Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Missing CFOT

I am truly missing CFOT right now.  For nine months, the box was my "place". My place to be me, my support system while Chip was away, friends, my encouragment and inspiration, my place to make me a better me and, of course, throw lift/throw heavy things.  While CFOT is still my inspiration for my workouts here, the motivation is slipping, the gym certainly is not my "place", my encouragement and support is there virtually (love you guys) but there is no substitue for a loud "Mornin' Erin" from Jerry or Dan, some moto from Sean and Katie to go big or go home, or my loyal lifting partners...Christine, Keturah, Megan, Shannyn, etc, etc.

This morning was a disaster. I woke up and stumbled in the dark to find a t-shirt and pants, digging though the piles on the floor. we have no dressers....  I managed to put every article of clothing on backwards...I grab my stuff to run to the gym and out the door I go. Crap. I need a garage key...where is it? Run back upstairs, wake chip. Get key. Can't open garage.  Door is stuck. Almost crying now... come on muscles...you are CF strong.  I finally moved the lock.  Hit every red light on the way to gym.  Get there late and PT has already started.  Place is swarming with soliders. No room for squat cleans.  now what?

Make room! I found a corner and started warming up.  They just got kettlebells here so I started with some swings, etc.  I was already getting stares like "oh...that's what you do with those things..."  On to cleans. No barbells to be had but they just got some pre-loaded bars and I used those.  40-50-60-70-80 for warm up. \

Then I did yesterday's CFOT WOD:
2 squat cleans on the minute for 12 minutes (I did 15 rounds)
I managed 7 rounds of 80lbs and 8 rounds of 70lbs. 

I was the talk of the gym this morning apparently. I was in a back corner with the free weights and guys kept coming over to the corner, lingering, chatting. I stared them down and they left.  I had my back to the mirror and don't even want to know what was going on behind me.  And you know I don't exactly go for the fashionista title at the gym, but apparently these men don't see many women.  Now, all this was going down  in a gym, this was during Army PT time.  I was the only person sweating or moving at a speed faster than a turtle. I had to convince an female solider to use a 12lb kb vs and 8lb kb for her two handed overhead tricep move she was doing.  Needless to say, my opinions of the Army PT program are probably best kept to myself.  I told Chip his soliders should be at least required to sweat at their PT. :)

On WOD #2 due to space I had to cut the OHS PVC squats.
So, 4 rounds

20 back extensions
40 anchored situps (nice anchors here)

I blew through these and just pushed the lazy soliders away who thought that standing next to the things or leaning on them was a workout. I felt great after this.  Now, if the weather would warm up and all these guys would go outside, I might have more fun with my WODS

I did the Friday WOD too.
Strict Press 5x max
top load 70 (3 rep max is 75) so I felt good about this.

Then did 5 RFT of 12 pullups, 50ft of walking lunges with 20lb weigh. Time: 14min.

Hope to hit more WOD's more frequently but the weather and schedules are not cooperating...


Jason B. said...

Keep it up kiddo, we miss you. Your determination is an inspiration to all of us still at the mothership (CFOT). Keep it going!!!

Sean said...

We miss you too Gabes!

Christine said...

Stick with it and teach that female soldier how to KBS. The other part of "bloom where you are planted" is "grow your own". Not fun, but true. I am pretty confident that you can grow your own CF mates, one KBS at a time. KBS was my first decent CF move... I hope it is for someone else over there. Don't give up... if you swing it, they will come... okay, 'nuf hallmarky (d:)) cliches..