Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Clean and Jerk PR and Wicked Kettlebells

A must read for the day, from Blair Morrison, Fitness is...


10 Min-3 cleans, 1 jerk from the high hang
10 min-2 cleans, 1 jerk from just above the knees
10 min-1RM power C&J

Loved the ramp up here to REALLY work on the form.  Top load was 105#, my first Clean and Jerk PR, and a PR (i think) for both lifts individually!

The best part was lifting with my BF Nikki.  We were neck and neck the whole WOD.  Mostly silent, letting each other just do her thing, but there for each other with that "you got this", "fast elbows", "deep breath".  We were so in sync it was great.  Then we both nailed the 105, each of us doubting ourselves, but believing the other had it.  Nothing more rewarding that a morning in the gym with a friend, hitting a ton of badass C&J.


So the strength WOD was 5xback squats with chains.  I realized that 3 weeks back in the box at the start of a six week strength series and mediocre diet are not going to get me 10lb lighter.  I'm consistently weighing in at CFOT at 165lbs.  I would like to be back to 155 by February.  I had my month to work on just getting in the groove again, now its time to hit it hard. That means more met-cons, better food, less sugar, and supplemental cardio. Ugh. I JUST want my pant to fit...I know it will come but i hate sitting all day in tight pants!!

I did the "Alt" WOD this morning...which is most often 2x worse than the oly lifts.  Today looked like this:

Evil Kettlebell WOD
At the "Infidel" level....one less than HTFU....
40 burpess, 80 kettlebell swings, 120 goblet squats, 80 KBHP, 40 jumping lunges.
Women 35/Men 53

Holy crap...doesn't look bad on paper right? Wrong. Hard as nails.  The goal was not to drop the KB, but that didn't happen, yea right. I breezed right on through the burpees, KB swings weren't too bad...knocked those out in sets of 20, squats were the ultimate killer. started with sets of 10, then moved up to sets of 15.  HP's were 10-15 at a time, and I split the lunges into 4 sets of 10.  This was a mental killer.  You just want to stop after about 50 KB swings! I finished in 28:07 and was proud of my effort even though I dropped the weight....a lot.

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Angie said...

I'm smiling for you having your best friend to workout with. It makes a huge difference in your workouts to have a buddy. My workout buddy is now 7 months pregnant. She's still killing the WOD's, but it's just different right now with he having to modify stuff.

Your Feb weight goal is totally doable!!!