Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So for those of you regular readers, you know I've been on a bit of a pullup hiatus.  Pullup bars are not all that accessable here in our military gums (sad, huh?) and if there are any, you can pretty much only do a strict pull on them.  The ones outside are nice, but its so rainy here. Well, we asked for and have now received a Rogue pullup bar system. Yea! Right?

Well, as can be expected the first WOD was UGLY. UGLY.  I thought that some Cindy would be good for me. 5 pullups is managable, right? Um, no...sadly. I discovered today that I learned my kipping pullups on a skinny bar--i.e. the circumference of the bar was small.  Rogue bars are much thicker and require significantly more grip strength since I can't quite keep my hands all the way on their when I come down from the kip...I just slide right off! I could only get two in a row at most. The rest were singles.  I was quite sad. BUT--I'm not giving up.   I have my red band and it will just be my friend for a little while.  I'm also open to suggestions about pullup technique and building grip strength. I am strong enough to get up there--I just can't hold on!!  Finished a measly 6 rounds and finished with situps and planks.

In other news--I have a new challenge.  My BFF Nikki, (far left in photo) needed to set a crossfit goal. We have agreed to a pullup challenge.  She must have 1 pullup by the time I return to DC.  I must have 5 in a row.  GIRL...IT'S ON!!  This will take serious dedication from us both.

Army 10 miler training is going well. I got in a fast 3 mile trail run last night and am shooting for another 6 miler tomorrow--nice and easy 9min mile pace. I also signed up for a race in the Backyard Burn Series as a comeback race with my running buddies.  A five mile trail run! We're all signed up to run!
Fairfax 4-Miler, New Years Eve 2008   
Paris is on tap for the weekend I'll have a little travel blogging for you next week.

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c wiss said...

Yes, those Rogue bars are a freakin' bitch to hang on to!

Some things you can do for grip -- as part of your warmup, just hang from the bar for time. Also, do you wrap your thumb around the bar when you do pullups, or put it over the bar w/ the rest of your fingers? I started wrapping my thumb around (closed grip) and that has helped some. Also, when you get to the top of the kip, and you're above the bar, let go and regrip. I can only do this when my kip is super-strong, but it has definitely helped me.

Love the pullup challenge with your friend! :)