Thursday, September 23, 2010

Laziness Overcome

This week has been a little crazy with all the moving and last minute chores, but I managed to squeeze in a WOD last night because I could not let a beautiful sunny day pass me by.

Earlier in the day I was mowing the lawn and doing other yardwork and I sat for awhile and started at that pullup bar hanging from my garage.  The thing whispers little taunts at me fairly often--I've ignored them for months.  I got this bar for my birthday back in April and after a few attempts at pullups decided that I hated it.  It's a rogue swinging bar and I could not hold on, it gave wicked calouses after 1-2 kips.  As I've written before, I've mostly given up on pullups.  Yesterday, I got on that bar and tried again. I got two in a row.

I finished the yard work and started devising a little WOD for the yard. Looked like this:

5 Rounds
5 pullups
10 kbswings
15 box jumps

I wasn't going to do this for time since I had no idea how the pullups were going to go. I just wanted to get the pullups going.  And I DID! I even got three in a row a few times.  Now that I have switched my grip to the wrapped thumb version, its much easier.  Plus, my bar is just a bit skinnier than than the rogue bars at the gym.  No more taunting---now I'll be out there more often.  Hopefully doing a few every day!

Pullup laziness is offically over.

On another note, you must all read this post from Blair Morrison's Anywherefit blog.
More on my quest to "Ring the Bell" coming soon.

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Angie said...

Great job on the pull-ups!!