Monday, August 30, 2010

Back Squats and Diet

Made it to the gym this morning to lift:
Back Squats x3
3 rounds
5 dips (static bars, unassisted)
15 kb swings
15GHD situps

Had planned on a spin class tonight, but tweaked my back stretching or something...more stretch and rest tonight. 

On the diet front--c wiss of no crying in crossfit is proposing a blogging world paleo/primal re-invigoration.  The summer has been hard on many of us, with work, jobs, husbands deployed, and a myriad of other things.  The carbs are back in my life big time....pasta, bread, pizza, ice cream, crackers, cookies....all things that a year ago I would have never dreamed of touching. I want them gone. I want my belly to feel good again. I want to have energy and feel like I can conquer the world--I want all my clothes to fit when I have to start back to work.  I don't like it when the little devil tells me that another bag of cookies or chips while hiding under a blanket on my couch will "make me feel better." Bull shit. (well sorta). 

I'm in a place where I have no support system to help me with this. I'm living alone, not working, spending most of my time alone, and stuck traveling a lot.  Part of me tells me to enjoy the foods of europe within reason and stop worrying, but really? That's how I got here in the first place...saying its "ok" to cheat here and there. I still believe it is ok to have a cheat day, but only when they are deserved.  I look at myself in the gym these days and I'm often embarassed to say I'm a crossfitter...a certified one at that.  Clearly, I can't take my own coaching.  So, what do you say blogoland? Thoughts on a virtual challenge/accountability system? We'd love to hear your ideas/comments!  We could even start a little email chat list or something....


Angie said...

You are in a tough position, so I can see how easy it would be to fall off the primal/paleo wagon. That being said, I think you can do it, and succeed at it! I haven't posted a whole lot about my primal eating, but it's working well for me and even better for my husband.

I could start sharing a few "legal" meal ideas or snack ideas in my blog. One suggestion I have for you is to use the 80/20 principle and do enjoy some of the foods of Europe, within reason...just keep it at 20%.

c wiss said...

I'm getting something started at our box soon, you and I can email, or you can jump on our Facebook or blog girl. :)

And yes Angie, share more!