Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Front Squats and Run

After 2 weeks of being under the weather, I'm back in the gym.  I'm feeling really weak and everything is really hard.

Front squat x3
75, 85, 95, 105, 105, 115(2)

This was a weak effort, but you got to start somewhere. I should have had 115 for 3 but the form fell  on rep #2 and I wasn't sure how to correct it so instead of screwing with my back, I called it a day.  Conditioning was row intervals:
300m-i forget
Rest 2-3 minutes between intervals.  Was chatting with Jason and we think the rowers are a bit off and not cleaned/maintained since both our rowing times of late have been quite slow.  I was fairly happy with the effort.

4.5mile trail run
Have to get back out there. I tried running on Sunday and nearly had an asthma attack. Not cool.  Trying to build up to another 7miler.  The legs are sluggish and my cardio since being sick is just not there. So this week is several attempts and shorter runs just to stay conditioned.

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