Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Making it Happen again

Tuesday WOD:
50 perfect pushups

Wednesday WOD:
5 Rounds for Time
500 m row
7 Thrusters (50lbs...)
time: 18:40

This was the CF mainpage WOD for Monday. Easy to hit it at my gym.  It called for heavy thrusters, but I honestly don't remember doing any since FGB in September.  My wrist is still bothering me, I'm all out of sorts, so I went light.  Thank god I did.  On the second round, second rep I completely thrusted the bar into my jaw. I forgot to move my head out of the way! OUCH. OUCH. It hurt my teeth more than anything. One might now be a little more crooked than before. I wanted to drop the bar and cry---I'm so exhausted mentally. But I didn't.  There is no crying in Crossfit.  I powered through the rest and every pull of the rower and every thruster I thought of Chip's situation--I just used my anger as motivation.

50 full situps
50 pushups

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