Monday, January 25, 2010

Making it Happen

As many of my readers know, Chip has been in the hospital since Wednesday evening. Again.  He has had two strokes since then, but has been stable since Friday.  He has lost mobility in his right arm and leg. Nothing, nada. No wiggling of the toes, no tap of the fingertip.  He has mobility in the shoulder and hip joints but that is about it. Doctors expect full recovery, but it will long and frustrating.

Needless to say, working out has not been a high priority, nor eating properly, hydrating with water instead of wine, nor a plethora of other things.  Oh, and the movers came Thursday...I now have a house of boxes. And my mother in law is here to help...thank goodness...I was able to have some me time for a a quick WOD.

Keeping sane and stable during these very very challenging times is hard. CFOT got me through a 15 month deployment and I hope that CF will continue to nourish and heal me mentally and physically.

Todays WOD:
20 dips
20 pushups
20 abmats
20 squats

My strength is clearly going downhill as a  record my times and exercises here.  My pushups were all on my knees. bleh. Funishment is 50 everyday for a week, no if ands or buts. I worked up a nice sweat in my of my makshift box to come. :)

My goal is to just get in little WODs like this every day.  I hope to unearth the jump rope and kettlebell tomorrow to add DU's, KB swings, high pulls, etc in soon.

I dedicate all my WODs for the next month to Chip. 


Jason B. said...

Hang in there, we are all thinking of you both. Here for you, even though quite a way across the pond.

Tamara said...

Good for you, E! You'll be much better able to take care of Chip if you also make time to take care of yourself.

Sending lots of hugs.