives--w/pits
4oz pork tenderloin
Kale chips
1/2 sweet potato
Tomato cucumber salad w oil/vinegar
10 grapes--sugar detox will take a day or two

Wod of the day was a bear--we had w choices and I didn't want tondoneither one, but I sucked it up and went anyways and, as always, I am glad I did.

10 min
9 snatch @90% 1rm -75#
12 snatch -65#
15 snatch-55#

My 1rm from about a month ago was 80# so I was happy to do 9 heavy without much trouble. Not quite touch and go, but I got it done. Next two rounds were broken into sets of 4, then 5. Time was 5:23.

Wod2: 10 min cap, 5 rounds of 10 t2b and 6 hspu.
I got 4 rounds and did hspu w 15# plate and a mat. Need to work on these more... I had given up but this is something that i really want to work on over the winter strength wise.

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