Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Regional WODish

There will be a strict 30 minute time limit on this WOD:
75 Pullup, 75 KB Swing (35W, 53M), 75 Double-under, 75 Overhead Sq (65W, 95m).
Straight through.

I went into Tuesday morning doubting myself. Doubting my abilities to finish this WOD, actually finish 75 pullups.  Its been a long time since I've done much volume work on my pullups.  I started neysaying before the WOD and my teammates were there to give me the "you can do this", "i know you can".

I decided to hop on the high pullup bars, the ones I need a box to get to.  When you hang on the high bars and work that hard to get up there you really don't want to come down!  I started out hitting 8 in a row, then 5, then 5, then 5, and I just kept on going for 5's.  And kept going.  I hit 25, took a rest, hit a thing i knew I was at 50.  I hopped down to my "normal bars" and was only hitting 2's and 3's. I went back to the high bars and finished out the last 18-20.  My palm ripped on the 73rd rep, but I pushed out the last two.  On to KB swings, which were a piece of cake, minus an exhausted grip.  I subbed 4:1 single jumps for DUs and just breezed through-fast.  OHS were going to be a beast-I loaded a bar at 55lbs...I had done some volume on Friday at 65lbs--my first OHS wod in quite some time...
I got 15 on the first round and told myself that I only had to do it 4 more times.  I doubted myself again, but loaded it up and got 15 more.  Round 3 of 4...I got some cheering from the sidelines of people from the next class. I heard, Looking strong erin, keep it up, core tight, you got this, from Gar, Shannon, Mike, Nikki...I knew I could do it.  I finished in 28 minutes. I did it. It felt absolutley amazing. 

Got a massage last night and took a rest day to let the massage do its magic.

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