Monday, June 27, 2011


Poor lonely I've missed you! I've been CFitting regularly, hitting PR's, learning new lifts, eating like a cave girl, loosing weight, and feeling great!

Since I last posted I finished my half marathon-Not a hugely awesome experience, except for the post race party which involved some amazing wine and cheese and good times with friends.  I ran a 2:05, just shy of my goal, but for not training all that hard, not too shabby. Here I am pushing towards the finish. Yes, I'm in pain...running 13.1miles with no cartilage in your knees is just kinda stupid...and boy do I need a TAN!

I've embarked on another paleo challenge, really trying to make this a lifestyle, not a diet.  I've lost some weight and if you're lucky i'll post some photos someday if I can stand the sight to show people the real results of what paleo can do for you.

I've recently learned how to sumo deadlift and today worked on the "heaving snatch balance".  I put up 105# and felt pretty awesome about that. We've not done a 1RM snatch in forever, so I know it is way more than the 80lbs I worked with in a WOD last week. :) (2xsnatch EMOM x 10min)

Worked some HSPUs on 6/20, but couldn't eek anything out beyond a 45# plate and an abmat. Sad that I wasn't stronger here.

Took a second stab at Elizabeth on 6/16 and used 75# for the squat cleans and skinny orange band for the ring dips. Finished around 16 mins....4min slower, with 10 more lbs..
Pulled a really ugly deadlift @ 250# PR...can't wait to hit this one again.
Ran my fastest 1mile time in well over a year on 6/8/11...a 7:30 as part of the WOD "Jerry".
Hit a 125# split jerk PR on 6/ if only my clean was that strong.
Hit a 120# clean PR at the end of my 1st paleo challenge.  Ready to get after this one too.

Looking to finish June strong and turn to an even STRONGER July!

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