Monday, June 6, 2011

"Dumbell-burpee-squat-clean-thruster"-ing Sucks.

WOD 1:
15 minutes:
Back squat x 3

3 rounds:
9 DB-burpee-squat clean-thrusters (35 lb/25 lb)  (video here)
12 slam-ball
15 pullups
WOD 1: 155#, WOD 2: 11:52 (20#, 35# KB sub for slamball)

So it was the first day back in the box after the vacation.  No need to shoot for a PR here after running the half marathon on Saturday. More to come on that.  I felt nice and fine at 155 this morning. Got in the work, but no need to kill myself.  WOD 2 was a whole different story! This combo movement sucked the life out of you. i totally could have gone for 25#, but we were out of DBs with so many women in this morning. Plus, my wrist never likes db thrusters, so better to play it safe. KB's were super easy and fast, and pullups weren't so bad.  Was hitting a consistent 4 reps or so.  Was pacing myself with Laura this morning and secretly competing with her (trust me, she's WAY stronger than me), and it was what I needed to fight through the thrusters, then finish the pullups. Thanks Laura!

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