Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Power Clean, Pull Ups

5 Rounds
5 Heavy Power Cleans (70lbs)
10 pullups (machine assisted)

Hit a 6am WOD with my friend Logan. Boy it felt good to get up and start the day right again!  Worked with Logan on clean techniques for awhile.  I'm  terrible at coaching cleans since I'm not so good at them myself, but we got her started! 

This was a burner after the tabata pushups last night-arms are like noodles.  I think a few more weeks on the pullup machine and I'll be able to move over to the other apparatus and start doing mini kips for the full WOD. I hope...Oh how I miss you CFOT pull up bars... (I seriously never thought I would say that!)


Jason B. said...

Keep it up! Maybe install a pull-up bar at the house this summer? I put one up in the garage after the new year and supplemented it with rings. My shoulder is cursing me but I have already seen results. Maybe that is a nice home answer as well? Miss ya, keep it going!

Christine said...

concur on the home pull up bar... Ours may not get a ton of use from me, but it is there when it is needed... box is closed for holiday, Thomas during running seasons, etc. Go for it.