Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Still Working at It

Well, per usual I can't stay committed to anything! And I have all the stupid excuses in the book. i'm mad at myself, but you know what? I'm doing better and I'm ok with that. I continue to learn where the pitfalls are with my diet, mood, sleep, etc.

Today was a decent day, oh wait, nope...cheats...damn. I'd really like to avoid dairy, but....

2 hard boiled eggs, smidge of mayo to make egg salad
1/2 pbj (there was bread i the house--gasp!! and i was craving a pbj)
slice of meatloaf
2 cups frozen green beans/peas
handful of cashews
1oz of cheese
kabab sirloin style
5 olives
bottle of iced tea


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