Monday, January 16, 2012


What a horrible day. What can I say.
I was mentally ready to attack this. Physically I was not. I knew that halfway through the warm up that it was not a good idea to even attempt this.  I pulled some back muscles last week and have aggravated them ever since, in every WOD since then.  Today I found myself in tears halfway through the round of 15, back spasming, thinking DNF, but no, I wasn't smart enough to quit. I should have.

10 awful minutes later it was all over. I spent about 5 minutes actually doing the work, the other 5 staring and hovering over the bar, flailing on the pullups. total time was 10:04.  I don't have a Fran cough, my quads are not on fire tonight, clearly not even close to an full effort, but my back still aches.

This week is benchmark week at CFOT and I'm going to end up sitting most of it out, and I'm pissed. I should just suck it up, but no, I'm mad.  Mad at myself for taking rest and getting to the chiropractor when I knew I needed to go, not going lighter on a WOD when I just wanted to be a badass and prove myself I could do it. Oh yea, I can, but I can't do anything else for like a week....

Back is technically sound, just stronger than my abs apparently, which is what is causing all this pain. Time to work on the core and train smarter.

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