Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tabata This Tabata That

So the day was almost over, the weather was crappy, I was crabby and I had yet to do a CF WOD....

My friend Logan was taking the day off since she was uber sore from snowboarding all weekend. I was disappointed, but could totally relate. So, instead of trekking across town again, I put some blared some music on the bose, set the iphone stop watch and got me some Tabata.

One round: 
Tabata Squats - Hit at least 16 reps each round. Max was 18 reps.

4 minute rest (the landlord stopped by)

Tabata pushups - 10, 8, 8, 6, then I dropped to my knees and aimed for 5-6 each remaining round. I really hate pushups.

2 minute rest

Tabata ABMATs - Hit 15 reps the first 4 rounds, then 11 the remaining 4

I've been itching to get in a run.  I miss being outside, the fresh air, lungs hurting, adreniline pumping...the weather has just been really bad. Too snowy (+6 inches), pouring rain/sleet, or too icy.  Tonight it was damp and foggy.  This is the worst running weather for me.  Arthritis sets into my knee and a jog down the block can sent me into a ferocious asthma attack.  Since we've already spent too much time at the hospital here, I opted for a short run on this warmish (40 degrees) foggy night.  A jog all the way down the hill on our street, down the next big hill, then turn around and run back was my plan.  I drive the hills every day and have only pondered running them.  It was only a mere .3 miles downhill completed in under two minutes.  After a pause to ponder my insanity at the bottom, I turned and ran back up.  It took me about 4 minutes to get back up, including a brief pause to not get run over by my neighbor.  Ugh, miserable. I knew it would be hard, hills are no fun, but I do have all summer to make it easier.  I wanted to do two rounds, but decided a trip to the hospital for a breathing treatment was not a fun as cooking dinner and hanging out with Chip tonight.  Next time you nasty hill, next time.

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