Sunday, November 21, 2010

Front Squats, more squats, then Run

20 minute time limit
3 RM front squat
Top Load: 3x120
2x125 (I wussed out on the third, but I totally had it)


Bottom to Bottom Tabata
:20 work :10 rest in the BOTTOM SQUAT position
Record lowest # of reps=9

After last bottom hold...
Run 1 mile: 8:37 boy were the legs wobbly.

I could have pushed the mile run much much harder, but it was dark--pitch black along the river and I ran with someone who hadn't run the loop before.  Front squats felt awesome even after BSQ's on Tuesday.  Tabata with a hold at the bottom was an evil evil twist! I should have done better on these, but the leg endurance is still coming back.   Wednesday and Thursday life totally got away from me and I didn't make it to the was a planned rest day, but the other, well, let's just say apartment living keeps me up some nights...

Ready for another awesome week in the box!

PS--just looked up my PR for front squats.  Recorded 125x2 on November 19th of last year.  Boy does that feel good.

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