Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday Intervals and TNG Tuesday

Monday intervals...pullups were going to be my goat on this one and that they were. Rowing was not so bad. i think 1 minute sprints are my max output...anything more and I just suck. I did get 10 pullups in a row on the first round. That's a rare thing.

5 sets-
15 UNBROKEN pullups, (order of preference is C2B, COVP, then Regular. If you don’t yet have 15 unbroken scale to 10 reps anyhow)
15 feet elevated, thighs off ground, hand release pushups
15 wallball
15 calorie row
2-3 min rest between each Set
Add all 5 sets together and record TOTAL.

Total time was 17:XX.  Intervals were between 3-4 minutes...got slower each round.


6 Sets
Every 90 seconds
5 Touch and Go
Hang Clean & Jerk 

Loved this fast wod. Worked at 85# which was lighter than I wanted to go, but I worked to eliminated the pause between my clean and jerk.  I was able to do all 6 sets unbroken and didn't pause between clean and the jerk. Had to work hard to get under the bar and get the elbows up! 

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kd said...

Just checking in--I like reading your WOD updates!

I'm back in the gym after over 6 months off due to a post-baby complication. So I am a total weakling right now.

BUT--D and I will be headed your way this summer for a year of language training. Need your guidance on a good box!