Friday, January 29, 2010

2 in a row

That makes almost 4 workouts this week. 

Thursday WOD:
1 RM Front Squats
45, 65, 85, 95, 110, 115
Max Effort: 115lbs

Extra: pullups, kb swings, handstands. Fun screwing around in the gym!

I was not exactly happy about my efforts but I have to realized I am doing this on very little sleep, extreme stress, etc.  Also, I haven't front squatted very much at all.  Got my first 1RM in late Nov/December.  I hit 125lbs then.

I'm not sure what is going on my the oly it really loss of strength? intensity? coaching? enviornment? trusting my body? spotters? not being able to drop the weight? I really don't know.  I had to hit 110 and 115 each twice because I didn't get down far enough.  My posterior chain was really tight from sitting in crappy hospital chairs all day for a week straight and I wasn't trusting myself.  I want to hit front squats again soon.  I know I can do more.  I felt like I could but I was so tired and we don't need 2 of us in the hospital!

I lifted with Logan and she hit a super solid 105lbs.  She stuggled with 95lb and 100lbs but I got her to take a REALLY DEEP BREATH and she just sank them.  I imitated Jerry....wwwwssssssshhhhhhh.  Tight core....hold it. sink it. wwwwwssshhhhh.  She's been crossfitting hard this month and is feeling really strong and she got her first kipping pullup recently!Woot!

Friday WOD:
CF mainsite WOD
10 min HSPU
5 min squats
2 min pullups
1 min pushups

Ok, I can't do a HSPU yet.  Neither can Logan.  What to do...attempt this with a mod or do something else.  Hell, we went for it.  We just did handstands for 10 min straight holding as long as possible.  My handstand is definitely improving! I did 180 squats, about 10 pullups and a bunch of negatives since still no pullup bars...GRR!  26 pushups.  Plus 25 more to make 50 for the day. :)

Solid workout. Met another crossfitter and the rumors about something more formal continue to swirl. I'm hoping.  I really want to go to the Cert at RAF Mildenhall England, but with everything with Chip I feel like I can't commit.  sigh....

My goal for next week is to get the eating back on track...this is MUST!

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