Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Exploring the Trails

Today was a beautiful day outside and I had to take advantage of it.  I accidentally slept right through my alarm this am and missed crossfit.  I was pissed, so I had to end the day with a long run.

I am running the Virginia Wine Half Marathon on June 4th and have been slacking on my training.  Time to get to business.  I decided that I would just go run for an hour at whatever pace the body allowed.  I kept a 10 minute mile pace, for the full hour, and I'm pretty happy with that for a 1st training run of the season.  Room for improvement, but I didn't die and I only stopped for traffic and to stretch a few times to work out the kinks.  I covered a full 6 ish miles--just have to do that twice and I'll be in good shape.

I enjoyed hitting the trails by my house and it was the first time out there--the trails are nice and crowded with bikers, but I've got clear space to run for miles and miles which is pretty cool. The bikers just make me want to get back on my bike though---its much much less painful than running.

Back to CFOT tomorrow morning!

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