Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It feels good to be home

I've been home exactly a month now and things are starting to click.  I started back at work and the box last week and got of to a great start.  Routines feel so good.  Waking up a 0440 is not so hard when you have somewhere to be with people you like!

I have a lot of thoughts, reflections, and feelings that I would love to write about but I'm terribly short on time.  I'm going to just be posting my stats here for a bit--we started a six week strength cycle last week and it has been great to get some baselines on my oly lifts and other skills.  Here is the log of my last week which includes, Crossfit, yoga, and a Trail Race!   Now to get the eating back on track and my size 10 pants should fit again in no time.  I had to go buy new pants for work since all of my pants are too uncomfortable right now.  I won't say they don't fit, but they certainly don't feel right or look very good. That's a whole other depressing story, but I'm going to be weighing my diet options--strict paleo for 30 days? Strict Zone? Weight watchers? God only knows that left to my own devices I will not be successful. Either way, a food journal starts today to start counting calories, protein, and carb intake. 


Tuesday, November 16th
3RM Back Squat with Chains

My effort: 105#.  The chains are a whole new animal.  The chains themselves weigh about 80 extra pounds, but on the downward motion they are weightless then coming out of the bottom of the squat you have to explode to get the pile of metal off the floor.  The real key though is your breath and keeping your abs tighter than you ever thought.  I felt this was a pretty solid effort.

Then, WOD 2.) once through: 30 GHD Situp, 60 Jumping Lunge , 90 Double under, 60 Air Sq, 30 Swings .   Subbed abmats, single jumps at 180 reps, and 45# KBS. 

Monday, November 15th
 WOD 1). 20min: 3 position Clean&Jerk. This is basically a 3RM Clean&Jerk but each clean is from a different position. You can dump and reset each rep. High hang Clean&Jerk, above knee Clean&Jerk, Floor Clean&Jerk. 
My effort: 95#.  Failed at the above the knee, but from the floor was solid.  90# for the full 3  For some reason this is the only record of a clean AND jerk WOD i have...i guess I avoidd C&J days.
*Rest 3 min*
WOD2).  10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Dips, and (24) Box Jump
 My time: 9:57   Used a red band and 24' box jumps
Sunday, November 14th
Backyard Burn 5 mile Trail Run
My foray back into racing.  Was with my girls again, Tamara, Kayla, Michelle, Nikki, and new addition Jill, plus Chip and Stuart cheering us on!  I'll do a separate post on this later
Time: 52:43 for 5.5miles  19/76 for age group of 30-40

Saturday, November 13
Stretch and Conditioning Yoga with Chip and Nikki.  75 minutes of nice long stretches and yoga poses.  Was theraputic for us all!

Friday, November 12th 
WOD 1). Overhead SQ x 3 (18minutes) 
*rest 3 min*
WOD 2). “Big Bad Wolf”
12 MIN CUT-OFF 3 rounds: 10 OHS(75w-115m), 10 Burpee, 10 Pullup
Time: 9:57

I used just 45# on the bar for the 3 rounds, but did each set unbroken. The point was speed.  Did all 30 pullups without much belly aching.  It felt amazing...and I tore a callous and bled. I felt tough again!

Wednesday, November 9th
Push Pressx3=85
WOD 2). 3min max Ring Dips, 3min max Double-under,  3min max GHD Situp, 3min max Calories row. 1 min rest between each.  I forget my total, but a week later my abs still ache from the 50 GHD's I did...so sad.


kd said...

glad you're doing well! i owe you an email for sure; crazy Schweinfurt is kicking my butt!

Angie said...

Well, I'm glad to see you posting here. You'll be back feeling good in those size 10's in no time!!