Monday, December 6, 2010

First Friday December and SNATCH

First Friday's at CFOT mean that you get to pick a Hero/Girl workout and crush it. Your choice.  I hate FF's because Hero and Girls are chalk full of lots of pullups. UGH. My hands were still shredded, so lots of pullups were not a smart option.  Nor was a long brutal metcon---the endurance isn't yet there.

I picked Jackie: 1000m row, 50 35# thursters, 30 pullups. Easy right? Ummm, no. The row was solid, just over 4minutes, thrusters were evil.  I was still so sore from Tuesday. TUESDAY PEOPLE!! Jeeez. Then pullups...I'd given up on time at this point. I was past 10 minutes and the body was shutting down.  I didn't quit, but some minutes later I finally finished. I shut off the clock mentally and just finished the pullups 2 at a time.

Wod 1: 12 min high hang squat snatch x 1
The point was to work the movement and mobility of the squat snatch.  My squat was miserable for the first few attempts with the bar, and I ditched the bar for the training bar. Blurg...the training bar.  I just had to dial in the form and soon enough I was up to 55#.  I nailed 60# a few times and then the squat got sloppy.  New PR on the squat snatch-60#!

Wod 2: 12, 9, 6, 3  Snatch and Push Press
Left the bar loaded at 55# and hit some snatches as a warmup and then a few push press.  Jerry wanted to bump me up to 65#, but I declined....we'll get there. Trying not to throw out my back as I'm still working the core strength. Snatch felt strong and all the push presses were unbroken.  I breezed through the WOD in 7:40.  

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