Monday, April 18, 2011

The Harold

Ok, I am a bit behind on blogging.  Mother in law was in town last week and just didn't have a lot of extra time to blog.  We'll start fresh again. I've decided its time to really start to HTFU (harden the fuck up) and get strong.  I had great results with the paleo, died off dealing with the shoulder injury, and now its time to get focused.  I've got a half marathon in 6 weeks and I really want to do 2 triathlons this year.

Today's WOD:
7 rounds for time:
7 deadlifts (155w/225m)
9 C2B pullups
200m sprint
Time: 25:15

I HTFU'd and did the 155# deadlifts and did pretty well.  Kept a solid pace of 4 touch and go, then three.  Pullups were my disdain, but I was focused on getting 2 solid kips in a row each round.  I was just happy to do that volume with nothing hurting in my shoulder! yea!

Tomorrow is strict press--we'll see how the shoulder does.  I also have to go back and record last week.  The highlight was a 5x back squat at 150 that seemed easy! :)d

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