Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thursday and Friday WODs

Thursday WOD:
1,1,1,1,1 Deadlifts
Topload: 227 (PR)

What an amazing morning. I was ready to pull some weight this morning! And i did! we worked up to about 190 quickly, set into 215, my previous 1x max was 210. Hit 225 like a piece of cake. Perfect form. 227 was a little sloppy, but my pull wasn't even and my breath got screwup up. Shooting for 250 by my one year CF anniversary.

Friday WOD:
The Chief
5 rounds
AMRAP in 3 minutes, 1 minute rest in between rounds
3 power cleans (70#)
6 pushups
9 airsquats

I think I got 16 1/3 rounds. It took me three rounds to get warmed up on the cleans. Form is still suffering. But, I'm wondering it this isn't like the just have to put some weight on the bar to get your body to really do what it needs to do? Either way, I was 15lbs heavier on the cleans than the last time we did this in the spring. I think I got about the same amount of rounds. I know I'm stronger this time around--i think I did knee pushups last time too--not this time.

I have to say though, what a two week streak:
-PR in Army 10 miler 1:30:06
-PR on 1x max Jerk (+20#)
-PR in 10k 50:26
-Max pullups=5 in row
-PR 1x deadlift (227#, +!7#)

I have to thank Jerry, Keturah, Andrea, Chris, 0515, and the entire CFOT team for constantly inspiring me to make the impossible possible, push myself to new limits, nudging me to throw a few more pounds on the bar, kip that one last pullup, and have fun all the while. CFOT is the best!

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