Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Small steps

After a little over a week of being sick you have to start back with small steps to see where you body is at. Are you going to hack up a lung? Will your sinuses hold on to the goo for 30 minutes? Will your heart keep a normal beat?

I still have the remanents of my cold/sinus infection, but am "feeling" better.  Yesterday, I tested myself on c_wiss's "10" workout.  I popped in a dvd for distraction and did it in my living room.  Not so much moto here, but got the work done.

10 pushups
10 abmat situps
10 squats
Time: 17min
After reading her pushup link I vowed to stay off my knees the entire time and I DID IT! They were not beautiful chest to deck, but I went to parallel or beyond each rep and no touching of the thighs on the ground. This cost me a few minutes for sure, but whatevs.  I did all the pushups off my knees and managed not to hack a lung. No more knees for me!

Today I had a little trouble finding some moto to do ANYTHING. We got our orders to report back to Washington DC this morning so my day was consumed with briefings about proper moving procedures. Oh what fun! My mind is elsewhere if you can't tell...counting the days, making appointments, worrying about where we will live next, money, and how I'm going to make all my work clothes fit in 8 short weeks. Well, they will only fit if i get my ass moving!

~4 mile train run-easy pace
3 rounds
20 kbhp (35#)
20 lunges
10 ring dips (red band)
I didn't time myself on any of this.  I didn't want any pressure given how sick I've been. I'll get back to the intensity when I'm 100%.  The intensity was pretty high though, sweating, heart racing, etc. It all felt good.  Going to hit a strength WOD in the am, then its back to moving chaos!

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Angie said...

I'm hoping you're feeling way better by now. I've been away for a few days.

Congrats on the push ups! Awesome! I get tempted to go back to my knees now and then but I won't do it. Keep up the good work.

I know you're swamped thinking about moving, but it's back to DC!! That's awesome - I mean there are CrossFit gyms there! Yay!!