Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lost in the Woods after Barbara

Behind on blogging--this was my Sunday WOD:

5 RFT (rest 3 min between rounds)
20 pullups (subbed dips)
30 pushups
40 situps
50 squats
Time: 38min

This sucked. Brutal.  Did dips instead of pullups getting creative again in the house.  I had to do all the pushups on my knees I was so weak.  Sits up and squats were good....this workout just took forever.  I had the music in the house cranked, but the movtivation was lacking with Chip in the hospital.

Post WOD I pulled on a fleece and some trail shoes and headed out in the woods.  It was beautiful. Snowy, brisk, and absolutely silent except for the crunch crunch of the snow under my feet.  I mapped out my Crossfit 400m and 800m turnaround points on the trail and then proceed on what I thought to be a 2-3 mile jaunt.  My lungs screamed at the cold and my legs cried "why!" for that first mile or so, but I settled in nicely at mile 2. So much so that I wanted to tack on another mile....or 4.  I took the "red" trail which apparently cuts off into another part of the park. 2 miles later I decided to back track and follow my footsteps back towards civilization.  Nearly got mauled by a large long haired German shepherd type dog.  In this scenario, with an 80 dog running at you full speed, just scream "NEIN!" and point at the dog.  He stopped dead in his tracks! :) Life saved. I then kept on running! Later, I asked for directions from a guy when I got to these crossroads for all three of the main trails.  Thank goodness I can ask directions auf Deutsch!

I had to walk some of the hills since my legs were really tired from 250 squats, but tt was just so pretty out I didn't mind being cold and wet.  And, the trails were better traveled than the roads!  I love the sunday German tradition of family time walking in the park--now if only Chip could've joined me.

Monday WOD
3X Max Power Cleans
45, 55, 65,75, 85 (failed at 95)

Again, motivation was lacking but form is getting better and all pulls were from the floor this time around.

Finisher--2k row (8:40) 
I've never rowed this far before.  Didn't go all out, but about 80-90% effor the entire time. Then,

3 Rounds
50 situps
50 flutter kicks

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Jason B. said...

Hang in there...your adventurous spirit continues to inspire. Hopefully Chip is home with you tonight as hoped!