Friday, June 3, 2011

A week off

I've taken a week off to travel home to Chicago to be with family and friends. I'm not sure this was the best timing for the paleo challenge and for having the half marathon tomorrow. Regardless, its been nice to rest but I'm anxious to get back in the box and moving again.

While home, I managed a 10mile training run a week ago, a short bike ride with Chip (our first one since his stroke!!), and hit one WOD at CF Tri-Cities.  3 workouts in a week? Boy do I feel lazy.  That combined with awful food choices and I really need to get back on track.

The training run went much better than the last few and while I ran out of energy again at about mile 8, I think it was more hydration than anything.  This whole LD training just takes a lot of pre-planning. 

It was thrilling to finally get out on a trail with Chip.  We got his bike outfitted at a cycling shop that specializes in adaptive cycling.  It was awesome to see Chip in control, speeding along on the trail, happy.  I'm looking forward to many more rides this summer!

Heading over to Crossfit Tri-Cities in St. Charles was a great decision.  They have a great facility and Mark, the head coach, was really welcoming. We had an awesome warmup, then hit a strength WOD. Backsquats x 5.  We hit a 3x WOD a few weeks ago and hit 170.  I hit 155 today and I think I could have done 160.  This is the lift I've seen the most consistent progress on over the last few months.  Lots of fun! We also did the regionals WOD of: 20 cal row, 30 burpees, 40 DB ground 2 OH, 50 T2B, 100ft lunges, 150ft sprint.  just shy of 20 minutes, i think.

Tomorrow is the half marathon and I'll post a full race report on Sunday. I need to post a full report on the paleo challenge too. 

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