Sunday, January 22, 2012

Recap of the week

Last week ended up not so great.  I did Fran and was in a world of hurt. Took Tuesday as a rest day. Hit the benchmark on Wednesday of 100 burpees for time. Time was 8:20.  I went at about 85% effort and made sure there were no floppies.  I would love to hit this again for a sub 8:00 time.

Thursday was Jackie. I was feeling a little better and just wanted to get in a move so I warmed up the back, hit a few hundred meters on the rower and a few pullups for a warmup.  

1000m Row

45 pound Thruster  50 reps

30 pull-ups

Time: 12:43

Thursday night I felt awful and was in bed by 8:30 and I decided to sleep in Friday morning. I slept in Saturday morning too--lazy lazy rest days. I feel bad about not doing anything, but I'm listening to my body which is screaming--REST, SLEEP. So I am.

Ready to hit it hard (and smart) in the box this week.

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